December 2, 2023


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7 Tips to Boost the Productivity of Your App Development Agency’s Employees

how to increase productivity in app development

how to increase productivity in app development

How to increase productivity in app development: Software developers are the greatest assets of app development agencies. 

The innovative ideas and developer coding skills help companies achieve their digital goals and thrive.

Developing and delivering advanced apps within high-priority deadlines is a part of their routine. They strive to create something new every single time. 

Operating in a time crunch may result in a stressful environment, hampering work productivity.

Hence, ensuring an engaging and productive work environment is crucial for the success of both employees and companies.

In this post, we have shared seven powerful tips that will help boost the productivity of your development team and provide a great work experience.

Let’s get started.

#1: Utilize Employee Journey Mapping


The employee journey impacts the quality of their work. 

Employee journey signifies the amount of time an employee spends at the workplace. Right from the recruitment process to the final exit interview, every experience counts. 

Employee journey mapping is a method that helps HR professionals identify and resolve the pain points that occur at various stages of the employee lifecycle. 

As a business owner or HR professional, you should strive to create the best employee map. It can help you combat most of the challenges that your employees face.

Here are a handful of action-driven tips to help you create a sound employee map.

  • Conduct Research: Begin with thorough research about your team. Refer to qualitative workforce data, such as average tenure, exit interview forms, and turnover rates. Next, find out what other competitive organizations offer. Compare your offerings to theirs to identify the gap. 
  • Create Employees Personas: Understand the needs and goals of your developers. Note the expectations and challenges they are facing in the organization.  
  • Define Employment Stages: Define various stages of developers as per their experience. 
  • Set Desired Outcomes: Specify desired outcomes of each stage and keep a tab on them. This practice will help you understand their progress. 

Provide developers with actionable solutions that will simplify their journey in your organization. 

#2: Define a Standard Working Process for the Team


Is your development team facing performance-related issues?

Defining a standard working process can help!

By standardizing the work, we mean analyzing and upscaling your team’s current development practices for achieving better efficiency. They can help you define achievable goals, predict the required inventory, and set a convenient delivery date or time. 

Here are a few tips to help you create a standardized work process for your development team.

  • Create a document that defines the current workflow of developers. 
  • Ask the senior app developers for inputs and feedback on the current process.
  • Note down all the suggestions and choose the best methods. 
  • Conduct training sessions to help your team understand the new work process.

#3: Implement Internal Communication Tools

Internal communication tools do much more than sharing project details with the team. 

They foster a sense of trust between the team and encourage everyone to work with dedication.

A recent report states that cohesive company culture can boost employee productivity by 20 to 25 percent. Whereas, a lack of clear communication can leave your developers feeling frustrated.

So, when you focus on establishing effective internal communication, the road to innovation will be easier to follow.

Here are some of the best tools that can strengthen your internal communication.

#4: Use Latest Tools and Programming Languages


Your development team may soon become stagnant if you are still using conventional programming languages and tools. 

Stagnancy can downgrade their performance and lead to a drop in the quality of your apps.

Advanced programming tools can break the chain of stagnation and expand their horizons. They offer several functionalities that allow your team to code hassle-free. 

For instance, your team can switch to Kotlin instead of any outdated programming language. Kotlin doesn’t need a long line of codes and makes app development a lot easier. 

This innovative approach will improve your team’s morale and productivity at work. 

Your developers will learn, evolve, and achieve their career goals.

#5: Invest in User Testing Process


User testing is an easy and inexpensive method to improve the features of any app. 

User testing allows your developers to gain insights into the app’s functionalities. They can identify the challenges that the end-users might have to face when the app gets launched. The user testing process provides them clarity. They can recognize the pros and cons of the app from a user’s perspective. how to increase productivity in app development

With the real-time feedback of users, your team can create an exemplary app that the users would love. 

Here are the crucial steps to help your team perform user-testing with ease.

Step #1: Create an app along with its details.

Step #2: Make a list of functionalities that you want to test.

Step #3: Recruit relevant users to test the features of your app.

Step #4: Ask a senior to moderate the testing process. 

Step #5: Find a suitable location or conduct remote testing.

Step #6: Document the test result and work on the feedback.

Step #7: Repeat the user testing process until the users get satisfied.

#6: Offer Career Development Programs


Retaining employees is a vital key to the success of any business. 

Employee retention help companies save a lot of funds and effort in recruiting new employees at frequent intervals. 

Have you ever thought about what makes an employee quit an organization?

Poor onboarding, communication gap, office politics – reasons are many. But the most prevalent reason is no room for career growth.

A recent survey report advocates that 94 percent of employees can stay longer if a company provides learning opportunities. 

So, by conducting career advancement programs, you can retain your employees for a longer span. You can begin with inviting leaders from the industry to teach them new skills. Try to arrange insightful coding events at frequent intervals.

This strategy will increase their engagement and interest in working with your firm. how to increase productivity in app development

#7: Uphold a Positive Work Environment 


A positive work environment goes a long way, especially in an app development agency. 

A good work culture can promote work satisfaction amongst your employees. They can enjoy their work despite the hectic schedule. how to increase productivity in app development

When your team members are happy, they can be –

  • Productive
  • Creative
  • Efficient
  • Content 

Have a look at the following infographic that shows the impact of a happy work environment. 


A positive work environment results in high productivity levels.

Besides offering growth opportunities, focus on designing a customized office infrastructure. It can have a significant impact on their mood while they work. 

But a customized infrastructure setup needs heavy investment. 

In such instances, you can opt for cost-efficient coworking spaces. 

Coworking spaces offer shared top-notch provisions. Right from sit-to-stand desks, high-speed internet, well-equipped meeting rooms, you get the best. More than that, your employees get exposure to experienced professionals. They can take guidance from them to improve their craft and skills further.  how to increase productivity in app development

To Sum Up

As an app development firm, your team’s productivity is a point of great concern. Enhanced productivity cultivates a positive work environment, increases employees’ work satisfaction, and helps you gain better revenue. 

The tips shared in this post will encourage your team to create amazing apps and achieve better workplace productivity. 

So, go ahead and leverage the power of productivity!

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