UV Printer While traditional printing allows ink to dry naturally onto the media, UV printing has got its own distinctive procedure. Special UV inks have been used, instead of conventional solvent-based inks that can be dried with ultra violet light. While using solvent-based inks, the solvents evaporate in the atmosphere whilst the media absorbs the ink, which is though harmful for the environment there certainly a wide range of benefits of UV printing. The Benefits of UV Printing Machine

Versatility- Print on most materials

First of all, UV printing is beneficial to the environment because no chemicals have been discharged in to the atmosphere, helping your enterprise to lower its own emissions. As an add-on, another benefit is the simple fact which you’re able to print nonporous materials such as vinyl, metals and glass, Leather, ceramic. Essentially, when you’re able to set the material on to the printing bed, then you can print anything using UV ink. UV PRINTER

Higher Production Speed than conventional printing

Besides the above mentioned, you can find quite a couple additional big advantages for the exceptional printing procedure. To note, it is quicker than normal printing as one need not have to wait for the ink to dry, ensuring higher production in quicker time. UV PRINTER


As a result of the fact, UV printing can be a remarkably cost effective printing procedure. Consider this, you’re definitely saving money throughout the drying times. But, in addition, there are big savings that can be made by getting avoiding aqueous coatings, and which are essential for ink to dry faster. But in case of UV printing no such specific coating is required. UV PRINTER

Vibrant finish

Moreover, UV printing frequently supplies an even more lively and vibrant print, since the uv-lights supply the ink no more opportunity to soak in the media. Photo realistic printing is a lot more viable, therefore if you are creating an indoor or outdoor signage, wallpaper, then your visitors are certain to be delighted from the final product.

Changes in the UV printing industry

UV printing is presently witnessing rapid growth, shifting out of the thing that has been a niche technology to something all packaging and commercial printers should use. UV inks and printing procedures are evolving all of the time, plus they’re becoming ever more known particularly in signage industry.

If you take a look around in the market and you’re going to observe that shop signs are getting to be more appealing and driving walk-ins in the stores. That is because UV printers are actually equipped to create images using very high resolutions, which makes the standard of the print better than screen printing procedures.

Obviously, UV printing is more versatile and will be used for a huge array of tasks, from promotional personalized gifting items to creating on printing on wood, glass for indoor d├ęcor and branding. Fundamentally, if you need to print on odd or uncoated stuff, UV printing has become the very best means to get outstanding results.

Purchase a UV printer today

Whether you are looking to purchase a new flatbed UV printer or fancy picking up a second-hand model, we have the thing you want only at Colorjet Group. If you’re not sure which version or variety of UV printer could be perfect for your needs and would like any information, please contact for a free demo. UV PRINTER

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