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Carthing.spotify.con : Spotify is bringing hardware into the streaming market with Car Thing, a smart music player designed to fit on your car dashboard.

What Car Spotify Gears

This device is designed to listen to Spotify in the car without having to look at your phone or deal with the in-car interface.

12V power adapter connects to Car Thing and auxiliary car audio inputs. The device connects to the phone via Bluetooth. The unit also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Voice control is the most outstanding feature of the device. You can control Car Thing by saying “Hey Spotify” followed by commands such as “shuffle songs I like.”

Some actions, such as adding songs or podcasts to the queue, aren’t supported yet, but Spotify is working on adding more commands. However, Car Thing can offer hands-free driving.

The company released Car Thing to a limited number of members in October. And announced Tuesday that anyone can purchase the device for $90, but you’ll need a Spotify Premium subscription to use it. Car Thing also requires cellular data or a Wi-Fi cellular connection.

Vehicle Specifications

The Car Thing features center-field and near-field microphones with adaptive noise cancellation to help block the sound of moving vehicles and honking horns. The device has a 4-inch touch screen, rotary scroll wheel and a small back button

The four physical buttons on the top of the device are reminiscent of traditional radio controls. with presets for selecting a playlist, podcast, news item, artist or album. The fifth button opens the settings menu or mutes the sound.

According to Spotify, this device has a one-piece design ready. “Matte rubber grip” for “easy navigation”

Spotify said it was planning an update for the device based on feedback from the initial limited release. This includes a night mode which will darken the screen during night travel.

Features of Carthing.Spotify.Con

Carthing by Spotify is a hardware accessory for your car. Stop playing with your lock screen or phone. Your ears are begging for perfect vehicle upgrades.

This is the property of Carthing.Spotify.Con:

  • Use the Car Thing interface to connect to your favorite stations.
  • Explore the world up close with superior Car Thing audio output.
  • Voice control on Car Thing lets you control your music hands-free.
  • Use Car Thing’s playlist feature to control and organize your music collection.

Why should I use Carthing.Spotify.Con

Carthing.Spotify.Con It’s a great resource for people who enjoy listening to music while driving. You can connect your Spotify account to your car audio system via Carthing.Spotify.Con to listen to music easily

Carthing.Spotify.Con It’s a great tool for people who want to get the most out of their Spotify account, as it also has a forum where you can ask questions and share tips with users. Carthing.Spotify.Con Others

What is the Carthing.Spotify.Con process?

Using Carthing.Spotify.Con is easy, for instructions on connecting your Spotify account to your car audio system. Please visit the website. There is also a forum where users can share tips and ask questions.

How does Carthing.Spotify.Con work?

Think of the Car Thing as an entertainment system that plays music from your Spotify library in a transfer. It needs to be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

You can then connect it to your car’s audio system via Bluetooth, AUX, or USB cable.

Voice search

You can instantly play certain songs or podcasts from Car Thing using Spotify’s voice search feature. Ask for a podcast, station, playlist, album or song by saying “Hey Spotify.” Play the song or close the window.” According to Spotify, Car Thing knows what you want to play.


You can use the Car Thing watch face if for some reason you don’t want to use it with your voice. You can use it to browse, select, play, pause, and search songs and podcasts in your Spotify library. The Car Thing is essentially a Spotify controller, equipped with a screen and microphone for your car.

See what you are playing

You can check the Car Thing’s touch screen at any time to see what song is playing. You can also use the screen to view your library and voice search results. You can also view the Car Thing’s user interface. Thing can be operated by using the touch screen. You can play by tapping or swiping to skip or continue watching. Simple.

Call back to Car Thing

After the April 2022 Update, Car Thing can now be used to answer calls. You can view the incoming calls and decide whether to accept or decline. Currently only available for iOS, however, Android compatibility is just around the corner.

Manage multiple multimedia applications.

In April 2022, Spotify released an update to allow it to control other media apps. Additionally, there are now more options than just Spotify support, although we don’t have a full list of supported apps yet.


Carthing.Spotify.Con It’s an interesting tool for enjoying music on the go. This allows you to manage your Spotify account from your car stereo.

Plus, it won’t distract you when you’re stuck in traffic. Spotify fans from all over the world are eager to buy this smart player for their cars. Currently available to eligible users in the United States.

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