A Guide to the Ideal Campervan Journey

Campervan Journey

Campervan Journey

Campervan Journey: Campervans have been all the rage for quite some time now, understandably. If scrolling through the campervan hashtag of the scenic routes and the aesthetic travel photos isn’t enough to inspire you, here are more reasons to prompt you to start your very own road trip.

Compared to your traditional getaways, a campervan road trip can provide you with more freedom and flexibility. To already live in a home on wheels is to have the luxury of spontaneously choosing travel destinations without compromising your convenience. Now, you get to make every tourist stop on the map, hassle-free. Not to mention, you can go ahead and cross accommodation off your travel budget. No more worrying about searching for strategic locations for convenient commutes during vacation.

Speaking of convenience, you will have your very own kitchen to prepare quick meals on the go. And when it’s time to hit the hay, your convertible bed will do just the job to provide you with coziness. Interested in dabbling in the campervan life? Here’s a little push in the right direction. We’ve made a complete guideline of the basics that you will need to kick start your very own perfect campervan journey.

1. Brush up your driving skills

First things first, you might want to get a good grasp of your driving skills. Since driving a van is not as easy as driving a car, taking your campervan on a drive or two before hitting the road for your vacation is a great idea. This way, you get to familiarize yourself with the dynamics of driving a van, especially when it comes to gauging the turns and the breaks, considering the size of the van you rent.

2. Do an inventory check

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Living on the road can be easy if you plan ahead. Campervans are designed to cater to the everyday needs of travelers. Make use of the storage space you have to stock up on staple food. On a trip like this, quick and easy meals like fruit bowls, wraps, and salads are your best friends. Not to mention, snacks are never a wrong choice as you’ll be bound to get hungry on a long drive.

Buy ingredients along the trip according to your needs, but it would also be wise to roughly plan your meals. Doing meal preparations beforehand can ensure organized fridge storage and prevent you from bringing unnecessary ingredients. Meal preparation can look like anything from slicing up meat items to making pre-made pasta sauces. It helps speed up cooking time and makes cooking easy as well as accessible. Campervan Journey


You would also want to visualize your daily campervan lifestyle while making a list of daily essentials like can openers and towels. Having a thorough checklist will be convenient as you wouldn’t have to worry too much about the logistics of the trip. This way, you can put your full focus on savouring the trip.

Pack your daily needs but don’t completely overlook comfort either. The campervan will after all become your living space for the time being and you might as well make it homey. Choose a lightweight laptop, bring a fluffy blanket, and hang up some aesthetically pleasing string lights to create a perfect environment for a snuggly movie night under the open sky. Be sure to also account for your personal favourites to ensure maximum comfort throughout the journey.

3. Pack light

Remember, less is more. It is inevitable to use up most of the van space for your everyday essentials, so try to pack light. For example, use a duffle bag to pack your clothes instead of a rigid suitcase. Duffle bags can be helpful for storage purposes as they are soft and can therefore fit into compact spaces in the van.

Another handy tip is to pack clothes that you can easily pair with one another. Get creative and learn how to use your fashion staples in various ways. In case you need to bring chunky sweaters that take up more space for the cold weather, Indie Campers have some useful tips on organising your campervan to optimise the living space better.

4. Take note of the season and weather

Road trip essentials can change depending on where you’re going. Looking up weather forecasts can help with making specific backup plans. In hot climates, rolling down your windows throughout the drive to feel the wind in your hair can take a toll on your skin. It is best to use sunblock to avoid painful sunburn. Most importantly, don’t forget to hydrate. Campervan Journey

Similarly, it helps to account for rainy days and cold weather too. Doing a quick search on the season of your travel destination allows you to plan which attires are appropriate and which medication to pack for your seasonal allergies. The last thing you want is your health compromised during a vacation.

5. Plan your routes… but not too much

Campervans are not suitable for every type of terrain. By familiarizing yourself with the routes of your road trip, you can identify your mode of transport throughout the journey. Additionally, looking up campervan parking spots in advance can save you time and energy on those tiring days of sightseeing. You’ll thank yourself for preparing an outline of your routes.

Just in case, it is a good idea to be equipped with these must-haves. However, you don’t have to plan your trip to a T. Remember to be flexible because that’s what traveling in a campervan is all about. The unpredictability is part of the adventure.

6. Bring along some companions

Campervan Journey

If you’re planning to take a long journey, it can get a little lonely sometimes. Don’t hesitate to get someone to tag along and join the road trip fun. To avoid any awkwardness, be sure to invite someone you don’t mind sharing a small, closed space with for a long period of time. But if you prefer to go solo on your road trip, that’s great too. You can always make friends along the way. Campervan Journey

7. Document your journey

A campervan trip is definitely one for the books. You’ll want to document your scenic drives and all the amazing stops you make along the way. If the thought of bringing a bulky camera seems like a bad idea in a compact space, you can always just use an Android phone.

With a long-lasting battery life and good quality images, you’ll end up with just as good photos as most cameras. Plus, it’s slim, so space is never an issue. And since it is also light and easy to carry around, you will even be able to vlog your campervan experience.

Now you’re all set for your campervan road trip. Prepare well and line up contingencies throughout the road trip but most importantly, don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it. Happy trails!

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