December 3, 2023


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How to win more close quarters gunfights in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

call of duty black ops cold war zombies

call of duty black ops cold war zombies

Call of duty black ops cold war zombies: Close quarters gunfights in Black Ops can be very challenging. So, if you’re not doing well in those situations, don’t panic yet. The truth is that you need some strategies and pro tips to improve your playstyle.

This article will focus on discussing some of the things you can do to play better. We will talk about everything from strategy, weapon choices, and approaches to situations. Moreover, you can also use Cold War Hacks and Cheats to improve your close quarter gunfights in COD.

So, if you’re set and prepared, check the tips below.

Strategies to win Close quarter gunfights

1.    Use the right weapon for close quarter gunfights.

Currently, you can find all kinds of weapons in Warzone but are they all suitable for close-quarter gunfights? The answer is no. So, before you start thinking of any other tips, make sure your weapon is the right one.

No matter the game you’re playing, weapons such as pistols, bayonets, submachine guns (SMGs), shotguns, knives, and carbines are usually suitable for close-range combat. This is because these weapons are compact, light, and work perfectly in tight corners. For instance, the SMG, of course, many in COD, can deal a lot of damages at close range. So, make sure you’re equipped with any of them to ensure a better outcome.

2.    Use appropriate attachments and magazines.

 It doesn’t end in choosing the weapon, but the magazine and attachment are also going to contribute to your success or failure. So, pay attention to those ones too. For instance, many pro players recommend using a very large magazine for your gun and also using all the advantageous attachments like the “Steady Aim Laser,” 40-round magazine, Foregrip, etc. All these additions will transform your ordinary weapon into a killing machine.

3.    Weaken the enemy before the attack

This is where strategy becomes very important. If you just take your weapon and aim all the time without trying some trick, you might end up losing to the enemies. That’s why professionals recommend that you stun them first before shooting. With the likes of flash and stun grenades, you can confuse them momentarily to ensure an accurate shot. Once you throw a grenade at a close enemy coming at you, they’ll be weak and slow for some time, thereby allowing you to fire the killing shot. call of duty black ops cold war zombies

4.    Always locate them faster.

Close quarter fights are tough because your space is narrower, thereby pushing you close to the enemies. This is why you have to be on your toes and ensure that you locate them before they notice you. Thankfully, some equipment can help with that, and one of them is the Heartbeat Sensor.

This equipment will expose the nearest enemy to you very fast. Whenever you activate this sensor, you see the enemies as blips on your screen. But bear in mind that once the enemy goes out of range, you won’t find them again on your screen.

5.    Always strategize your movement.

One other important thing to do in CQC is to make it hard for the enemy to pin you down. Many professionals recommend combining some movement styles to confuse your enemy. For instance, if an enemy comes upon you and attempts to shoot, crouch, or jump immediately to disorganize their aim. Don’t stand still in confusion, and don’t give them the seconds they need to fire at you. Instead, move suddenly and throw them off guard too. call of duty black ops cold war zombies

6.    Fight with useful field upgrades.

Close-quarter combat can be very tough, even for the most skilled players. So, you must use everything that can increase your competitive edge over the enemies.  One of the recommended upgrades in the game is Dead Silence. This tool will help you move around quietly around the map. If you can come up to an enemy without hearing your footsteps, killing them will be easier and less risky. Another field upgrade that professionals recommend is “Stopping power.” This upgrade will allow your bullet to deal 40% more damages on any enemy you shoot. But bear in mind that enemies with Body Armor can cancel it. So, use it creatively and when necessary.


One of the toughest situations you can face in Black Ops is close-quarter fights. The space to fight is not very wide, thereby pushing players closer to one another. Such close confrontations can lead to sudden deaths if you’re not prepared. That’s why you must grab every necessary weapon to win the fights.

We have shared some of the important guns to use, but the SMGs take the lead. All you need is to find the one that suits your playstyle. Another important thing is to adjust your movements in a way that works for such fights. Also, get useful field upgrades and never stop moving on the map. 

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