Digital Transformation services And HR: Functions And Strategies To Everyday Work

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation services: The transformation of the companies from traditional to digital practices is observed quite frequently in the last few years. If we step back to look at the Human Resource department’s evolution in the 8-10 years, you’ll observe that the focus on automating the functions has contributed to the faster and streamlined process. 

Understanding Digital Transformation

Many a time, automation and digitalization are misunderstood to be the same. But the fact is that they aren’t the same. Digital transformation is that which creates an all-in-one approach for the workforce that is much beyond automation. It assists the organization in leveraging as well as upskilling the workforce, improved agility of the business, and above all in an extensive utilization of the services that are available.

Let’s refer to Brian Solis’s entirely holistic way of defining digital transformation. He says that – “Digital transformation implies the realignment of, or new investment in, business models, technology, and processes to drive new value for customers and employees.”

With the digitalizing of HR, almost every aspect of the organization might experience a difference in the way they work. This may include the nature of our job, career structures, knowledge of the worker, their expectations, and the abilities or skills needed to do one’s job. And the Millennial workforce that the businesses are dealing with are more excited about the experience and a promising career, and definitely not just a job that requires them to be present at the office performing the repetitive tasks, thus, wanting to be engaged in their work as well as the company.

Importance Of Digital Transformation 

A survey conducted recently reveals that about 67% of the organizations believe that it’s a necessity their company becomes significantly digital by the end of 2020. Especially, the pandemic and its effect have led to the new normal among which the work from home became a major concern for the businesses. Somehow, digital tools that were the boon of technology has been a great source of consolation regarding remote working

Thus, the companies who are still non-considerate about digitalization are subject to the question of survival. Most importantly, it is embedded in the employee’s daily work and has become a way of life. The time to embrace digital transformation is right here and now.

Other than these, the importance of growing digital can be listed out as follows:

  • Digitalization is the demand of the Millennial workforce
  • Enhances employees efficiency and effectiveness
  • Streamlines the HR-related functions
  • Contributes to the smooth collaboration between the department
  • Better agility and innovation

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Strategies For Digital Transformation

As discussed earlier, digital transformation is gradually begun to become an integral part of organizations. Hence, it is not something that can be taken lightly. In order to assist the HR department in achieving the most effective digitalization process, here are a few steps that can be followed. It may also differ according to the needs and functions of the organization.

Determine And Delineate Organizational Goal

Delineating the organizational goals is as crucial as being equipped with a map on your journey to be aware of how to reach the destination. The set goals will help us in understanding the need for digitalization and its alignment with the organization’s functioning. 

Although in general, the motive for many organizations to shift from traditional practices to digital ones may be streamlining the functions undertaken. However, it is quite essential to identify the necessity according to your business’s need. Also, make sure that all the different departments of your organization are made aware of and convinced of your goals.  

Set Up The Transformation Process Team

Once the goals are all set, the next step is to hire or create an efficient team, which will focus on managing the entire process of digitalizing the firm. This team will be the one to plan, execute, and follow up completely on everything related to the digitalizing of the firm. 

While determining the team members, it’s essential that they are more creative and committed to what’s assigned to them. The other yet mandatory requisites of the team members are as follows-

  • Innovator
  • Collaborator
  • Business-driven
  • Change initiator
  • Transparent

Prioritize “Human” Culture

It’s the responsibility of the management to make sure that the culture of the organization is designed in a way that the employees feel valued and needed. Although there is a lot of excitement while implementing the digital tools, the management must understand that the employees should still remain the central focus of the organization. Thus to not lose the focus on the humane culture that an organization could possess and maintain as an added advantage.

At times concepts such as “digitalization” and “automation” are often mistaken. A study was recently undertaken, which shows that about 28% of the employees feel that the growing technology and its automated tools are a threat to them as in the coming years the machines might take over their work and leave them jobless. Hence, there is a need to educate the employees that automation is not a threat but a strategy that can enhance their productivity and skills. digital transformation services

Create An Approach Outline

Once you properly implement the factors mentioned above, you can be sure of setting up the most profound foundation for your business’s digital transformation. Now it’s time to determine the plan of action as to how you want to go about implementing the digitalizing. It involves creating as well as answering a number of questions related to what you want to do. Some of these may include the following questions-

  • What, when, and why do we want to do?
  • Who should do it, and what’s the concerned person’s profile?
  • Are we going to handle it by ourselves, or are we outsourcing it?
  • Ways to educate and train the employees regarding the same?

Thus, when the team creates the outline and as to how they want to deal with the process, it will surely diminish all the unnecessary confusions that may arise in the future. It’s almost like giving a frame to the digital transformation process to ensure its smooth flow.

Excerpt The Right Technological Tool

The equipment of the right resources is a key aspect of digitalization. As businesses are growing, the market for intelligent digital tools is also increasing. The day-to-day HR functions are now excellently controlled using an automated HR platform, which includes tracking attendance, managing leaves, evaluating performance, calculating payroll, and many others. To make the right choice of what suits you best is a challenging task. Go for the one with a good integration feature and cloud-based platform because this would help you in less intervention but ensure a smooth flow of work and easy access to the data.  digital transformation services

Amenable In Experimenting

Being amenable is quite essential in businesses as well as in the lives of all human beings. To be open and prepared for unexpected changes and uncertainties is as essential as being equipped with the initial capital for your business. Becoming a pioneer in the field that’s wished-for shouldn’t lack acceptance. digital transformation services

Instead, it is important to experiment with things as much as possible with discernment and learn out of it. Similarly, when it comes to digitalization due to certain unexpected situations, if things don’t work out according to your plan, accepting it as an experiment and developing the company as well as oneself based on the experiences is very important. What matters the most is how well you are focused and determined to achieve your target that you either start working on it or resume the process as per the need.

Being Transparent

Digitalization is a process that affects almost the functioning of the entire organization. Therefore, it is also the responsibility of the manager to make things known clearly to the workforce. This builds up a sense of belonging amongst the employees. Apart from this, it’s also quite essential because the feedback and the workforce review could positively impact and make a tremendous difference to your business.  digital transformation services

Thus, one of the characteristics that help the manager in reaching the target is transparency. These things can also be made clear when candidates come for an interview so that they are made known of what they are getting themselves into. In case there are any changes made in the system, it has to be communicated to your employees at the earliest. 

Calibrate The Results And Its Impact On A Regular Basis

It is observed that some organizations are very considerate about measuring the results initially and then are very liberal about the same. This might not be the right way to deal with digitalization. The results may vary positively or negatively according to the implementation and how well it’s practiced. Therefore, when the follow-up is regular, you will have a clear picture of the impact of digitalization on your organization. digital transformation services

And as we know, technology is an ever-growing aspect. Therefore, regular measurement of results will help you understand where you lack and where the updating is required. Because being updated with the technology is also vital for any organization in this competitive business world. And one of the critical factors which will define your company’s survival in the future is digitalization.


As we approach the end of the article, the HR teams are gradually turning out to be the game changers by taking up the dual challenge of transforming the operations of the human resource management on the one hand and transforming the workforce’s behaviour and engagement in the office along with the ways that work is being carried out. Those HR leaders who accept and adapt to the growing technology and are willing to explore as well as invest in enabling agility are likely to have a positive impact on the business and employee experience. digital transformation services

Therefore, when the managers’ ability and willingness are well streamlined with efficient technology, it not only automates the organization’s task but also contributes to the most effective digitalization and employee engagement. Thus, the overall well being and the progress of the organization can be achieved.    

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