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FlexClip: Videos are very powerful marketing tools. But creating this type of content requires a lot of time and resources. A simple 30s video can take hours to design. Here today, we will introduce a great tool for creating videos easily.

What Is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a platform that provides you with quality resources allowing you to intuitively create your videos. Its new interface is a very ergonomic platform on which you can easily find yourself even if you have no experience in the field.

FlexClip Features

This platform (available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Chinese) offers video formats adapted to your needs and the target you want to reach. Among the categories, we find:

  • Video formats for social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. 
  • Video formats for marketing: explanatory videos, tutorials, videos for educational use. 
  • Video formats for lifestyle: travel videos, wedding videos etc. 

FlexClip also offers you background videos to which you can add your creations. A very interesting feature that allows you to have good quality renderings. How to do it ? Choose your template in Background Videos. Then add the video, the image you want to embed.

You have the possibility to add text, effects etc. Let your creativity speak. In addition, you can preview the final rendering before exporting it.

Want to tag your videos so that your signature is recognized or so that other people don’t use it without your permission? No problem. FlexClip gives you the possibility to add a Watermark. You can customize this Watermark as you wish, whether it is a text or an image.

Another great feature of FlexClip is the ability to choose Templates to design your videos if you don’t want to start from scratch. These are videos with specific themes that you can use. You are given the option to customize these videos and adapt them to your needs. There are many possibilities. With these templates, you can: 

  • add text
  • change the background
  • add music
  • record your voice
  • add color filters
  • add pictures.

FlexClip Pricing Plans

The free version of FlexClip allows you to export your videos in a resolution of 480 pixels. The “Basic” offer allows you to export at 720 pixels while the “Plus” offer gives you the possibility of exporting at 1080 pixels. To benefit from more features, you will need to subscribe.

Useful Tools on FlexClip Website

On the other hand, FlexClip also puts some interesting tools at your disposal including:

  • the video compression tool, 
  • the tool to convert your videos to the formats you want
  • the tool to sequence videos.

Check more tools here: https://www.flexclip.com/tools/.


As a true online video editor, FlexClip offers many easy-to-use predefined features. And the coolest thing, it’s all very intuitive and perfect for the beginners.

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