December 7, 2023


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Better discord Not Working 2022

better discord not working 2022

better discord not working 2022

Better Discord is a great extension that many people use, but it violates Discord’s ToS and is even used to create security issues. It’s commonly used for plugins and themes, but the only way we can get rid of it is if we make the changes people want.

Here’s what I came up with to solve the problem: a separate plugin and theme store (or the “do it yourself, cats, here’s how” approach!).

People can upload plugins and themes, possibly over the web in the developer portal. These mentioned plugins and themes can either be used on their own (which we explicitly do not allow for their use), or they can go through a process that allows access to this particular store, which may require the themes to be approved or rejected by Discord.

Like reporting users, it should be possible to report plugins and themes as a way to notify Discord that certain plugins and themes are breaking the rules.

But the list of servers.

There is a list of verified and associated Discords servers, but what about normal Discords? Like any list server, most lists are managed to ensure they are safe. Mismatches can follow the same mechanism. This is now done, thanks to Server Discovery.

A lot of changes would have to be made to make this work, possibly by a long shot, but if this was implemented most of us wouldn’t need BetterDiscord.

We like Discord and don’t want to break the ToS, but we want more customization. If this were implemented, we would have the ability.

Thanks for reading!

Other questions

Why BetterDiscord/BeautifulDiscord/Powercord/etc. Security issue/against ToS? Customer upgrades are not tracked by Discord and Discord tries to keep the platform safe for everyone. Whether it’s open source or not, Discord can’t always monitor clients every day and check for malicious code. In fact, it would look bad if they allowed clients and plugins that tried to steal user accounts. And from a business point of view, it would make sense why not allow this.

Why can’t it be limited to Nitro or Nitro Classic? BetterDiscord as well as BeautifulDiscord and Powercord also offered completely free plugins and themes. If almost all themes and plugins are locked behind a paywall, this will only drive people back to BetterDiscord. Why use the paid option when you can use the existing ones for free? But I’m not against themes just for Nitro users.

Why are you hopeful that this will happen? Not to be completely honest. Just the idea that this is even possible on a small scale is thanks to Stickers and Server Discovery. The decals partially had the payment pattern I’m asking for — some decals stuck to the back of the Nitro and Nitro Classic, and some didn’t. The difference is that all stickers are paid for in some way. Server Discovery is basically an official server list that is incredibly well managed. Additionally, some Discord staff have explicitly created client mods for other services before, and one even helped make a few of those client mods more secure, as long as the security issues were minimal. If Discord really wanted to do it, I think he could.