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10 High-Scoring Topics in Class 12 Physics

class 12 physics

class 12 physics

Class 12 physics: To score well in the 12th class physics you need to be thorough with all the topics that are present in the syllabus. There are few topics where you can score very well if prepared correctly. There is a total of nine units present in the class 12th physics syllabus, these nine units consist of 14 chapters/topics. Though questions will be coming from each topic/chapter the marks weightage is different for different topics/chapters. You need to focus on particular topics to score high in the class 12th physics, the following are the topics that carry the most marks and if prepared well you will be able to score high marks. You can practice these topics from the physics class 12 NCERT solutions.

1 . Electric Charge and Field

This chapter is very important and students should be thorough with it. The topics such as conductors and insulators, electric charge, transfer of electrons are some of the salient topics. Learn the units of the charge and its derivation. Learn the coulomb’s law and also practice the derivation of it. You must also solve questions related to the electric field and charge. There is another chapter present in this unit that is Electrostatic potential and capacitance, in this chapter you need to be thorough with the topics such as potential difference, electrostatic potential inside a shell, on the surface, etc. Learn the formulas that are used in these topics and also learn how to derive the formulas and practice implementing them while solving questions.

These two chapters/topics carry 16 marks in total that is 8 marks for each topic.

2 . Moving Charges and Magnetism 

This topic is also important as it is a high-scoring topic and needs proper preparation. In this chapter, you need to be thorough with topics such as the strength of the magnetic field, force, etc. try to learn the Bio Savart’s Law and the Ampere’s Circuital Law. Along with moving charges and magnetism, magnetism and matter are also included in the same unit and questions will also come from this chapter. Learn the properties of the magnet and the concepts related to it. Some of the topics are magnetic dipole, magnetic field lines, etc.

3 . Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

This is one of the most important chapters in the class 12th physics syllabus and students should be very attentive and focused while learning this chapter or topic. Learn what electromagnetic induction is and the laws applied to it. Learn Faraday’s laws and the formulas and equations related to them. Learn the quality factor, power factor, half-power frequency and other related topics as questions will be coming from these topics for sure and if you are prepared you can score well. This chapter/topic is a high-scoring chapter all students must prepare thoroughly. This chapter also holds 8 marks in total and numerical questions can come from this topic. Class 12 physics

4 . Optics

This topic holds the highest marks and is one of the easiest chapters if prepared with a little dedication. You can score full marks on this topic. The first topic is Ray optics and is very important; learn the reflection and propagation of light and practice drawing the diagrams. Also, study the types of spherical mirrors and lens and solve questions related to the lens in particular. Refraction of light is also important and you need to study it properly. The second topic is wave optics and it discusses the Doppler’s effect, diffraction of light, superposition, etc. all these topics should be studied and students should understand the concept properly. Learn the double-slit experiment as it can come in the exam. The chapter or topic optics hold 18 marks alone and is very important.

5 . Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Though this topic holds fewer marks compared to other topics it is still included in this article as it is important and you can guarantee score full marks from this chapter. The dual nature of radiation and matter talks about the nature of the light which is both wave and particle, it also discusses the photoelectric emission. Learn the graphs related to the photoelectric emission, and solve few questions related to it. 

6 . Atoms 

This topic talks and teaches you about the atom. Learn what Rutherford had found after conducting experiments; also study Rutherford’s atomic model and its drawbacks. Bohr’s theory and its limitation should also be studied.

7 . Nuclei

This chapter is a numerical chapter and questions that will be coming from this are generally numerical problems. Learn what atomic and mass numbers are and by what they are denoted. Learn the types of radioactive decay also learn about the half-life and mean life for certain radioactive elements. There are three types of decay they are alpha, beta, and gamma.

8 . Semiconductor Electronics

This topic holds 7 marks and is a theoretical topic, this means that it is easier to learn and score. Learn about energy band, valance band, conduction band, etc. Practice the diagrams and study the difference between conductor, insulator, and semiconductor. You must also learn the types of semiconductors. Students should focus on diodes and the I-V characteristics of the junction diodes. One of the topics that can surely come in the paper is the Zener diode and its I-V characteristic and every student must study it before going to write the 12th class physics exam.

9 . Current Electricity

Students must be careful with this topic as it is an important topic and will also be present in the higher studies. This topic holds 8-9 marks and if you prepare well you can score the full marks. Questions from this chapter will be theoretical as well as numerical and thus students must learn the concept before trying to solve anything. Learn the types of electric cell and their series and parallel connections. Kirchhoff’s laws are an important topic in this chapter and learn the implementation of them in the circuits. Class 12 physics

10 . Wave Optics

This topic is from the optics chapter and questions will be coming from this topic also. This topic is also high scoring and hence you need to be thorough with it. Class 12 physics


Above all the topics are high-scoring topics in the class 12th physics exam and you must be thorough with all. Class 12 physics

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