November 30, 2023


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Will Android Dominate App Development by 2023?

android dominates market share

android dominates market share

Android dominates market share: If someone tells you that they sell customized glassware, what will be your first instinct? You might ask them for their website or app link, right? This suggests the importance of digitalization and how it has taken a non-replaceable position in business marketing. And digitizing your business by developing mobile apps is the best idea for better revenue and engagement. Here, you might be confused about the OS to choose for developing a mobile with all the features and functionalities ready for future trends. So, let me help you with giving you the reasons to choose the best one – Android.

Why Choosing an Android App Development is a Win-Win Solution for Your Business

  • Backed by Google and receives its frequent system updates.
  • Your app stays updated all-time with Google updates.
  • You can start developing your Android applications right from your laptop.
  • Highly scalable

Let us know its benefits in detail rather than in pointers:

  1. Larger Audience

One of the primary benefits of developing apps with android development is that you can cater to a more significant audience segment. Android development rules the mobile phone market with nearly 73% share. And the number of companies manufacturing Android phones is increasing every day with new features in their phones. So now you can imagine the audience and opportunities you can get by developing your apps with Android.

  1. Highly Customizable

Certain mobile OS may not allow you to customize your app entirely and put numerous restrictions during the development process. But it is not the case with Android. It allows you to customize your entire app as per your choice. This way, you can add all the unique features you have been thinking of giving to your app.

  1. Higher RoI

Android is open source and provides higher RoI. It has an Android Software Development Kit (SDK) readily available to developers. Let us broadly classify the Android development cycle into three phases:

  • App testing
  • App Design and Development
  • App Deployment

The entire development cycle is cost-effective as Android app developers can readily implement the material design and give you an engaging and interactive Android app.

  1. Suitable for BYOD

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and mobility concepts are mainstream across different business sectors. Both approaches enhance collaboration and communication in the workplace irrespective of time and distance. The large market share of Android helps you to implement the BYOD approach easily. Android-based enterprise apps can even get a higher penetration among your employees.

  1. Android Mobile App Enhance Security and Easy Marketing

Google has provided many business-friendly features in its recent updates. Features like an automated system sending periodic notifications to keep the users updated, readily able to promote your Android app, etc. This way, Android can give you both promotional and safety advantages.

  1. All things Google

This is one of the most significant benefits you can get with an Android app. You can give the benefits of Google’s features to your Android app users tailored according to your business. Also, whenever Google launches new services or apps, it can seamlessly function with your Android app with ease.

  1. Enough TTM (Time To Market)

It is important for you to come up with a business app as soon as possible to compete in a digital world over your rivals. With Android app development tools, one can facilitate quicker development with an easy integration of desired features. Here, you can hire an Android app developer to quickly build an app for your company by implementing all your required features and functionalities. This way, you can get enough time to market your app and budget to do the right marketing.

After knowing the amazing advantages of Android app development, we want you to know which trends Android will be pacing high on. And trust us, these trends are the ‘future of the digital world.’

Trends of Android App Development

Keeping up with Android trends is important because they are based on current customer preferences. It also increases the success rate for your Android app. So, let us know the top Android development trends for 2023:

  1. Instant Apps

With instant apps, users do not require to download the complete application to use it. They can have a slice of the app, a feature they require at the moment, from the Play store, and if they like it, they can then download the entire app.

Moreover, instant apps do not take much space on your mobile phone. Several Android apps offer instant app features, which will increase over time without a doubt.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Android applications and mobile phones are the easiest ways for controlling the machines and applications connected to the IoT models. IoT is a powerful technology and using this, machines can easily communicate with each other, and users can control machines from their fingertips.

For instance, if you are halfway to your office and you realize that you forgot to turn off the AC of your bedroom, you don’t need to drive back to your home to save electricity. If your AC is connected to Wi-Fi through IoT technology, you can turn the AC off simply through an application installed in your mobile. Likewise, you can control other smart home appliances too like smart lights, vacuum cleaners, curtains, etc.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Today, with the help of cloud computing, it is easier to integrate AI and ML capabilities in any application. These technologies have successfully unlocked new horizons for every industry. ML is basically a subset of AI. It is a method of training algorithms so that they can learn how to make decisions. Image recognition, speech recognition, etc are examples where ML is applicable. And a classic example of AI would be chatbots.

The applications supporting AI and ML features are in high demand. And Android developers can use AI and ML technology to find out what their application lacks and how they can implement it in a better way.

  1. M-commerce Applications

Smartphone users spend almost 3 hours 15 minutes every day on their phones. And currently, mobile apps are the most used devices by people. It has all the information that people are seeking. From news to wildlife, every information is available on their fingertips through smart phones. So, do you not want to make your business’s app available for people to accommodate it on one of their smartphone screens?

M-commerce naturally helps businesses generate more revenue and engagement. M-commerce applications will thrive because they are faster and more manageable than websites and web applications.

Here, Android can be the best platform to choose for developing your app. Why? Because of several reasons like:

  • Vast Audience availability
  • Affordability
  • Constant easy to use updates
  • Backward support for m-commerce compatibility
  • Enhanced security provided by the OS

One of the most fascinating Android trends is foldables. Let us discuss this trend in detail:


Google has announced Android 12L after the stable release of Android 12 for Pixels. Android 12L is specially designed for foldable phones, Chrome OS devices, and tablets. Android 12L has a refined UI to serve across lock screen, notifications, home screen, quick settings, overview, and for other devices with larger screens.

On devices having screens above 600dp, the lock screen, notification shade, and other system surfaces apply a new two-column layout. It can take the full advantage of the larger screen area. Let us have a look at all the unique features of Android 12L:

  • Multi-column layout for apps
  • Multi-column layout for notifications shade
  • More information in notifications
  • More quick toggle settings in one view
  • Better side-by-side multitasking with taskbar option
  • Better letterboxed-UI for apps that are not designed to run on bigger displays

Let me elaborate it for you. The notifications shade in foldable devices will be divided into two halves. One of which would be showing quick setting toggles and other would be showing various notifications with more information. Here, the lock screen, settings app, and most stock apps show a two-column layout. Developers can even make certain changes to their mobile apps to add multi-column layouts.

The taskbar option will make the split-screen mode more task efficient than ever. Its improved compatibility, stability and visual improvements will also offer a smooth letterboxing experience for users. One can easily customize letterboxing by device manufacturers. With customization, you can set the custom letterbox colors and treatments for adjusting the position of the given insert window. You can even apply rounded corners and more while customizing.

Google has also optimized the system apps in their Android 12L update. Tech giants also suggest that Android is working with the OEM partners to develop Android 12L on the large screen devices. Google has already released the Android 12L developer preview for the emulator.

The Android 12L developer preview is predicted to land first for Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. After the successful release of Android 12L, Google is also planning to release the preview of Android Beta enrollments for its Pixel devices. There are no more details about the specifications that the Pixel foldables may have. But we are sure that the OS features, functionalities, and its camera are worth waiting for.


The smartphones, features, trends, and everything about Android in 2023 looks fascinating from the technological and user experience perspective. Android is undoubtedly going to dominate 2023 with all its services for users and developers. It is an intelligent decision to invest in developing Android apps seeing their widespread use over the market.

You can hire a dedicated Android developer to develop all the desired features for your Android app. They can even give you suggestions of what can be helpful and what can be avoided. In short, it will be helpful to enhance your user experience.


What are the advantages of developing an app with Android? What are its future trends? Which new Android devices will come in 2023? And will Android app development dominate in 2023? Know everything from here.

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