December 3, 2023


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An Easy-Fix Guide to 5 of the Most Common Smart TV Problems

smart tv problems

smart tv problems

Smart tv problems: Encountering problems with your smart TV? Read this article to know about the most common smart TV problems out there, identify if yours is in the list, and also solve the issue using our in-depth TV problems guide.

Television has always been the center of entertainment in any home. In today’s smartphone reliable lifestyle, this television has also upgraded itself. Due to its evolution, Smart TV has also become an essential part of our lives and smartphones and computers.  smart tv problems

Even now, television is an electronic device that can be used to bring families together. But as televisions have gotten smarter, their simple nature has also become complicated. With the new complication, many people face some common smart TV problems regularly. Here we have discussed those common problems and have also provided the best solutions to them.

Screen Discoloration

Discoloration of the TV screen is a common issue for both Smart and regular TV. When someone uses a television regularly, it will eventually reach its expiry limits, and the colors will fade. Most of the time, these sorts of TV problems need to be fixed by some professional. However, you can follow some procedures as a user and slow down the process of discoloration. 

This sort of issue often arises due to some kind of magnetic field. In regular households, the most common way magnetic fields affect is through speakers near the television screen. So when you notice a subtle change of color, you ought to change the position of your speakers. The best distance for the TV would be six feet apart. That way, it won’t spread too much, and your viewing experience will remain the same. 

Audio Synchronization Failure

Don’t panic at all if there is no sound coming from your television, as it is one of the most common TV problems out there. There is an easy way to find out why your Smart TV has no sound coming out of it. The first procedure is to unplug the television’s power supply and hold the power button for ten seconds. Now plug in the TV and turn it on. 

If the procedure doesn’t work, then connect some external speaker to the television. If there is still no sound, it is better to assume that the device’s speakers don’t work. In that case, you can either get a new audio IC. But it is better to bring a repairman and give it to the professionals.  smart tv problems

Line in the Screen 

Lines appear on television screens for plenty of reasons. For instance, lines that are shaped like spider webs indicate that the glass is broken. If that is the case, the only solution is to replace the entire screen. On the other hand, if there is a single line on the screen, the issue can be solved differently.

Once you notice the lines, check out if those only appear in some particular channels. If the lines don’t appear on all the channels, the TV problem is most likely in the chords. So give those a look and plug in the chords properly. If the lines aren’t in some particular channels, then you should reset the picture. It is most likely to solve the issue, and if it doesn’t, take it to a good electronics repair house.

Black Turning Grey  

As a viewer, you will often notice that the black colors on your Smart TV don’t always appear to be black. Instead, it has a grey color tone. Uses regularly have to face this issue among all the Smart TV problems. It is pretty irritating when your binge-watching a show.

Many people don’t see this as a problem. At the same time, there are many out there to whom it is one of the most irritating TV problems. If you think that this issue is bothering you, then go to the settings of your Smart TV and lower the brightness until it matches the natural color.

Failure to Connect to the Internet 

The core defining feature of a Smart TV is its ability to connect to the Internet. People nowadays prefer enjoying streaming services like Netflix or Amazon over regular cable channels, and a Smart TV allows the users to use those services without any outside interference directly. You can also stream live sports like Soccer, Baseball or use the UFC app for FireStick to watch MMA completely free using your TV. However, connecting to the internet itself is one of the most common TV problems for many people. 

Before you start panicking over your internet connection, make sure you have put the correct WIFI password on your TV. If it is a firewall setup, you have to grant your broadband access from the TV manually, and you can do it from the settings option. If you notice the television has an unstable connection with the internet, it is most likely that your TV is too far from the router. Try to place the router near the set. If you are still facing problems, then get your TV checked. And, to avoid such problems in the future, use routers from trusted brands like Google Nest, Asus, NetGear, TP-Link, etc.

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