ClickSSL Review- A Considerable Option for SSL Certificates

ClickSSL Review

ClickSSL Review

ClickSSL Review: A recent move by Google to mark all HTTP websites as not secure has caused much upheaval to webmasters who were using the HTTP transfer protocol. The reason to try and scrape off HTTP websites from the web is for the good of webmasters and web users. Any website that has not moved to HTTPS is treading on a path full of hackers. Such a website is also bound to lose traffic. It is no secret that web users have become more conscious about their security and are unwilling to risk their security by visiting unsafe websites.

All website owners are now left with two options: acquiring an SSL certificate and being safe or failing to acquire the certificate and seeing traffic dwindle and data breaches skyrocket. Luckily for them, acquiring an SSL certificate is not as complicated, costly, and time-consuming as most of you might think. A pat on the back is due for the many certificate authorities and Cheap SSL providers such as ClickSSL for offering incredible certificates at incredible prices.

This article will dwell on ClickSSL. It will give you an honest review and tell you why it is the best SSL certificate reseller.

About ClickSSL

ClickSSL is one of the most trusted names in the SSL industry. It is based in Delaware, USA. Founded in 2009, ClickSSL has devoted itself to providing small, medium, and big corporations with their SSL certificate needs. It has partnered with leading SSL certificate providers, such as Comodo SSL Certificate, DigiCert SSL, Rapid SSL, GeoTrust Certificates, and Thawte.

ClickSSL is a much-loved SSL provider because it provides cheap SSL certificates. Its ability to provide the best SSL certificates at unbeatable prices makes it loved by its vast customer base.

ClickSSL has a well-engraved vision that aims to maximize every business’s potential by ensuring that all types of businesses, whether small or large have adequate online security.

It has accomplished its mission to safeguard organizations from security dangers and bring maximum awareness about the constantly increasing cybersecurity vulnerabilities. One of the competitive advantages of ClickSSL is its ability to update its SSL certificates with modern encryption technologies. As a result, clients have always come out happy. With ClickSSL, there are no regrets.

Now that you know what ClickSSL is, it is wise to understand some of the key advantages it offers.

Why Choose ClickSSL? Splendid Perks of ClickSSL

  1. Affordability

ClickSSL ensures that it provides quality SSL certificates at budget-friendly prices. Purchasing cheap SSL certs from ClickSSL will save you up to 79% of your money. On ClickSSL, you can get all kind of ssl certificates like Single Domain SSL, Wildcard SSL Certificate, Multi Domain SSL certificate, Code Signing Certificate etc. So, if you are looking for a reliable yet cheap SSL provider, ClickSSL is your best bet.

The following are some of the cheapest SSL providers’ options on ClickSSL;

  • Comodo PositiveSSL at $8.00/yr
  • RapidSSL Certificate at $10.00/yr
  • GeoTrustQuickSSL Premium at $62.10/yr
  • Thawte SSL123 at $32.29/yr
  • PositiveSSL Multi-Domain at $30.00/yr
  1. Money-Back Guarantees

ClickSSL is dedicated to providing the utmost satisfaction to its customers. As such, it provided a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its SSL products. So, in case of any dissatisfaction, you can always request a full refund as long it the refund request is made within thirty days from the purchase date. You will most certainly receive back your money without delays.

Please note that the refund request is only valid within 30 days; after that, ClickSSL will not accept refund requests. Also, ensure that you uninstall the SSL certificate before making the request.

To request the refund, you can contact ClickSSL’s billing department via their email or create a Support ticket.

  1. Impressive Customer Support

ClickSSL is one of the few SSL resellers devoted to providing outstanding round-the-clock support and offering the required help in the SSL installation processes. A well-informed customer support team that is available 24/7 will give answers to all your questions. They also provide a stepwise guide on creating a certificate signing request and all installation queries. You need such help, especially when you are a newbie, and the ClickSSL customer support team will surely help.

  1. One-stop Destination for All SSL Certificates

One of the critical factors you must consider when shopping for an SSL certificate is finding all certificate types from one reseller. ClickSSL does just that. ClickSSL is known for its diversified stock of SSL certificates. It is suitable to cater to varied business needs and hence one of the few one-stop destinations to fulfil all your certificate needs.

ClickSSL offers single-domain SSL certificate, Wildcard SSL certificate, Domain validation SSL, Organization validation SSL, Extended Validation SSL certificates, Multidomain/SAN SSL certificate, exchange server SSL certificate, and code signing certificate.

It is also home to some of the cheapest SSL certificate providers, such as Comodo SSL, Rapid SSL, Geotrust, Thawte, DigiCert, and Symantec SSL certificates.

The fact that ClickSSL provides multiple certificate options gives customers enough freedom to choose the best SSL certificate. You can check the ClickSSL website for some of the best SSL certificates you can get.

  1. Quick Navigation and Checkout Process

The user experience of a website speaks volumes about the general functionality of a website and customer service.

You will be amazed at how the ClickSSL website functions. The website is characterized by fast loading speeds and a seamless checkout process. Things are simple on the website, select an SSL product, review, and checkout.

The website is easy to navigate. You will easily select your SSL product, pay, and exit. The payment process is also quick. In simple words, you will get your SSL certificate as quickly as possible, depending on the type of SSL certificate product you have selected.

  1. Quick Processing of SSL Orders

With ClickSSL, clients get their certificates immediately after placing their orders. There are no delays of any kind. For instance, purchasing a Domain validation SSL certificate will only take you five minutes. However, the Organization validation and Extended validation certificate will take a bit longer because of the lengthy certificate validation processes. Despite the lengthy validation procedures, the issuance speed is still faster than the competitors.


As you go out shopping for your SSL certificate, ensure that you choose the best reseller. There could be no better reseller than ClickSSL. However, you will receive several advantages by working with ClickSSL. This article has provided an honest review of ClickSSL. I hope this helps you make the right shopping decision.

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