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Effective Ways to Repair A Broken Apple Watch

Broken Apple Watch

Broken Apple Watch

Broken Apple Watch: The Apple Watch is one of the best wearable devices on the market for tracking your health. The device also includes some basic smartphone functions, which makes the use of technology easy and convenient. However, the more exposure it’s to the outside world, the more likely it’s to have problems with lines.

So, if your Apple Watch is scratched, broken, or water damaged, it’s time to go for repair services to get it back. There are various third-party service providers who offer services related to repairing broken Apple Watches. For example, the third-party professionals of Apple watch repair in Singapore stores provide the services at affordable prices. 

If you’re having trouble using your Apple Watch due to a broken screen, jammed digital crown, swollen battery, damaged strap, and more, here we’re going to mention some effective tips to repair it.

Let’s have a look!

Damages Occur in Apple Watch Devices

Apple Watch  – Screen Damage

The Apple Watch’s screen can’t easily break as it’s too strengthened. However, buying cheaper quality products might end with a damaged screen. The products made up of sapphire crystal front are one of the hardest materials to break. Whereas, the aluminium case equipped with Ion-X glass can easily break. Hence, sapphire models appear more strong in terms of wear and tear. However, you must have seen some slight scratching, which could be worse than normal usage scenarios. A similar situation can come across with the Apple Watch. If you break your Apple Watch screen, the most obvious solution is to replace the screen. This becomes easy after the launch of AppiFixIt as it makes the replacement easy and simple.  

Apple Watch – Strap Damage

Along with damaging a very important Apple Watch, the stainless steel looped stainless steel strap has been listed as a possible weak link. This isn’t too surprising because stainless steel can scratch easily. And thus, Apple Watch straps are easy to replace. The DIY approach to fix the scratches on the Milanese loop strap using a stainless steel polish. It’s usually available at the hardware store.

Apple Watch – Water Damage

Is your Apple Watch waterproof? The water resistance of devices usually depends on which model you’ve purchased. Some Apple watch series has a water resistance feature. It’s completely fine to wear such devices while swimming or taking shower. Additionally, the company does also mention some warnings that these models shouldn’t be used in some water-related activities like scuba diving, waterskiing or many others. 

How to Repair or Replace Your Apple Watch?

It might be time to speak with an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Support. If your Apple Watch requires hardware repair, you have two options in the Apple support ecosystem – under warranty or no warranty. However, you must have the following things while repairing the devices:

  • Your Apple Watch
  • Your Apple Watch serial number
  • Original purchase confirmation

AppleCare and AppleCare + Warranty

If you’re backed by the original warranty, you’re eligible for service for any manufacturing defect, batteries that are less than 80% charged or are unnaturally swollen, and the screen is cracked from manufacturing defects. Your base model isn’t warranted against accidental screen damage or water damage. If you purchase AppleCare +, you get up to two years of standard warranty plus two accidents at a particular price. 

AppleCare + also gives its subscribers the option of Express Replacement Service. If you have a defective or broken Apple Watch but don’t want to lose or abandon your workout periods while your smartwatch is being repaired, Apple will immediately ship you a replacement watch along with the box and the defect mailing label. look back to Apple.

Apple can block your credit card for a refund until you return your old watch. It means you need to return the watch within 10 days to avoid paying late fees. And if the watch can’t be repaired and isn’t a manufacturing defect, you may be charged for accidental damage.

Non-AppleCare + customers can also take advantage of the express replacement service, but this will cost you a post-warranty service fee.

Post-Warranty Service

If you’re out of warranty, prices will vary depending on the type of repair required for your Apple Watch. In every country, the battery replacement service costs differ, regardless of which Apple Watch Series you have. The fee for the after-sales service varies a little bit more.

Service Revocation

There is a third way to get your Apple Watch repaired: if it meets one of Apple’s government or internal service programs. Apple offers a service program for some devices, which may swell or fail to turn on. If you’ve already paid for a non-serviced Apple Watch battery, you can contact Apple Support for a refund.

Wrapping Up

So, you now know – how to bring back your broken Apple watch into life. The above-mentioned services don’t only effective solutions but also provide a guarantee on repairing your devices. There are a number of professionals who offer services related to MacBook repair, and other Apple products repair. So, keep in touch with one of the nearby service providers to make the instant repairs. 

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