All You Need To Know For Online Shopping On Amazon

All You Need To Know For Online Shopping On Amazon

Amazon shopping at home: how to do it? online shopping for electronics, apparel, computers, books, dvds & more: Let’s face it, shopping from home is convenient: you avoid the queue at the cash registers, the stress of traffic, the up and downstairs with very heavy shopping bags. The list of reasons to do it online is really long, and today the supermarkets that offer this service are more and more. Amazon is part of this reality: everything we want to buy is brought to our doorstep. How does the service work? Let’s find out together.

How Amazon works at home

Amazon is one of the most important Italian supermarket chains, founded in 1957 by some members of the Caprotti family, and was the first group to offer an online shopping service in Italy. Let’s see together how simple it is to shop online with Amazon.

2. Enter your zip code to verify that the area you live in is covered by the service.
3. You can access the service as a registered user or as a guest, by entering only the delivery address.
4. Once inside, you will find yourself in front of a real virtual supermarket with a huge assortment. The shopping experience is very intuitive, and is divided into three macro areas , to allow a quick and easy purchase: 

  • Department ” Supermarket “: fresh products, food, the line for our four-legged friends, the necessary for children, clothing, tools, small appliances, products for the bathroom and kitchen, stationery, gardening, etc. .
  • “ Organic shopping ” department : this is the space for organic products. From fresh to packaged, from bread to wines, all strictly organic. 
  • Department “Live with balance” : the department for those who suffer from allergies and intolerances, where to find healthy natural food and more particularly, perfect for vegans and vegetarians.

5. Once you have selected all the products you wish to purchase, click on the green shopping cart icon to the right of the screen and you can click “Checkout”.

You will be asked for your shipping details and you can choose payment methods and delivery times. You are ready to proceed with the purchase. 

Please note that the online shopping service is available with a minimum cart of € 40 . The following are not counted towards reaching the minimum spending threshold:

• delivery fee
• telephone top-ups
prepaid cards
• infant formula
• contributions for the Fìdaty Catalog prizes • telephone top-ups
prepaid cards
• infant formula

Coupons and Strawberry Points: how it works 

Here is what you need to do if you have received a beerwulf discount code and want to use it on your online shopping:

• once you have chosen all the products you want to buy, click “Checkout / Cart”
enter the 8-digit alphanumeric code in the box with the words “Enter the code of the Spending Discount Coupon or Points Coupon”
• click on the button “Add”. Once added, the coupon will appear in the shopping summary on the right side of the screen.

The coupon codes that are sent to you are also available on the “Proposals for you” page, in the “Our personalized proposals” section, accessible from the drop-down menu that appears by clicking on the arrow next to your name at the top right of the screen.
Remember that:
• each coupon can be used only once used online, the coupon cannot be used in the points of sale and vice versa.
• only one voucher can be used per purchase and each user can use only one voucher per day.

Can I use the meal vouchers with Amazon online?

Meal vouchers cannot be used as discount coupons with the Amazon at-home shopping service.

How much does delivery cost with Amazon online?

The cost for delivery to Amazon home online are:
• € 7.90 for expenses with receipts of less than 110 €
• € 6.90 for expenses with receipts of more than € 110
are also provided for delivery benefits :
• 3.45 € for seniors over 70 for the forwarding of only one item per week; the standard rate will be applied to subsequent ones.
• free for the disabled 

What are the available payment methods?

If you shop with Amazon online, you have two payment methods available:
• online by credit card , even CARD FIDATY ORO PLUS – security is guaranteed by BancaSella – and with CARD FIDATY ORO with PIN. 
• at the point of sale by credit card or in contacts, if you decide to collect your shopping
Meal vouchers are not accepted for online shopping . online shopping for electronics, apparel, computers, books, dvds & more: Let’s face it, shopping from home is convenient: you avoid the queue

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