App Lock: The Best Way To Protect Your Privacy on Android

privacy lock

privacy lock

Privacy lock: The app lock is the most important necessity for every Android user so as to local up the apps from prying eyes. App Lock is the best ever way to protect the confidentiality of your Android device. Having one installed, you get yourself secured of any probable intruder attacks or data leakage like issues. If you have ever used any app locker on Android and are not satisfied with the performance, you can have a look at the best apps listed in the article further. Also, you can manually lock the apps on your Android using the internal settings.

While you can use the Android Settings to lock your apps, there is a slight drawback of using them. The password or pattern for your locker app will be similar to the one that you fix for your Android screen lock. While using a locker app for Android you can add additional security to your data. Here you can fix a separate PIN or password or pattern to unlock your apps. This can be either the same or different from the one that you are using to unlock your screen.

Want To Lock Apps Manually? Here’s how?   If you want to learn how to password protect or lock apps on your smart phones with the latest Android versions, follow the steps below:   Head to Settings. Locate Utilities. Select App Lock. Click on Add Apps and select the apps you wish to lock.   You can choose to add or remove apps you wish to lock or unlock anytime. You can also enable or disable Hide Notification Content using the same App Lock settings on Android.   Note: The app lock here will ensure securing your apps with the same password, pattern or PIN screen lock you added earlier.

Best App Locker Apps For Android 2021

Check out these popular app lockers to add an extra security measure for the data stored on your Android.

Important: While finalizing which app to use, it is important to ensure that the app is 100% risk free especially in case of malicious content. Make sure the app is reliable, smooth and has a good rating on the Google Play Store.

1. App Lock – Fast App Locker with Pattern & Passcode

privacy lock

Are you looking for an app that can lock all of the apps that you have installed on your Smartphone restricting access to intruders? If yes, App Lock by Systweak Software is the best bet offering you all a way to keep your confidential data secured and protected from prying eyes. However, all of us keep our Smartphone secured with our built-in screen lockers, having an app lock like app makes your device double secure. The App Lock by Systweak ensures securing the data on your device and is one of the best locker apps for Android users. 


  • Install, set a password, and start locking using a PIN and password.
  • Light-weight and Ad-free app locker.
  • Does not share user’s data with third-party apps.

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2. Perfect AppLock (App Protector)

privacy lock

Developed by Morrison Software, Perfect AppLock is one of the popular locker apps for Android that lets you protect the applications you want using a PIN, gesture or a Password. You can lock Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media apps along with Gallery, Settings or other apps installed on your phone. Sometimes, this app makes people think that there is a different issue other than just an app locker app. Both free and paid versions of this app locker provide the exact same features. The only difference is that its paid version is ad-free.


  • Restart AppLock Service after each update.
  • If you have more than one launcher, select the default one.
  • Does not support Smartphone’s with smaller screen size.

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3. App Lock – Fingerprint Password

Last but not the least; you can install App Lock with fingerprint protection accessibility for your Android device. This app with a privacy guard is a good to go option for all your privacy protection needs. You can guard all your apps you feel has some or the other confidential data stored be  it your photos, chats and conversations, notes, etc. you can also use this amazing app to hide pictures and videos that will apparently be removed from your phone’s gallery. You can only view this hidden stuff in the separate photo and video vault.


  • Invisible pattern lock, fingerprint lock, and password or PIN lock.
  • The vault offers you to secure your private photos and videos.
  • Customized themes to lock the screen of the app.

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Wrapping Up

Since locking or unlocking apps on a Smartphone is simple, it is equally important to rely on an app that can offer you robust security for your private and confidential data. Not only this, the app should be the one that is malware free and risk-free offering strong protection against intruders trying to sneak into your device. Which app locker do you find the best suitable for yourself? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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