3 Best LinkedIn Widget Plugins for WordPress

linkedin plugins

linkedin plugins

Linkedin plugins: The right WordPress plugin for LinkedIn can help businesses to better connect with their customers. And add professionalism to their respective websites. So, if you are looking to jump on this trend and take advantage of this strategy, then you have arrived at the right place. This blog consists of the 3 best LinkedIn widget plugins on the WordPress store.

As per the stats from LinkedIn, the platform has around 810M members, more than 57M companies listed, and a presence in 200 countries. Moreover, LinkedIn consists of some engaging content that can keep the viewers hooked for long and generate some interest.

If used smartly, you can generate great results from the website and use the engaging content from LinkedIn to drive traffic back to your WordPress website. But the question arises how do you use this phenomenal platform’s content for your WordPress website? Well, the rights WordPress plugin help for embed LinkedIn widget on WordPress website and boost user engagements in this cause.

Best LinkedIn Widget Plugins for WordPress

LinkedIn is certainly the best platform for professionalism, and therefore you need the best LinkedIn WordPress plugins to get some amazing results. Out of various plugins providing the needed service, we have filtered the best, and these plugins stand tall as the best from the lot.

1. LinkedIn Feeds by Tagembed

linkedin plugins

So, if we ask you, what do you look for in a plugin before installing or using it? You might say it should be easy to use, provide great results, or fit the budget, right? LinkedIn Feed by WordPress has all three mentioned traits.

Tagembed is already a familiar social media aggregator in the market. Smooth functioning, easy embedding process and pocket-friendly pricing plans make it stand out from the crowd. And it brings the same magic to its WordPress plugin.

LinkedIn feed plugin by Tagembed helps users in collecting and displaying LinkedIn feed on WordPress. By following some simple and manageable steps, you can easily embed LinkedIn widget on the WordPress website.

Alongside LinkedIn, it is also compatible with 20+ social media platforms, providing users ample content to showcase on the website. Apart from easing the embedding process and keeping to mere a few simple steps, it also provides some useful features that make this plugin one of the best on the plugin store.

Like, it provides a customization feature that allows users to personalize their widget as per their needs. For example, users can change the font size, font colour, widget colour and more. Also, it provides various themes and layout options, allowing users to showcase the content as per their style.

Moderation features help remove unwanted and irrelevant content, responsive widget showcases content on type of screen without disturbing website alignment, custom CSS, custom CTA button, analytics are some of the other features of this plugin.

2. Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream by Looks Awesome

linkedin plugins

Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream is another amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to embed LinkedIn widget on WordPress website with ease. You can find this plugin on the store and install it without any hassle.

Smart caching and smart loading assets helps the plugin to load the content of your website quickly. So your visitors can easily engage with the content and go through it without any hassle. In simple words, the plugin helps to showcase the content without disturbing the speed of your website.

If you are using this plugin, then you can also add social media counters and make your website more engaging and interactive. Rich design settings, responsive layouts, drag and drop card builders are some of the major features of this tool.

3. Walls.io: Social Media Feed

linkedin plugins

Walls.io: Social Media Feed helps you to integrate your LinkedIn profile with your WordPress website. The plugin is simple, lightweight and free. It is easy to find on the plugin store like the plugins mentioned above.

The plugin allows users to choose from different themes and enables them to further customize the widget by changing backgrounds, fonts and more. With the help of advanced moderation options, you can filter content as per language filters and blacklist filters for both keywords and profiles.

The widget from the plugin is completely responsive, that means, it adjusts itself as per different screen resolutions. So no matter what device your visitors are using, they can enjoy the feed without any hassle.

Summing It Up

Having an attractive widget on the website is a must for now. Widgets help improve the look and feel of the website and, at the same time, increase the website’s functionality. LinkedIn has made a name for itself with its professional theme and usage. With the help of plugins mentioned above, you can easily embed LinkedIn feed widget on WordPress website and display LinkedIn feed in style. So take your business to the next level now, search for these plugins, install them and add grace and beauty to your website.

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