September 25, 2023

Discord search not working

discord search not working

discord search not working

discord search not working: Then you are not alone. Whether you use the NSFW channel search function or just the regular channel, the following steps provide a clear way to diagnose the problem and a clear solution to fix a search feature that is not working in Discord. A plan is presented.

Let’s jump right away.

How to fix inconsistent searches: 5 ways

1.Check for problems at the end of the discord.

First of all, you need to make sure that there are no permanent problems at the end of the discord.

How did you find out?

Now go to the page with search tools that doesn’t work on the Discord site. From here you can see the latest updates, current issues and statements as the Discord team works on a solution (see below).

In our experience, these types of problems are usually solved in hours and, in some cases, in a few minutes, because the team quickly addresses these types of problems.

2.Check the Discord server.

discord search not working: The following method points directly to the Discord server status page to see if the search API is currently disabled. As shown below, this page has a number of services that run and their lifespan. If you see a red line, you can skip it to get details about services that are not currently running. From the image below, you can see that there was an interruption on December 7, as shown in red.

To see the status of the issue, scroll down the page to the exact date displayed in the line, or click Incident History at the bottom of the page and then the incident date. .. As you can see on December 7, there was a problem with the search API which was resolved in a few minutes.

Search does not work due to mismatch

Yellow and orange lines may mean partial or major interruptions, depending on the details specified.

3.Send a support request to the Discord team.

This is probably one of the most effective solutions you can do. Yes, I know it does not solve the problem directly, but in reality it is related to the Discord service itself that this search problem does not work, so Discord is the one who has the right or knowledge to solve it. Only the team. (And they certainly do a good job).

Moreover, the more requests for help we send, the greater the request for help.

You can submit a support request here:

Can you help from below? Select Help and Support.

Search does not work due to mismatch

Then, if one of the members of the Discord team wants to contact you with more information on how to resolve the issue, enter your contact information. What kind of question? You can choose it as another technical problem. Then simply enter the topic, description and platform you are facing (macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.).

Click Submit Last.

4.Restart to check for inappropriate updates.

If you’ve performed methods 1 and 2 above and verified that the issue has already been resolved, it’s important to check for pending mismatch updates that haven’t been installed yet.

To check for updates on your PC or Mac, you must completely close the Discord application and then restart the Discord application. If you’re using Windows, close the Discord app and make sure it’s not open in the background yet. You need to check the taskbar (top left corner) to see if the Discord icon is still visible. For us, the Discord application remains open, even if it is closed, so by right-clicking on the Discord icon and selecting Quit Discord, the application closes completely.

Search does not work due to mismatch

When you’re done, reopen the Discord app. Make sure you’re connected to the internet right now, check for updates, and install updates later.
If you use iOS
You can check for updates by tapping Updates next to Mismatch in the App Store> Accounts> Available Updates.

If you use Android
Now you can check for updates by opening the Google Play Store . Then tap Menu Menu, then tap My apps and games.

Updates available on Discord will be displayed as “Updates”. Touch Update to continue the Discord update.

Updates fix a number of issues with your app and help keep your app running smoothly.

5.Manual search.

discord search not working: This is not really a solution to this problem, but a solution. If none of the above works and you urgently need to search for something in Discord, you can scroll through the conversation stream to manually find the item you’re looking for.

It’s very tiring and painful, but if you’re looking for something, this is the only way to get what you’re looking for in Discord.

Alternatively, you can change the device and try to find something. For example, if you’re trying to search using a computer and the search function isn’t working, why not search your smartphone or tablet? Similarly, if you’re trying to find a cell phone, use your desktop to make changes and see if it works.

We hope this guide will help you fix the search features that aren’t working in Discord, or at least guide you in the right direction.

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