5 Ways to Spend Your Vacation Near the University of Toronto

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Travelling is not just a fun experience but also a learning one, too, provided you plan your destination that way. Travelling is all about finding inspiration and exploring every corner of the world, and meeting new people in different cultures. But don’t you think it is also mindful to learn something from the environment or communities that we discover.

Well, if you have been studying at the University of Toronto and it’s your vacation coming soon, then you might want to begin with an amazing way of spending your vacation exploring Toronto itself. But if your pile of assignments are coming in the way, then turn to a professional assignment helper. Let them deal with your academics while you chill around in Toronto.

Exploring Toronto:

Toronto is an amazing destination to live in but also a great escape when you want to experience something new. If you want to see more of Ontario, then plan for the weekend escape similarly. Also known as a gateway city, this place is a perfect combination of a peaceful environment with some cultural hotspots, which are rare to witness in the busy city. You can explore charming small towns and even enjoy mouth-relishing food too. Here’s what you can do when on vacation:

1. Canadian icon- CN Tower

This is one popular landmark of Toronto and is a must-see attraction too. You will have many options to appreciate the attractions, and CN Tower is one of them. You can see this Canadian icon from any corner of the site. You can simply take pictures of the building from the ground or plan for a one-day trip to visit the areas for observation and explore the restaurants from where you can enjoy the incredible view of Lake Ontario and the city. Built-in the year 1976, the city was once considered to be the freestanding structure-based which was the tallest one.

2. Discover the water species at Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley’s Aquarium is one of the new yet top attractions in Toronto. It is located close to CN tower and displays different types of marine life, which you must explore. You can have a great learning experience about the different species of marine while you can see in the underwater tunnel where you will be standing on the moving sidewalk. You can see the marine world moving around above the tunnel roof, which certainly is one serene experience.

3. Save money and get your craving fulfilled

If you want to explore the real side of Canada, then you must eat the delicacies at the finest  shops located at St. Lawrence Market and Toronto’s markets. These markets are known to offer mouth-relishing food at a low price which definitely will give you a fine dining experience. Don’t forget to try out their Chinese buns and Kim Chi Beef, which just cost up to $6. Hot dogs are also popular here, which you can eat amongst the plenty of stands which are available on the street. Be it the vegetarian dogs or the sausages, these are must-try.

4. Explore some known Toronto Attractions

Did you know you can save a lot of money on exploring the attractions? Wondering how? Well, there is a planet of choices available for you where you can see the real side of Toronto. Be it the cultural centre, museums or even Toronto park, it gives visitors one way to discover the authentic lifestyle of the people living here, and most of them are free of cost.

5. Try out Public Transportation 

Instead of a taxi, you must try the Pubic transportation of Toronto. It is just incredible with a good system of buses, streetcars and subways. You can even park for free at the TTC commuter parking. If you want to save more on transportation, just buy a single or family pass, and you can explore Toronto in classic style while saving money.


In your free time, you must explore the real side of Toronto, and the things mentioned above can be conveniently done at ease since they are all close to the university you study at. But do good homework at the end; exploring for the first time can be a thrilling but worth experience.

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