December 8, 2023


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About “MOXIS” Features Explained !

moxis roller skates

moxis roller skates

Moxis roller skates: Moxis is an electronic signature solution designed to help companies of all sizes in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, education and other industries streamline their document signing processes and workflow. Key features include collaboration, management, hardware and data security.

Moxis comes with a batch mode that allows companies to sign documents in bulk to synchronize with other signers. Users can use the platform to sign documents with remote signers and create different types of signatures to meet EIDAS and JERTES requirements for specific use cases. Additionally, it allows users to define multiple groups of signers and assign settings to the respective groups, ensuring data security.

Moxis offers integration with various third-party applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Dropbox, OpenText, Google Drive and more. It can be installed locally or hosted in the cloud. Pricing is available upon request and support is available via phone, email, text and other online methods.

Reliable moxibustion

The MOXIS e-signature platform from our long-time partner XiTrust provides a secure and legally accurate business solution for digitally signing your documents. In combination with Handy-Signatur or xIDENTITY, the highest level of legal commitment is effectively guaranteed – sign your documents with MOXIS using a mobile remote signature with the legal force of a 100% eIDAS-compatible hand signature. The use of e-ID, which gradually increases the number of signatures, is possible in the near future.

Specific solutions for legal signatures on the Internet

Moxis is designed as a professional enterprise solution and is continuously improved through regular communication between users. The result is a set of tools and features that best meet the needs of the organizational community:

  • Signing multiple documents at the same time in batch mode
  • Customizable manual workflows including decision criteria
  • Intelligent spatial awareness for specialized vision
  • Mapping Organizational Roles in Active Directory
  • Rotation rules when you’re away
  • Different signature steps for different use cases
  • Full integration with third-party providers (SAP, OpenText, SharePoint, etc.).
  • …and so on!

If your enterprise digital roadmap envisions a paperless future, the new integration between MOXIS and Egnyte will be music to your ears. moxis roller skates

Well, today we’re excited to announce Egnyte Connect – a new e-signature integration for MOXIS QuickSign.

MOXIS QuickSign XiTrust is a newly created standalone feature of MOXIS, XiTrust’s enterprise e-signature solution. XiTrust’s market-leading end-to-end secure identity systems and escrow platforms enable companies to accelerate the transition to a paperless future. Complete solutions for secure electronic workflow management provide an extensive customer base to leading global companies such as Randstad (world leader in HR), Fresenius Kabi (world leader in healthcare) and Strabaug (operating internationally). Services) are included.

MOXIS QuickSign, a newly launched integration for Egnyte, provides a seamless experience with the most secure and convenient e-signing process within the Egnyte Connect user interface. Select the document you want to sign and click “Sign with MOXIS QuickSign”.

Here are some of the benefits of MOXIS QuickSign + Egnyte Connect:

Direct eSign Integration – Select a document, sign it with a mobile remote signature and prepare the signed document for sharing: MOXIS QuickSign This is all done directly in Egnyte, without sending the document to another application. . . . Once a document is published to Egnyte, you and your colleagues are ready to sign instantly with MOXIS QuickSign.

Batch Sign In – With MOXIS QuickSign, you can select as many documents as you want and sign them all at once – thanks to the Batch Sign In feature. moxis roller skates

A legally valid electronic signature in accordance with EIDAS. The remote mobile signature used by Moxis QuickSign complies with the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) requirements of the EIDAS regulation. Because this certificate is issued by A-Trust, a qualified trust service provider. Sign your documents to the highest e-signature standards and stay safe when legal issues arise.

On-site digital identity – get the digital identity you need for a qualified remote signature directly on the web through the service. Enable one-time registration with video recognition in MOXIS QuickSign interface and use mobile remote signature instantly – 5 years validity.

Also, no problem if you want to work with a different identity provider. Your preferred provider can also be easily integrated into MOXIS QuickSign.

MOXIS QuickSign is available on the Egnyte App Store | Visit to learn more about products and solutions that perfectly match the XiTrust motto – Building Security, Building Quality.