October 1, 2023

Benefits of Using an Employment Verification Service 

walmart amazon employment verification

walmart amazon employment verification

If you run a small business, chances are you know how indispensable employees are. They keep your company running smoothly and handle the additional workload, so you don’t have to. If your business employs anyone—and that’s a safe bet if you’re an entrepreneur—you can also see how beneficial they are. As an employer, verifying who you always let into your company is essential. 

Doing so means no one can misrepresent themselves or pretend to be someone else to get a job elsewhere. An employment verification service is there to help companies do just that by validating their new hires and other people who have access to sensitive data. Here’s everything you need to know about using one.  

What is an Employment Verification Service? 

Employment verification services are businesses that verify the identity of job applicants and employees with the employer. The two parties usually communicate through a hired third party. Other names for these services include employment screening, background check companies, and background employment verification services. 

Many companies and organizations use these services to conduct e-verify checks, including government agencies, private employers, schools, and health care providers. You can also find out if someone is authorized to work in the United States through e-verify.  walmart amazon employment verification

A professional employment verification service can help protect your company from fraud and improve hiring practices. They can also ensure that you hire the best candidates to do the job well. That’s because they let you know if someone has a criminal record or other records that could be an issue. That’s especially helpful if you do sensitive work, like working with money or children. 

How Does a Verification Service Work? 

Well, it depends on the service you choose. While many companies have proprietary software, others may use an external service. The third-party service verifies someone’s identity and conducts a criminal background check. This can include checking if the person has a criminal record or is otherwise trustworthy. 

Depending on your service, they can also make a name-to-name comparison, so you know if someone is trying to impersonate someone else. That way, you aren’t hiring anyone who could potentially harm your company or clients. 

Benefits of Using an Employment Verification Service 

Here are seven reasons why your company requires employment verification services. 

  1. You can obtain authentic resume information 

Nearly half of all businesses and organizations only depend on information on a candidate’s resume. Even if the information supplied is correct or incorrect, it is essential for a company to thoroughly check the data and do a background check on the selected individual. If this isn’t possible, use an employment verification service to ensure you have accurate information on the individual. 

  1. It helps you access unknown data easily 

Successful candidates are often reluctant to disclose all relevant information out of fear of rejection. That’s why they are hesitant to answer the reference request from a former employee. Nevertheless, it is crucial for any organization that needs to hire fresh applicants to know everything about them. 

  1. It is cost-effective 

When hiring in mass, most organizations lack the resources, tools, and time to complete a background check on each newly-hired prospect. Therefore, companies invest in employment verification services that provide verified facts about their employees, such as their education and work history, to cut their hiring costs. 

  1. It contributes to informed decisions 

Hiring is one of the most critical choices a business can make. However, failure and inattention can result in inappropriate applicant screening, leading to a loss of productivity and performance. Occasionally, companies hire personnel who aren’t competent to meet the requirements, whose habits are inconsistent, whose attitudes and personalities conflict, etc. In this situation, if the support services are utilized, they can provide significantly improved employment chances. 

  1. It lowers employee theft 

Every business possesses classified information that is not available to all employees but only to a select few. In some situations, the employee may have stolen sensitive corporate data and exploited it dishonestly to boost their paychecks. For these and other reasons, conducting thorough background checks on every recruit and current employee is crucial. 

  1. It reduces workplace violence 

Each year, a significant amount of information is gathered from American workers who have been victims of workplace violence. Indeed, not every incidence can be prevented by candidate screening, but the majority can be. Therefore, conducting an acceptable background check through an appropriate organization is necessary to minimize such issues. 

  1. It helps you comply with federal anti-discrimination laws 

When hiring new staff, one of the major concerns is always what would happen if the new hires decide to sue the firm later. Despite this, many businesses fail to properly vet prospective hires, often at high financial costs when they lose millions in litigation and stolen goods.  walmart amazon employment verification

Bottom Line 

Employment verification services are a great way to ensure that no one is misrepresenting themselves at your company. They can even help you weed out someone with a record that would make them an inappropriate employee. And, since it’s all done online, you don’t have to do it each time you hire someone. 

You can also choose a verification service with a name-to-name comparison so you know that the people applying to work for your company are who they say they are. That way, you can confirm that they are good hires and not risk hiring someone who would be a poor fit for the company.  walmart amazon employment verification