How to Increase Online Sales through Instagram Influencers? 5 Tips to Grow Your Sales

influencer marketing hub

influencer marketing hub

influencer marketing hub: In today’s digital world, social media has been a revolution for the marketing segment. Whether it is a budding jewelry designer who wants to sell the product online or a musician who wants to sell his tapes online, or an established entrepreneur who wants to grow his business, there is one set platform for all, “social media”.

Social media is a gold mine. Brands have to decide where to dig and how much karat of gold is needed for their firm online. Here gold refers to the marketing tactics that vary from reels to stories to influencer collaboration to paid advertising and sponsored ads.

Is it hard to believe that these social platforms provide brands with an online sales opportunity? Google Analytics data tells us all. The conversion rate, click ratio, views; every minute detail is listed for a day, week, and month. The report is at our disposal. So as a Startup business or as an influencer you want to know your campaign’s reach and engagement, it is conveniently available in your profile, just a click away.

The social platforms have a community of over 600 million active users including the creative minds the influencers. From the advent of these platforms, influencers have been great minds who strategies great campaigns online. They are the ones that provide your brand an extra mileage to reach your target audience on time. So, as a brand, if you collaborate with them, there are for sure three key benefits.

  • Content that is valid and works for a specific platform
  • Access to a larger, loyal, and new audience
  • Immediate feedback from the targeted audience

Now, without any further due let’s have an intricate look at the sales tactic used by the influencers that will help your business to grow on the social platform.

5 Tips to Grow Your Online Sales through Influencers on Instagram

#1 Real and engaging followers

As a growing or established brand, the world of social media has an audience for every product or service. It is just a matter of time and a right influencer.

Why a right influencer? Influencers have a definite audience who believes in them. We all rely on experience more than void or bluff statements. A brand has to let others know that they exist on a social platform and the influencers are a trustworthy channel to spread the word out about a particular offering, which also makes a way of gaining online goodwill for the firm.

Such collaboration avoids buying followers and spamming people through messages. And the influencers also make people know about whom you are and what you do or why they should buy something from you. All this matters a lot to gain online trust and have some real & engaging customers for a long-term.

#2 Relatable user-based hashtags

Being a new bee in the buzz world of branding, it is very much necessary for the brand to set a relatable hashtag. Common people search the products and services using relevant keywords. Thus, it is very much important to write relevant hashtags beneath every post, stories, and reels.

The influencers have the knowledge of trending key phrases as well as they make one specifically for your brand. With such an effort, the hashtag becomes a brand image and recognition in the audience. They deliberately use the hashtags as and when they post for specific brands that also results in brand recall for the audience. Thus, user-based hashtags are a must when planning for a sales increase strategy online.

#3 Visual representations should be compelling

Do you remember your first day at work? Uncomfortable, confused, getting to know the administration from the fellow employees who have served there for years. This is what usually your day must have looked like. In the same way, is the online social platform, let the influencers lead the way. For example, a Shopify Instagram marketing is concerned with a Shopify influencer who exactly knows minute details about the images and its reactions, overall visual experience, comments, views, and more.

So, let the influencers guide you when it comes to images. A gift is judged by its packaging; lure your audience with a soothing yet seamless color combination. When planning an image design decide the font style, color palettes, tones, as well as width and breath of the wordings & image to be placed. One can also take inspiration from the stocked images. Thus, visually it should be appealing, so that while scrolling a user stops and takes a look at it. With an engaging image, make sure you portray your message through it.

#4 Compatible content with influencers

Content should not look promotional, in other words, should not look sales oriented. A brand’s content and ideology should match the influencer’s existing portfolio. It should not look as if the content is pushed by the individual strategist. Plan your content in a way that helps in driving traffic to your profile or website. This will automatically drive sales, increase exposure and awareness for the brand online.

#5 Offers, discounts and giveaways

To drive sales, a brand should collaborate with influencers for specific offers, discounts. This will trigger the audience to look at your website and know about you. They will wait for a series of posts regarding your product or service, once they know about a giveaway post alert. The influencers are well aware about the highest engagement times on the social media platform. Thus, the posting is done on that particular time, to address the niche audience. A brand also gets the response about it then and there. So, you will also get time to change the strategy if it does not work in a few hours, which is not possible in a traditional advertising medium. Thus, the online platform gives the promoter full flexibility of time, money, and creator.

These tactics will ensure a brand’s sale online, and also help establish a healthy relationship with influencers for a long-term marketing business. So, without spending time on other marketing segments, rope into influential marketing and witness the exposure for yourselves.

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