December 3, 2023


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Changing Instagram marketing strategies for Getting More ROI

Instagram marketing strategies

Instagram marketing strategies

Instagram is now the No.1 visual marketing platform, which works not just for individuals to share their selfies but also for brands and marketers to make their presence noticeable. When you are trying to promote your brand or products on Instagram, it is important to know some expert strategic approaches to succeed in the fierce competition. Streamline the strategies and you are sure to get results. You need to implement them regularly to enhance your brand and get the best results out of it. There are many ways you can do this.

Brands and marketers are constantly looking for better ways to enhance their presence and reach on Instagram, but there are no easy ways for this. It is a constantly changing platform, and the algorithms are also being updated regularly. So, the effective approach for the marketers too is to upgrade their strategies and tactics to say on pace. In this article, we will discuss some new-age tips and tricks for success with Instagram promotions.

Publishing your Instagram content on site

While you are thinking of advertisements, billboards are the best option to reach your customers effectively. Similarly, featuring the content of Instagram on your website pages is an ideal way to increase conversions. People tend to see their purchased products in real-world settings out there. They instantly know that the brand in question has a very satisfied customer base. Consumers may better visualize and understand the product for themselves when they see it in real settings similar to theirs.

With this approach, the rise of look-books and brands using user-generated content on the product pages is at an all-time high now. You can see how brands like Casper use their Instagram slideshow to show off their satisfied customers using their product on their homepage. This also underlines the need to promote your hashtags on Instagram. In addition to the bio, the hashtag also needs to be plastered effectively across the site, and marketing emails to be shared with potential customers to give them exposure. As a result of these efforts, you are supposed to get more user-generated content, and people will start promoting your hashtags organically.

Slowly build up creative trademark

Creativity counts a lot on Instagram and brings you real value. Having some unique theme or tone is an ideal way to inspire Instagram content viewers. Something that helps you stand out in the crowd is always worth it, but you need to be consistent. If you are confused about what the creative trademarks should be, one need not have sweat it out. There are many Instagram support apps, which will help you add some creative flair to your otherwise basic photos. You can use some fun gradients, filters, color themes, frames, etc., to make your feed feel more you than generic.

Work with influencers to extend the reach

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram also benefits from being a visual platform where the brands can publish their ads without bumping them out on the customer’s faces. The rise of influencer marketing makes it smoother. Simply put, the approach of influencer marketing may entail a better connection with another Instagram account through paid relationships with influencers. Influencers will help you to reach a fresh sector of users that you are trying to explore. Campaigns like Like4Like will also help to get more reach to your posts.

Influencer advertisement does include some money, but worth it when done properly. Finding the right influencer may be a very cost-effective way to sell products and grow your fan following. Brands can also spot the influencers through hashtags and also manual searches. We can also try to use some analytical tools to analyze the database related to your business. While supporting influences, also make sure that they have a relevant fan following which engages with their content. Engagement Rate Calculator can be used to get a proper account of this and evaluate the influencers in question.

Rethink the ways as to how do you present your brands and products

This is a no-brainer tip, but it is worth mentioning here. It relates to the other way of Instagram promotion where the fun giveaways for the sales items can be highly valuable to your brand. So, while your promotions on Instagram are ongoing, it is crucial to present your content as a must-see for the followers. Anything you can push to create hype is a major pointer to work in your favor.

As a rule of thumb here, you also need to think of your content before publishing it as to what your promos on Instagram are meant for. Doing this assessment thoroughly will help to encourage your Instagram content more complete and engaging.

Handsome giveaways or contests

This is more food for your thought when it comes to Instagram promos. The brands that tend to run some contests are noted to grow their followings about 50 % faster than those who do not. You may also notice many brand contests and giveaways related to their posts receiving an insane volume of engagement. This is no accident if you do it correctly. Your social media content can surely result in better followership and fan following. So, it is recommended that you run a one-time competition or promotion on Instagram to test the waters and then determine whether a contest is an ideal approach for you to succeed in the long run.

Along with these, you may also try to optimize your profile in light of your promotions. This largely applies to those brands which are looking to attract more organic attention. To make an optimized Instagram profile, there are not many moving parts you need to worry about. Try to be as simple and focused as possible to set your strategies with an optimized profile. A good profile picture, engaging bio, brand USPs, and a trackable URL are the necessities. If you do it well, it will help increase your visibility and enhance your return on investment in the longer run.

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