December 2, 2023


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Antifa super soldier

Antifa super soldier

Antifa super soldier

Antifa super soldier: According to Antifa, they are a radical leftist ensemble, and many conservative politicians and scientists are the main enemies of modern good society. Despite all the evidence known to refute such claims and reveal Antifa as the last universal scapegoat of the right-wing, their surveillance myth still persists.

However, the new graphic novel, The Antifa Super Soldiers Cookbook, written by political cartoonist Matt Lubchanzansky, clearly illustrates the world of fears about Antifa’s super soldiers, but all other skeptics do so from the Fox News perspective. Way of thinking.

“I spend a lot of time in real life, leaving empty spaces,” Lyubchansky said.

Super Soldier Antifa Cookbook by Matt Lubchansky

While unbelievable, the activist movement committed to fighting fascism grew even more monstrous when faced with constant accusations against fascism. Antifa was declared almost an official terrorist organization after the local Nazi march, which was less crowded during the Trump years. Evil, on the other hand, is why some people think it equates to a terrorist threat!

“It was one of the most stubborn leftist protests in America since the 1960s,” Lubchanchi said. “The Black Panthers, then the demons and [FBI] destroyed their lives and killed them until they were completely destroyed.

Twitter is a lavish way of describing the Brain Forts cacophony of political speech, always filled with misinformation about what Antifa is and what it does – but nothing more than the Black Lives Matter protests of last summer. It was during this turmoil that Lyubrachansky’s book was inspired.

Antifa-Gonzo Indie Publisher Silver Sprocket

In early June, an elderly protester was pushed by two Buffalo police officers, after which he fell to the ground and shook several feet before exposing his head. Later, the Conservatives had only one way to repel the incident: presumably, the 75-year-old victim had an antifa plant that deliberately took one to the team to make the police look bad. Within a few days, this ridiculous conspiracy theory reached the president, who then spread it to several millions through the megaphone he cut off.

The head of Gonzo Indie Publisher Silver Sprocket avi Ehrlich watched the show and realized that Antifa’s general deception was the right target for long-term ridicule.

He founded The Antifa Super Soldier Cookbook, a counter-cultural text from the 1970s and conspiracy theory in the late 2010s, and brought it to Lubchansky, a former political cartoonist with whom he collaborated. Lubchansky embraced the idea of ​​antifa superstructure as cyborg agents such as robots / gadgets, and ran with it, asking himself: If this is true, what else?

Lubchansky dream -antifa

The result is a graphic novel with a full spectrum of bold and lively visions of the world we now live in, political satire and imagination. In fact, although there is no real structure to the Antifa movement, in Lubchansky dream of a high fever, the real man sitting in an underground room with a Democratic surrogate who looks suspiciously at a billionaire like Antifa President George Soros.

Like Ronald Reagan, the so-called true racist is a masked exploiter and, in fact, a symbol of Antifa in placa, gritty style. (Second, at the end of 2018, group approval when Gritti was considered a left-wing bonus.)

Lyubuchansky raised the motivation, tactics and funding of Antifa super soldiers, sometimes calling for “complete abolition, 100% censorship”, while at the same time practically advocating police dystopian tactics.

The cops in this cookbook seem to have military-grade equipment like facial recognition software, sonic guns and X-ray vans similar to super soldiers, but not so much.

This is, apparently, the main thing. The only way to resolve the power imbalance between the police and the protesters is to puncture the trainer-funded fiction.

Misconception about Antifa

However this also does not mean that the movement of the right-wing talking points machine feels too wrong.
“The biggest misconception [about Antifa] is probably violent targets,” Lyubchansky said. “I’m not saying there are no people with anti – fascist violent goals, but many anarchists I know spend their time doing government work in my community. To expect “

The author concludes with a fact sheet explaining the verifiable reality behind their police description, although Antifa’s reality is far removed from the book to fit Lufrikhansky’s arrogance. It’s a fleeting charge of irony, a training peanut butter pill of parody.

“People don’t change their mind after reading a comic, but chances are you’ll be part of the process of someone changing their mind.”

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