December 3, 2023


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Dyson Humidifier Review !

Dyson humidifier air purifier

Dyson humidifier air purifier

Dyson humidifier air purifier: It’s no secret that since 2020, many people are thinking more about air quality. From big city pollution to airborne diseases, there are many things that can make your lungs worse – no matter how much you cook at home, gas and stench.

That’s where the Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Purifier comes in: This great topical product works like a fan, cooling your skin by circulating room air (hence the word “cool”), removing gases, odors and particles from the inside. air and more (hence the “purifier” part of the name).

Part of the humidity equation is perhaps underutilized in UK conditions: the product includes a water container base that you fill with water and attach a UV humidifier that treats dry air. In fact, the Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Purifier is a true one-stop-shop for most things related to air quality in your home. So how well does it work?

Our quick look

The Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool is one of those products that we didn’t even know we needed, but its constant monitoring and response to various life situations like invisible smoke particles have given us clean air. This has undoubtedly had a positive effect on our asthma, any relief from hay fever symptoms during the summer months is also welcome.

This Dyson cleaner cools well and works well – it’s so simple and cool that you can even control the front and rear fans separately – but considering it’s a very expensive fan, it’s efficient and easy to clean. Development. This is where the real strength of this product lies – and for many, the peace of mind (and breath) is worth every penny of the asking price.

What can a Dyson cleaner do?

  • Dimensions: 923 mm (H) x 312 mm (D) x 280 mm (W) / Weight: 8 kg (without padding)
  • Remote Control Included / Dyson Link App (Android, iOS)
  • LCD panel with real-time data display
  • Voice control through Amazon Alexa products

The Dyson vacuum cleaner is certainly not small, measuring almost a meter in length and just over 30cm in diameter. It is huge, especially when you fill this tank up to 4.5 liters of water and it weighs 12.5 kg at 8 kg.

But then you’re unlikely to move this product often: find it like a smart home and let it do its job, knowing you can move it as needed, measuring air quality and adapting to your settings.

The trim, while somewhat plasticky looking, is still solid and well built, done in typical Dyson style. The silver model in these photos is undoubtedly the Dyson V15 Detect.

The large open section at the top of the vacuum cleaner has ventilation holes. On either side of this opening, there are two pairs of “rods” — one in front and one in back — that spin separately around their axes, pushing air through the chamber. The whole setting isn’t as flippant as expected, but is actually resolved in its approach. Dyson humidifier air purifier

The kit also includes a physical remote control that magnetically attaches to the top of the unit for safe storage and quick and easy setup of key controls and automation.

To go deeper into the controls, there’s the Dyson Link app, which is easy to set up and sync with your product (multiple Dyson products, of course, if you have more), where you can’t adjust the same settings. A physical remote, but set up a schedule, connect Amazon Alexa voice control, and view real-time historical data on what Dyson is tracking.

However, you don’t just need to look at the app to view current data, as the small LCD front and center of the purifier provides real-time readings of overall air quality. If the fan speed suddenly increases, it is in response to a change in the air, and this panel is a great way to view the “AQI” or Air Quality Index in your home.

How well does a Dyson vacuum cleaner work?

  • PM2.5 and PM10 (particulate matter), VOC (volatile compounds), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide)
  • HEPA Filter: Removes 99.95% of particles smaller than 0.1 micron.
  • Charcoal Filter: Removes odors and gases

If you’re looking for a cooling fan, there are more affordable and better-equipped alternatives on the market (the Meaco 1056P comes to mind). The Dyson cleaner is great – we use it a lot in the UK winter – it’s considered a cleaning product. Dyson humidifier air purifier

The Humidify+Cool Purifier provides continuous control over long periods of time. In addition to the standard AQI readings that appear front and center on the product’s screen by default, it also monitors room temperature (although the older Dyson Hot+Cool purifier doesn’t heat it), relative humidity (RH), particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). There is no formaldehyde (HCHO) monitoring despite the wording on the Dyson app (this is for the formaldehyde version of the product).

Dyson humidifier air purifier
Dyson humidifier air purifier

Read more about some of these important ones. PM2.5 refers to particles smaller than 2.5 microns such as smog. You might not think it’s a problem, but when we’re cooking—like frying fish, skin-on side—we notice that there’s more smoke in the air than we thought. First, it explains why we have severe asthma, and second, why the Dyson purifier roars to fight this air content. It’s absolutely amazing and works – our breathing has improved as a result.

PM10 refers to particles smaller than 10 microns such as pollen. Now, winter isn’t kind to plants in the UK, but hay fever sufferers can clearly see that a Dyson purifier can be a lifesaver when working in their home office.

NO2 refers to nitrogen dioxide such as vehicle emissions. Hopefully your home or office isn’t filled with these gases, but if you live on the streets, there may be more in urban areas. For example, if we open the door and place the product facing the road, it will be interesting to see how the purifier goes from zero to a slight increase.

In short, if you suffer from asthma, hay fever, bad cooking or other pollutants in the air where you live and/or work, a Dyson air purifier will do all the hard work – and you won’t have to worry. Obviously, its strong points are the HEPA and carbon filtration system, but replacing them is not cheap, especially with the already high price. But hey, fresh air is worth it, right? Dyson humidifier air purifier

The final piece of the humidify+cool puzzle is, of course, the ability to hydrate. You can turn this feature off – we do this a lot because we often use a separate dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air, which can be problematic when drying clothes at home – or set it to 30-70% in 10% increments. . Note. It doesn’t ‘mist’ the air like some products, instead Dyson’s 4.5 liter tank is cleaned with UV light to keep the water clean, which is ‘expanded through the vaporizer’s 3D air mesh’ to keep it moist. Air (and therefore not as fast as some sprays).


It’s no secret that since 2020, many people are thinking more about air quality. From big city pollution to airborne diseases, there are many things that can make your lungs worse. This is where Dyson Purify can help relieve conditions such as asthma, hay fever and dampness and chills by removing invisible particles from the air.