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What are the Key Features of a GPS Navigation App like Waze?

GPS Navigation App gps devices

GPS Navigation App gps devices

In today’s super busy life, navigation apps have become an essential part. One cannot remember the last time they stopped and asked for directions from random people on the road. With many brilliant navigation apps one can never be lost on the road now.  As per a study, 77% of the smartphone owners have navigation apps in their mobile, this data itself defines the industry of location-based services which is expected to rise even more in the coming years. Usually, when one talks about a navigation App, Google Maps is the first one to come to mind but there is another brilliant app called Waze. So, we will study in depth about the concept of Waze and what features it possesses. Mobile App Development Company in California is approached by many entrepreneurs to develop such navigation apps as they are very sound in their work.


Waze is a community driven navigation app bought by Google in 2013. It is a crowd-sourced app with social networking features where the drivers can post about any road accidents, huge traffic information, any incident on road, police activity, any kind of hurdles near them or any other kind of issues. Then the other respective drivers change their routes accordingly.

Not just this, but they can also post photos of whatever they are posting about. The users of Waze also receive the voice direction through smartphones or tablets. The app also suggests the users about the shortest, optimal, less traffic route to the users. Also, it gives information about the nearest petrol stations available, and which is the cheapest one. As it is connected with the social media platform, it will also suggest that if any of your social media friends is in the nearby route then one can ask to pick up through the app.

Waze is a community driven app and needs regular internet connectivity to function as it does not work offline. When the internet is on and the app is on too, then the app collects the real time data about the traffic, any road incidents and extra information and then guides the driver about it.


-One of the interesting things about Waze is that location-based advertisements are shown on Waze, and it is not just the location you are travelling through but also your destination location. Like the ads will be about the eateries, shopping complexes or any new stores opened in that area. This is also one of their modes of income.

-Waze also displays a digital billboard on the app when the user’s car comes to a complete stop for at least 3 seconds, these are called Zero-speed takeovers.

-When Waze app runs, it displays various pins on the Map which denote the stores of the brands, any famous eatery shop or any new place opened which creates awareness among the people about the presence of such and such place in that particular area.


Below given are some of the common as well as some exclusive features of the Waze app:

1)Creation of User profile

Here the users can create their personal profile or account through which they can post the required information on the app. They can either create a separate login id or they can also log in through the credentials of their social media accounts. 

Having an authorized profile helps the drivers to write a note, leave some kind of useful tips or review about certain things and communicate with the other drivers. 

2)GPS Navigation

Apart from the satellite data, the geolocation navigation allows to collect the real time data regarding traffic, any road accidents, any blockage, or any typical weather condition etc. his overall information can be easily collected from the community of users.

Here the provision of uploading images and leaving notes can help the drivers to inter-connect.

3)Spotify integration

The integration with Spotify music player app makes drivers listen to their favorite music while driving. In the Waze app, one can easily access the playlist the users have saved in their Spotify and make a monotonous journey, the excited one.

4)Navigation by Voice

It often happens that when the road has huge traffic or is very busy then the drivers could not focus on the screen and prefer to have the voice instructions about the road so that they can handle the situation perfectly. Also, it is very important considering the safety as drivers should not at all be distracted by the maps. Also, there is an option to switch off the same if the driver is not very comfortable with the voice.

5)Carpool service

It is one of the unique services of the app where the app learns about the regular route followed by the drivers then accordingly suggests them about the people on the way who are looking for cabs. Here the drivers are not paid for the pool service, but they can get free gas if they use the Waze Carpool feature.

6)Integration with the social network

Integrating your Waze account with social media is one of the ways of the authentication process. This gives an idea about the user’s past profile as maintained over their social media account and the possible problems are already maintained. It also shows the driver’s favorite place as marked on their social media profile.

7)In-app messages

The users can make their Navigation app more cheerful and interesting by customizing their interface of message display. If the user wants the message to be sent as a chat or it should be in the form of push notification. It can be done for any specific location also.


If the driver have moved to some other route, then the app quickly and automatically reroutes the road for the user, the app re-calculates the distance, find the best possible shortest route with less of traffic, check if any possible incidents are not there and some other important information related to the route. GPS Navigation App gps devices

9)Synchronization with the Google Calendar

As the app gets synced with the Google Calendar, thus, the user will be informed about any important meeting to be held on a particular date at a certain place, or if someone has flight on that particular date of specified time. Accordingly, the user will start getting notifications about their schedule for the day. GPS Navigation App gps devices


The idea behind integrating the gaming features in the navigation app is to encourage the participation of more and more users. This helps to form a community of the users following the same passion and then they connect with each other while gaming. This helps to maintain the enthusiasm among the users within the community. GPS Navigation App gps devices


From the above points it is very clear that nowadays the navigation apps are not just restricted to showing you a road map to reach a particular destination. But it touches almost all the points of human daily life be it your favorite eatery place, shopping store, you are travelling somewhere, what are your favorite songs and so many other things. Thus, it has become an essential part of one’s daily life. And any navigation app which touches base all the points of someone’s life then it is definitely going to conquer the market like Waze did.

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