September 27, 2023

Women Safety App Development – Cost and Key Features 

Women Safety Apps

Women Safety Apps

Yes, it is 2023 and we have come this far, walking hand in hand with the technically transformed world. But, this advance is meaningless when women are not safe in this world.

Day after day, crime rates against women are skyrocketing. Most women, even before reaching puberty, become victims of serious abuse. Still a cause for concern, female safety is not a global priority.

The growing number of abuses and assaults on women ignites fear in humanity that imposes restrictions on women. By preventing women from fighting for their rights and conquering this world to make it better to live in, even technologically revolutionized, we will find ourselves falling behind.

So instead of stopping them from achieving their dreams, we need to highlight and improve some factors that can affect women’s safety. It will require a lot of effort and it will take a long time to control such problems. For now, at least we can have control over the mishaps.

Let’s continue reading to know the cost and key features of women safety apps.

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What Are Women Safety Apps?

Safety apps for women are built with software that helps women avoid potentially dangerous situations. There are numerous women’s safety apps to choose from, and it is our duty as individuals to make informed decisions.

Key Features of a Women’s Safety Application

A women’s safety app must have many features to serve its purpose. No doubt more features will bring more benefits and as a result more users to the app.

  1. First Login Process:

Logging in is the first step to entering the application platform. You can register or log in through your social media account or use your email and phone number to generate the user ID and password for it. This feature is the first step for all women using the Women Safety app to instantly log in and create accounts. 

With this feature, we can allow app users to access their different accounts on various platforms. Women’s Safety app development has a very secure login process that would restrict any hacker to raid within the app platform.

  1. Profile management:

This is a super useful feature that allows the admin to regulate users within the app with just a few taps. A user can access any of the features based on her profile and can provide comprehensive security 24/7. 

With new features for admins, it’s easy to manage users in your app. It only takes a few taps on the profile management page to create or modify account access.

  1. Free Server Installation:

Nowadays, when technologies are advancing at a fast pace and people find it more and more difficult to keep up with them, several companies and organizations use group communication systems to promote teamwork. 

The application’s registered users function as a group, and this feature enables them to form groups and share all of their resources with other registered users.

  1. Technical support:

This function is dealt with on the application owner’s side. This feature sends you an automatic push notification to let you know when an app is installed or updated.

Enjoy all the features you need with your new app. We are here to help you 24/7, so if you ever have any issues or want to change anything, please let us know via email or phone.

  1. Location sharing feature:

Some of the advanced features include access to real-time location and GPS, which directly alerts family members on nearby phones in emergencies. Other features include the ability to function as a wireless camera and an anti-tampering feature for lock screen security. 

Easy to use with no complicated steps, the location-sharing feature is a great alternative to use while on the go. Whether you’re traveling or on the go, this product will guide you when and where you need it most.

  1. Battery monitoring:

The battery feature is an advanced feature that can regulate mobile phones’ battery management efficiently so that you never have to worry about your phone running out of power again. You’ll receive instant notifications on your phone if it’s low on power, and alarms will keep you in the loop. Your phone will benefit greatly from this application.

This advanced feature can alert you when your battery is running low so you don’t have to sit and wait to find out. The app also provides notifications to let everyone in your party know when their batteries are low, so they can recharge accordingly.

  1. Emergency Help Alert:

With the assistance of your loved ones and the SOS emergency button, you can remain safe wherever you are. This emergency button provides you with timely information to prevent harm or danger. Your loved ones will thank you for the days you made them feel safe knowing that your life is in control at all times.

  1. Previous location data management:

This app feature is for group administrators and employees. It helps them track the campaigns and activities of each employee on the platform. With this feature, you can advertise and search for users, assign them roles, and invite them to new groups. Users will get group history, which includes data about group members, user lists, and other information.

  1. Family driving report:

Through this feature, the family’s current location and travel route can be tracked. This will help manage all the data, as well as use the last few days to calculate the locations they have been traveling to in the last few days. This would be the determining factor when it comes to finding out the location of the girl.

  1. Share alerts from two places:

Safe Alert is a new feature that allows you to send an emergency alert via text, email, or call. You can choose to share your message only with those people you want to receive it. If anyone in your family is in danger, they will be informed, and the police can assist in an emergency.

What is the cost of Women Safety App Development?

Well, we can’t get a fixed cost for security app development for women. However, at least we have a rough idea of how much the cost of mobile safety apps for women might be.

Factors affecting the cost of women’s safety apps

  • Type of application you want to develop; simple, medium, or complex
  • The platform you select for your app’s development
  • Features you want to include
  • Location of the application development team you hire
  • The time required to develop an app
  • Technological stack of the mobile application that you are going to use

Generally speaking, the basic cost to develop a women’s safety app can range from $30,000 to $50,000.

Final Verdict 

Women’s safety must be a global priority for economic and social development and for achieving other development goals.

We hope that these factors can emerge as a shield between mishaps and women, especially women’s safety apps, wearables, women’s safety gadgets, and more, which may let us witness a big drop in crime rates. against women.

In addition to a security app, more technological advances will soon help catch up with more women’s security features that can allow women to stay safe and confident wherever they are, at home, or in the workplace.

Witnessing the ideas of the growing need for a women’s safety app, you can go ahead with your interest in creating an app for women’s safety. You can also present a women’s safety app that can have superior performance, including all the necessary features that can help women in need. For that, you need to connect with a Top Mobile App Development Company India that can make your dream app a beautiful reality.

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