December 9, 2023


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Five Exclusive Features To Consider While Taxi Booking App Development

taxi booking app development

taxi booking app development

Smartphones are talk of the town now. Everyday we can witness a new smartphone with new features in the market. And, so are the mobile apps that are registered in Google Play and App Store. There are plenty of categories in the app store for you to use on a daily basis and fulfill daily needs.

Be it, grocery shopping, clothing, music, food delivery, beauty and salon, etc., anything and everything is just a few taps away. Similarly, we can find companies owning taxis shifting to taxi booking app development to enhance their customer reach and expand the business.

Many ridesharing services are launching their app in the market for customers convenience and to commute to any destination. To beat the competition, you need to build an application that serves the users with a hassle-free ride booking.

Let’s check what are the exclusive taxi booking app features to be installed while development of the app.

Five Cab Booking App Features You Should Know

Here we are with the top most features that a cab booking service app should include. These features make it more easy and convenient for the users and the company. Let’s explore.

Set Drop Details

The pick and drop location is an important feature to help the user and the driver to identify each other at a precise area or point. Here, the user specifies the pickup and drop location to tell the driver about the distance and the app to set the exact fare.

We have often observed that big companies like Uber and Lyft often cancel the ride after knowing the drop location. This is why the feature plays an essential role to understand the location so that the driver has the option to not accept the ride immediately after someone is looking for a cab.


Geolocation is an element that enables the drivers to find out and detect the current location of the users. For example, the geolocation allows the taxi booking app to find the current location and set the pick up automatically. When a user opens the can booking app to book, the application automatically takes the current location if you have the GPS option on. It is feasible only if you have the geolocation element in your smartphone app.

If you think that the taxi booking app development cost is going higher, do not eliminate this feature. It is as important as tracking the drivers details and providing users convenience to book without typing the entire address for pickup.

Confirmation and Cancellation

The confirmation or cancellation of the ride are mainly for the driver’s app. This feature activates the user to send a request for a cab nearby. It will notify the nearest driver and depending upon the availability, the driver can either accept or cancel the ride.

The taxi booking app development by professionals ensure that the resultant apps has this amazing feature for the drivers. After confirming the ride, if the driver drops the plan to serve the customer, they can cancel the ride due to a valid reason and select one from the listed options. There will be a notification sent to the user. At times, the app has the feature to auto-assign the driver nearest to the user’s location once a driver has canceled the ride.

Real-Time Tracking

One of the essential features of the app is tracking the live status of the driver. This is the best feature installed by the business to check the drivers location and their activities. With live GPS even the passengers can check the live location of the driver after booking the ride. They will get an idea of where the driver is and how much more time will he take to reach them.

The users can also share the live location to their family members or friends for safety. En-route is a crucial element and this app should have such a feature implemented in the taxi booking app development. It helps the driver to pick and drop the passenger without any issues.

Payment Options

Payment is the most important feature of any application online today. Without which users do not like to use the application. This feature also allows the driver to check the fare and receive the payment mode a user has chosen. The business should provide multiple payment options to the users to book a cab. Apart from cash payment, the use of online transactions, debit/credit card options, payment wallets, etc., can help the users to easily book the ride every time they need to travel.

An exclusive feature that allows the drivers to choose an in-app chat to inform the passenger once they reach the pickup location. One more feature to the app that helps the business boost in the industry and lets the users use it to the maximum. This app that you provide will allow the users to opt for any payment option from the multiple choices available that are integrated with an API function.

Interfaces of Taxi Booking Development

When it comes to Mobile application development, there are three panels you need to develop. One is for the drivers, another is for the company admin, and the third is for the users. With the above said features, the company wishing to develop an app will know the essential features to integrate in the app. Let’s check what other features each of the apps need.

Passenger App

What does a user need?

The panel exclusively designed and developed for the passengers are integrated with the features and elements keeping their convenience in mind. Although, it includes registration, login ID to start the application and book the ride. Other features are below:

  • Responsive UI
  • Easy Navigation
  • Booking History
  • Payment Options
  • Review and Feedback
  • Add multiple Stops
  • Booking Slots
  • Cab Selection
  • Real-Time Tracker
  • Promo Codes
  • Book for Others
  • Platform Support
  • Referral Rewards
  • Invoice Details and Email Alerts

Driver App

The panel designed for the drivers focuses on the operations that are needed for the drivers. Even the drivers will need to login and register with their profile including photo and contact details. The panel has a homepage where drivers can see the can ride request from the passengers and they can easily respond with acceptance or decline if they are not available.

If they choose to take up the ride, they need to confirm the payment and continue further. Other features in the drivers panel are followed like:

  • Push Notifications
  • GPS Feature
  • Fare Calculator
  • Cab Sharing Option
  • Live Tracking of Destination
  • Multilingual Support
  • Trip Information
  • Track Earnings
  • Rate Customer
  • Cancel Booking
  • Contact Passenger

Admin Panel

Admin panel is designed to manage the entire taxi business including driver panel and user panel. They can keep an eye on the movement of the driver and his location. Although, the main objective to create an admin panel is to streamline the process and integrate CRM for administering the information seamlessly. This app connects the other panels and gives a qucik and smooth response to the users and the drivers to coordinate well. The features that an admin panel comprises of:

  • Secure Login
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Drivers
  • Track Drivers
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Vehicles
  • Manage Tariff
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Country Settings
  • Language and Currency Settings

Conclusion- Develop your Taxi App Now!

If you are thinking of building a business that helps people to commute everyday in time, then the above mentioned features of each panel app are essential. A taxi app can be robust only if you reach out to the best mobile app development company. They can help you with the perfect  taxi booking app development guide with the vitals on the features and functionalities, development process to follow and how to plan and develop the app within your budget. Hiring the best developers or outsource a developers company to integrate essential features into the app can help have better ROI. This will attract more users and drivers to use and join the company. The top five features are surely to be added in the app. Apart from these you can check the UI and UX for the application that can boost the business and gain more users to book the cab from your app.

If you are finding it more difficult, you can check the top-tier apps in the market that are currently ruling the taxi industry. There are companies who will help you also develop a similar app like them to help you provide hassle-free riding services.