All You Wanted to Know About LinkedIn Stories: Why We Need Them and How to Use This for Self-Promotion

LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories: When Facebook launched Instagram Stories, it smashed the business model of Snapchat. It became very successful, and many social media apps, including messaging apps, now have their versions. LinkedIn introduced its LinkedIn Stories, and some users in different countries already have access to it. Soon, everyone can use it.

How LinkedIn Stories Work

An essay writing service uk noticed that LinkedIn Stories are trending keywords and phrases for B2B topics. It means that it is and will continue to be essential in the world of marketing.

LinkedIn introduced Stories in 2018, but it used the name Student Voices as the feature name. Users can share 20-second videos and static images. Today, the feature is making a comeback as stories. Initially, it is available for LinkedIn pages and users from the Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, France, and the United Arab Emirates.

Users will find Stories in bubbles on top of the LinkedIn app feed. Each entry will display for 24 hours only. Like other platforms, Stories offer features like tagging, stickers, replying, text, and many more.

If you share a Story, your followers or connections can see and share it. You have access to Story’s Insights within 24 hours, and these Insights include:

  • Firmographics – name, company, and job title if your connections’ privacy settings allow it
  • Reach – the number of unique viewers each Story has

You may download your Stories within the 24-hour window or save the most remarkable stories and track their insights for analysis.

Some users post stories at least once a day, while some post memes about accidentally watching a Story. Over time, people are warming up to LinkedIn stories, which allow them to connect digitally and build relationships with followers.

Etiquettes in Using LinkedIn Stories

If you plan to use Stories for your marketing strategy, you must have a growth mindset. You can use them to learn about your audience, encourage engagement, and grow your business.

Develop a LinkedIn Stories Strategy

Stories are short bits of content, so you must plan how they can fit your broader content marketing strategy. You find out the types of media and topics that your followers enjoy and create them for Stories. You may also repurpose your old content from other platforms for sharing to your LinkedIn connections.

Be Spontaneous

Stories do not need to be too planned and structured. They must feel spontaneous because your followers will only see them for 24 hours. You must maintain the in-the-moment mentality if you prefer to use them.

Be Genuine in Connecting with Your Followers

You can be open and allow your personality to shine. People do not want flaky connections from businesses. As you plan to create your Stories, you may hone your vision, mission, and values, as well.

Maintain Your Professionalism

Even if LinkedIn Stories require the in-the-moment mentality, you cannot share a story that you will regret. You must set some red lines, boundaries, or guides for your business.

LinkedIn Stories Strategies to Grow Your Business

Share Live Event Coverage

In-person gatherings are vital to a marketing strategy because businesses get a significant number of leads from them. You can share snippets of your events to your LinkedIn Stories.

Tease Forthcoming Products

LinkedIn Stories can create hype and generate demand. Your followers will view them, create excitement, and they may even share them with their friends who buy assignment like them.

Offer a Glimpse of Your Company Culture

If you have employees, you can highlight each one in your LinkedIn Stories to put a face on your brand. Your followers will be happy to know the people working behind your company. You may feature how a team member spends their day contributing to the growth of your business. You can also show the interactions that occur within your work environment.

Headline Vital Product Benefits

You can promote your products through LinkedIn Stories without being too sales-y. Highlight their benefits instead of features. You may create a quick video to show them in action.

Learn More about Your Audience

You may use LinkedIn Stories to understand your audience and most loyal followers. Create engaging content to encourage interaction.

Promote Other Content

People consume content on social media. Although you cannot fit tons of information in a story, you may use it to promote a Spotify podcast or a YouTube video.

Feature Your Loyal Followers

You may cut down case studies into bite-size snippets and show an image or video of a customer using your product to serve as instant social proof. You may share a story of your succeeding in-depth case study to propel your message on top of the newsfeed.


LinkedIn Stories is a new feature but works the same as the other platform stories. It will be available for all users soon, so you must plan on using it in your marketing strategy. You can use the eight approaches in this article to grow your LinkedIn connections.

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