September 21, 2023

6 Tips to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Get Faster Internet

Upgrade WiFi

Upgrade WiFi

Whether you are binge-watching a movie on, working from home, or streaming your game, there is no such thing as too much bandwidth. Everyone around your home could use the help of faster internet at home. There is always something to help you improve your internet connection at home. Plus, it does not matter if you have the best wires outside your home. Getting to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and subpar speeds is up to you. Below are tips to help troubleshoot and improve the quality of the Wi-Fi, both inside and outside your home.

Move your router 

Does your router stay in the closet? The cupboards, walls, bookshelves, and other things can affect your Wi-Fi signal. Thus, moving the router will make a difference to the speeds you get. The ideal spot depends on your home, but do not hide your router, have it in a central place to have a better connection experience. Importantly, creative cabling is vital to get your router in a better position, but the results will be worth the effort. Remember, the goal is to get your priority devices as close as possible to the router. Devices such as a smart thermostat that do not need much bandwidth should not be a priority in terms of proximity.

  • Restart your router
Upgrade WiFi

Many people are skeptical about restarting the router. Yet, restarting is vital for everything digital. If you have ever restarted your router, you know it helps sometimes fix slow internet. Thus, if you encounter slowdowns or connectivity issues due to radio frequency interference. Restart your router. In doing this, you force the router to choose the best channel when using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi during a boot-up. So, it is best to reboot when you have issues with your router to see if it helps fix them.

  • Upgrade your router 

Depending on functionality and price, routers can vary. However, in this case, the upgrade you choose depends on how far you want your Wi-Fi to broadcast. For a large house, for instance, a router that pairs with repeaters that broadcast signals to reach farther in your house is better. While for apartments and smaller homes, a simple router system is better. Discuss with your internet service provider the best upgrade. More so, if you live in a large house.  

  • Use an Ethernet cable
Upgrade WiFi

People forget wires still exist, and you can use them for better internet. A wired connection to the router is better than a wireless one. It’s more stable and faster, and other devices can not affect it. The disadvantage is it limits where your devices can be. Overall it is less convenient. Still, if you have a desktop, PC, gaming console, or streaming box that needs the fast internet possible, it is best to run a wire. All you need is a cable as the router has a handful of Ethernet ports to spare. 

  • Get a Wi-Fi extender 

Sometimes messing with your router settings seems daunting. In this case, invest in a repeater or Wi-Fi extender if you have a few dollars to spare. Plus, plug the wireless extender device into a spare wall socket, which will connect to the wireless internet from your router and extend it. It is easy to use, has a simple setup, and gets rid of Wi-Fi dead zones. Notably, positioning is vital for the extender signals will not be as strong as signals from your router. Use these devices to connect devices that do not need a lot of bandwidth.  

  • Call your internet service provider 
Upgrade WiFi

The last result is to contact your ISP. When you have done everything from having a password to your Wi-Fi, checking if your PC is the issue, cutting off unused devices, and the above. Still, your internet is not better. You can always call your ISP. They will send a service technician to you to check an issue that is on the way to you getting fast Wi-Fi. Also, you can ask for their advice on the best upgrade to choose to depend on your house size or internet needs as a family and any questions you may be having.