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Destiny 2 Xenophage exotic quest guide: How to earn this Best terrifying gun

lost souvenir destiny 2

lost souvenir destiny 2

lost souvenir destiny 2: The most recent Halloween-themed update to the game carries another new weapon to the overlay: Destiny 2 xenophage.

This fascinating automatic weapon expects you to finish one of Destiny’s most convoluted missions yet, so here’s beginning and end you need to know to add xenophage destiny 2  to your stockpile.

Stage 1: Obtaining the journey

To get the journey, you’ll need to make a beeline for the Moon and make for the Eris’ Morn’s area sitting above the Black Pyramid. There are two different ways to arrive. The least demanding is by going through Eris’ gateway, which shows up after you complete one of her memory missions. On the off chance that you haven’t took out the current week’s yet, wrap that up and head in.

On the off chance that you don’t want to open the entrance, there’s luckily a back route in. Burden into Sorrow’s Harbor and head right to the structure on the northern edge. At the point when you get in, bounce up to the raised area and search for an entryway to your left side. You’ll need to follow the straight way until you get to an obscured region that triggers your electric lamp. Stop when you arrive at this spot and pivot. You’ll see an opening in the divider that you can bounce up to. Follow that way to arrive at the area.

When you arrive, observe the four sculptures on the sides of the room. You’ll have to illuminate each of the four simultaneously by cooperating with them. There are a few different ways to finish this riddle, yet in case you’re searching for a fast answer, destroy them this request. Upper Left, Bottom Left, Top Right, Bottom Right. Right and left depend on how you’re confronting them when you go into the room.

Light up every one of the sculptures and a chest will show up. Open the chest and the colorful mission line will be added to your log.

Stage 2: Light the podiums

For your initial step, head to Anchor of Light. When you get to the space from the produce point, hang a left and head to the Fallen-plagued region. Here, you’ll need to get a wad of light and use it to enlighten 6 podiums in a particular request. You just have 60 seconds to light every platform.

Enter the little structure close to the bigger focal structure and communicate with the light to get it. The main platform is directly close to it in the room. Exit the structure and head west to the second right on the money the guide. You’ll discover the podium on Destiny 2 beginners guide, where some Fallen are hanging out. Head back to the fundamental Fallen region and look opposite the focal structure. You’ll see a more modest structure across the way. Head in there to light to third platform. lost souvenir destiny 2

Jump to the third floor of the large structure and take a gander at the left half of the focal column. Hop up the column and you’ll discover a podium on one of the pillars. Head to the little structure that is only west of the primary structure. Bounce on top of it and you’ll track down the fifth podium.

Finally, head to the large, round building directly in the focal point of Anchor of Light. Hop on top of it and you’ll track down the last platform directly in the center of the rooftop. When each of the 6 podiums have been lit, a marker will show up back in the space you were simply in. Head there and communicate with the article there to get the following stage.

Stage 3: Lost areas

For this following stage, you’ll need to finish every one of the four of the Moon’s lost areas. Each time you complete one, a riddle will show up toward the end. These are coordinating with puzzles where you need to shoot runes on a 3 x 3 lattice to make them match the rune at the top. lost souvenir destiny 2

You can experimentation this in the event that you love puzzles, however shoot the runes in a specific order in the event that you need a speedy arrangement. Each time you complete one effectively, a chest will show up. Open that to get a piece. When you gather every one of the four, it’s an ideal opportunity to investigate the Pit of Heresy

Stage 4: The Pit of Heresy

On the off chance that you haven’t as of now, try to open the Moon’s new prison by addressing Eris Morn and finishing her short journey that expects you to play the new Altar of Sorrows public occasion. When you get the prison, you’ll need to stack in and follow three unmistakable strides to finish the journey. lost souvenir destiny 2

To begin, you’ll need to get to a room that is loaded up with entryways. You’ll see a rune hanging over every entryway. Search for the one with no rune and head inside. Connect with the rune inside to move to the following journey step.

Then, you’ll need to get to the monster experience. When you drop into the room, head towards the abyss to your left side and search for a plate with runes on it. Remain on that to actuate a progression of stages. Hop across the stages and get the chunk of light on the final remaining one. Presently, hop back across and head back to where you began. Go right this time until you track down a fixed entryway. Cooperate with the two platforms and the entryway will open. lost souvenir destiny 2

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