How to access your site even when entering the admin site is not possible

WordPress Reset plugin WP Reset

WordPress Reset plugin WP Reset

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If you never stumbled across this problem, you’ve pretty much dodged a bullet. But, it can happen at any given time and it is probably the most frustrating problem any website owner faces. It can happen for various reasons that will cause you a terrible headache. 

We have all accidentally deleted some files from our computer which can be easily restored with the trash bin restore option. But deleting some core files on your website is not that easy to fix. It is because you will not be able to enter the admin site. Or even deleting a user can give you the same problem.

Besides, the most common problem you aren’t able to enter your admin site, or your site in general, is because of the white screen. It is also known as the white screen of death. It sounds scary; it is, but it doesn’t need to be.

This problem can sometimes only hit one part of your website. For instance, it can happen to your admin site, but the website is working just fine.

Or, the white screen can happen only on certain parts of your website. For example, your admin panel is working perfectly, but some posts or pages are experiencing the white screen.

Some of these problems will lead you to not being able to enter the admin site. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this error. A tool by the name of WP Reset will be your number one man. 

WP Reset – the true rock star of this generation.

WP reset

The WordPress Reset plugin is one of a kind plugin which can assist you with numerous different types of problems. Firstly, let’s cover how this tool can help you enter your admin site. And after that, we will gladly show you other parts of this tool.

It has an option by the name of Emergency Recovery Script. This feature lets you enter your admin site because it is a standalone, single file, WordPress-independent script. Therefore, any problem that is causing your site to be down can be fixed in just a few clicks with this one. 

Also, it provides quite a range of available tools for your website under the Emergency Recovery Script. 

You can scan core files to check your core files and reinstall them again with one click. Or you can reset the WordPress database without having to log in to your website. 

But what if you get locked out of your site, and you can’t even access your admin panel? It can happen if a third-party plugin locked you out or if you got hacked. 

If by any chance, a plugin or a theme is responsible for your downfall, you can control them and deactivate them without having to be logged in. It is like being an undercover spy for your own site. James Bond, who? Sometimes plugins and themes can be badly coded and not suitable for your website.  

Either way, the solution is simple. Emergency Recovery Script will let you create a new admin account in those situations. 

Nevertheless, this part of this tool will also enable you to change WordPress and site addresses, delete or reset .htacces files and disable WordPress Maintenace Mode. 

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s not dive even deeper into this tool.

If you ever experience a problem with a plugin that causes your site to act funny, go back in time and fix it. Plugins won’t always cause the white screens – sometimes they will stop working properly after an update. 

No, you won’t need to build a time machine from scratch because this tool is one. That’s because this tool takes snapshots before anything major happens on the site. Because of that, you will be able to go to the point where everything was working. And it only takes one click to do so.

Aside from this, starting a new website is stressful, from installing the theme and plugins to deleting everything that the demo leaves. We get it, and they at WP Reset get it. That’s why with this tool, you will be able to do wonders regarding your brand-new site. 

Everybody is sick of the demo site leaving demo data all over it. And the worst part is that it takes at least an hour to clean it. You can use that time in a much better way, don’t you agree?

Anyhow, this tool will clean up your site, and all you have to do is do one mouse click. It can delete any content type, widgets, upload folders, local data, and more. It is so simple, yet so effective. WordPress Reset plugin WP Reset

Since you can delete everything a demo site has left, wouldn’t it be fun to install all of your favorite plugins with one click too?  WordPress Reset plugin WP Reset

There is no reason to waste hours installing them one by one. Not in 2021. at least. Simply, create a collection with WP Reset, add your favorite plugins and themes, and click installation and activation. That’s pretty much it.  WordPress Reset plugin WP Reset

You can create as many collections as you want and add as many tools as you like. Those collections that you make will be up in the cloud so that you can reuse them on another site of yours. And you can save your license keys right there. You will have them right there next to your plugins. 

Besides, it also lets you be the caption of the ship. If you are ever working with some clients and do not want to show them who made the plugin, easily turn on the Whitelabel Option. That way, anything related to the developer of the plugin will disappear. By everything, we mean everything, from logos to any links that are connected to the developer. 


Not having the option to enter the admin panel is a scary thing. It is like you entered a spooky house without any exit sign. Well, luckily, WP Reset will be there to help you jump into the clear.  Maybe you think that won’t happen to you. But it is better to be prepared than sorry.

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