December 3, 2023


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Document Attestation – A Perfect Way To Counter Digital Scams

document attestation services

document attestation services

Covid-19 has expanded the trends of digitization around the globe. This gave birth to the concept of WFH (work from home). Companies now are employing methods to have employees that can work from home. With thousands of employees working from home, imposters took it as a convenient way to bypass the system through digital sites. By stealing the information of users, they can conveniently commit scams. Document attestation is the utmost need of the hour to reduce perpetrators’ tricks of catfishing. 

Introducing A.I Powered Document Attestation 

Digitization has done a lot of great things for companies. One of them is providing the services online. E-commerce Businesses now perform digital methods to onboard customers. The first interaction between a company entity and a user happens at the time of enrollment. As they say “one does not get a second chance to make the first impression”. That is because by having safe and enhanced document attestation services at their end, companies can make users understand that businesses care for the security of their customers’ information. 

How to Verify Documents Online?

Having a digital presence for their business, vendors are also required to practice effective document verification solutions. 

  1. Document Attestation 

This technology deploys artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced algorithms to complete document checks. 

  1. Knowledge-Based Authentication

Customers are required to answer questions to verify themselves. 

  1. Facial Recognition 

By identifying customers’ faces with the image on identity documents, facial recognition is the best verification technique present in the market. 

To facilitate customers with a robust and efficient identification technique, the better way is to mix document attestation with that of face recognition technology. Verify documents online make sure that genuine customers are present behind the identification process. 

Documents For Identity Proof 

Document validation is a robust process that occurs in real-time. Digitized processes help companies to keep their users from facing long hectic processes of getting themselves identified. Digital processes have also minimized the probability of human interference, which consequently reduces the falsification rate in the whole process. 

Government-issued identity documents are deployed to verify an individual. These are 

  • ID cards 
  • Driving licenses 
  • Passports 
  • credit /debit cards 

Document Attestation Integrated With AI – How It Functions?

Let’s take an example of a bank, a user is striving to open an account in a bank. The institution would identify the customer through document validation. The method behind the identification is discussed as follows:

  1. Capture Stage 
  • At the time of enrollment, users are asked to upload an image of an official government-issued identity document.
  • The identity document verification process undergoes quality checks to authenticate whether the users’ documents are genuine to get them verified.
  1. Analysis Stage 
  • Once the document is uploaded, it is sent for identification
  • Document attestation will do analysis on the document using artificial intelligence, and the information is fetched deploying state of the art optical character recognition (OCR) technology
  • Once the process of authenticating documents is completed, results are displayed to the financial institutions and they will then confirm whether or not to give access to the user to open a bank account
  • In the end, the customer will be given a notification about the decision

Levels Of Security For Document Attestation 

There is a proper step-wise method running behind the document verification services, as follows 

  1. Text Analysis 

The uploaded ID document undergoes the method of extraction of information. It can be completed by deploying state-of-the-art optical character recognition technology. Alphabets, numbers, and images are all assessed to make sure document attestation solutions are seamless. 

  1. Analysis Of Pattern and Features  

It assesses patterns present to verify a file. Patterns such as the right placement of images and printing are identified. 

  1. Analysis of Specific Pattern 

In the wake of rapidly expanding fraud cases, governments now issue identity documents that are not easy for imposters to manipulate for their benefit. Holograms and special inks are specific to any government-issued ID document. Document attestation analysis special patterns to verify documents. 

  1. NFC Chip Reading 

It can provide access to fetch full images and information present on the identity document with a digital certificate. 

Final Thoughts 

The online world has expanded. It is said that with great power comes great responsibility. Therefore,  companies using the power of the internet are responsible to protect their users’ data on online platforms. Document attestation then comes to help companies in facilitating robust document authentication services to their users. 

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