September 25, 2023

Apps to Install and Avoid on Your Smartphones

Apps to Install

Apps to Install

Over time, everybody has got a smartphone to use. May it be a 6-year-old using one of their parents’ phones to watch cartoons. Or, an elderly that wants to chat with his kids over video calls. 

Smartphones have made our lives easier. There’s no doubt about that. But, the latest cell phones require so much of our time updating them and installing all sorts of apps on them.

So, today, we will discuss what kind of apps you should install and avoid installing on your phones. This will help keep you, your kids, and the phone safe from most online threats. 

What Apps You Should Install on Your Phone?

Monitoring App for Kids

If you’re a parent to tweens and teens, then it’s best to get some trusted iPhone and Android spy app or software depending on your cellphone maker. Such apps are also known as phone monitoring tools.

You can either install it on your phone or your children’s phones. So, whatever they will do using your phone or theirs, you will know everything about it.

You will be able to stop them from browsing unsafe websites, installing untrusted apps, and monitor various other activities using the iPhone and Android spy app features.

These apps can help you track the monitored phone’s location at any time as well. So, they serve as a good backup for a GPS tracker. As everyone keeps their phones by their side at all times. 

  • Evernote
    Even some of the latest smartphones still don’t come with a good note-taking application. That’s why Evernote is a great app to have installed on your phone. However, do not mistake it for a basic note-taking app. Why is that?

    Because Evernote has grown far beyond its simple note-taking capabilities. Now, you can even make daily schedules on it and manage, basically, your whole day using this application. 

    The app even syncs all your notes and schedules online, so you can access any of the information on the go. 

    While note-taking is not limited to typing, you can sketch, record audio notes, attach different files, etc. 

    So, it’s a good idea to have such a nice organizer and note-taking app on your iOS- or Android-based phone. 
  • Netflix
    Nowadays, everyone is subscribed to the most popular streaming service Netflix. If you’re already a subscriber or thinking of becoming one, you should get the Netflix app to stream movies and TV series on your smartphone.

    It’s a great app that doesn’t only let you play movies and TV series anywhere with a good internet connection and even remembers where you left off a particular episode you were watching.

Recently, you can even download the shows you’re watching. So, you can watch them when you’re not connected to the internet or away on a trip where you can’t expect to get a good connection.

Apps That You Should Avoid

Now, let’s talk about some apps that you should not install on your smartphone.

Phone Keyboard Apps

Even when most smartphones come with a pre-installed keyboard app, some people tend to install phone keyboard apps from external sources.

Even though a third-party keyboard can offer various functionalities like word/sentence predictions and grammar checking that basic manufacturer-provided keyboards might not. But it can steal your typed data as well.

Sometimes these external keyboard apps can be regarded as key loggers. Because they can record every keystroke and receive all the information from your phone in the name of “bettering their service.” 

So, avoid using such keyboard apps and protect your privacy!

  • Free Mobile Games

Another great concern is free games. As they are free, people often install them without even thinking twice. But you should, because in return they could be taking away something more precious, your personal information. 

Yes, they can ask for your name, email address, and even residential address at times. It’s better not to provide such details. Especially, if it’s an untrusted app from an unknown developer asking for your credit/debit card details.

Many free apps do require such financial details so you can make in-app purchases. However, it’s not necessary! 

So, always beware of free mobile games and avoid them unless you trust their developer(s).

  • Antivirus Apps
    iPhone users should never install Antivirus apps. Because it’s useless to have such apps installed on one of the securest operating systems ever. 

    As far as Android users are concerned, you should avoid using them because you might just end up giving access to your private phone data. Often these anti-virus apps ask for your permission to scan your phone files at the time of installation or beginning of the scan. 

    Even though it seems innocent at first, they can just go through any of your files, emails, contacts, and other personal information. Because you have given your permission to do so. That’s why you shouldn’t install any antivirus app on your phones.

Lastly, we hope this article helps you in protecting your phone and privacy online!

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