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Explore Some Instagram Bloopers to Avoid in 2021 to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Instagram Bloopers

Instagram Bloopers

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or LinkedIn are extremely popular and powerful platforms. However, today Instagram is supposed to be one of the most popular and versatile social networking sites outshining others. We know that bloopers occur even on Instagram because it is natural and ‘to err is human’. However, any Instagram blooper is bound to be in the public eye. Hence, businesses should tend to be more careful in their approach. They wouldn’t like to be humiliated or embarrassed in public, on account of some silly bloopers and mistakes. Here are some common blunders that Instagram users often make but they should avoid if they wish to boost their image and brand presence on this powerful social media platform. 

Some Common Instagram Bloopers

No Goal-Oriented Stratagem

Setting precise marketing goals is the cornerstone of success on Instagram. It is a good idea to chalk out a strategy with clearly written goals to accomplish. When you write down the specific goals that boost the likelihood of you accomplishing what you had intended to while starting your Instagram journey. 

According to Search Engine Journal, irrespective of your industry or business size, creating a powerful and robust social media presence seems vital to business success. However, it is of pivotal importance to focus your endeavors at the right places that have the potential to generate maximum return for all your dedicated efforts. It is particularly true when you are having access to limited resources. 

Setting specific social media or Instagram goals for your brand or business gives you short-term inspiration & motivation, along with a long-term vision. It goes a long way in managing your limited resources and valuable time well so that you are taking the maximum advantage of the power and versatility of Instagram.

Posting Substandard or Poor-Quality Content

Your Instagram posts should necessarily be information-oriented. You may opt for an image or video that is of superlative quality and can convey some valuable message of information relating to your brand or business. Top-quality content would successfully reflect your brand and boost your credibility on Instagram. 

You are fortunate that on Instagram you can share visual content. High quality or high-resolution pictures and top quality videos help you enjoy a unique opportunity to decide the most efficient way of showcasing your brand. The greatest advantage sharing of pictures is the broad spectrum of filters. You may use diverse filters for giving a different overall look or appearance and projecting different emotions via your pictures while using them to attract new customers and followers. You may buy Instagram views to boost your follower count in the long run.

Moreover, never lose your focus. Always stick to posting top-grade images or other visual content. Often your regular smartphone may not suffice while clicking top-quality pictures. For getting high-resolution photos, you may consider using professional cameras or top-grade videos. You may alternatively, go live on this networking channel straightaway from your Mac or PC.

Putting Privacy Settings on Your Instagram Account

Making your Instagram business account private is one of the biggest bloopers. If you make your business profile private on Instagram, it will not be accessible to other Instagram users. If you are looking for new or potential clients, more likes, shares, and followers, your Instagram account should be open to the public. It has to be accessible to your target audience. Making your business account private is one of the greatest mistakes made by businesses. It has to be avoided in 2021.

Overdoing With Hashtags

Hashtags are a brilliant way for Instagrammers to identify and locate your content; however, hashtags may look spammy. You may use a maximum of 30 hashtags in your Instagram post. Even though you may use all 30 of them, experts believe that it is best to use hashtags carefully and strategically. Using 11 hashtags may be more acceptable than using all 30 hashtags as that could be a fruitless exercise. You need to keep experimenting to understand what may work best for your brand.  You may consider overstuffing hashtags as poor practice. You may also consider purchasing black followers to boost your brand value.

Posting Very Little or Too Much

It is best to avoid extremes when it comes to sharing posts on Instagram. It is truly a journey that unfolds the truth if you wish to discover the accurate figure that works wonders for your brand. If you think of sharing very few posts on Instagram, your brand may become irrelevant as it will slip from people’s minds. Instagram users tend to forget a business that is not adequately active on Instagram. So desist from the idea of sharing too few posts. You may keep sharing posts consistently. 

However, avoid excessive posting. Too many posts may seem spammy. It is difficult to identify the right number because the social media scene is truly dynamic, and the ideal number of posts may keep changing from time to time. Based on your audience and business, you may consider important parameters like user habits and how they evolve, and accordingly, you may consider catering to that. Focus on paying attention to metrics and analytics. 

Keep experimenting with your diverse posting timings and schedules to get an idea what is the perfect posting time and frequency for your precise target audience.

Not Engaging with Your Fans and Followers

Social media is all about striking a virtual conversation. It is certainly not regarded as a one-way process. If you fail to engage actively with your target audience, they will shift allegiance. You may give them the kind of content they are looking for otherwise, they may consider moving on. You may promptly respond to queries, messages, and comments and cement the bond between you and your followers. It goes a long way in fortifying the relationship. You may leave meaningful comments on the posts shared by your followers and peers. You may like their posts and respond positively to their comments on your post. 


It is quite natural for businesses to make these blunders. However, if you focus on keeping the above mistakes in mind, your business will make steady progress. 

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