November 28, 2023


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How to Stop Google Assis­tant from Pop­ping up Randomly

google assistant keeps popping up

google assistant keeps popping up

google assistant keeps popping up: Will someone like anyone intruding in other’s life? Similarly, how many of the users can entertain the thought of notifications popping now and then. Most of them prefer to keep their phones sound turned off. Some features of their favourite software can also let you down when it is found that they are irking and interfering. 

Same applies to the Google assistant. Everything about Google is commendable, but it gets irritating when it pops up randomly and destroys the user experience significantly. This feature should become the topic of a fully-fledged Google Case Study.

When can it get activated?

It is observed and recommended by Google that Assistant launches when the home button on the Smartphone is pressed. It can also be launched when the user says ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Okay Google.’ But, Assistant keeps popping up in the middle of some other task on its own or when the user utters ‘Okay Google’ to the Google home. 

But, this article is all about to put an end to that random popping. You can find seven different ways to stop Google Assistant from randomly raising its head against the wish of the user!

Assistant can come handy in many things, but these random popping needs to get fixed by doing a thorough study through a google case study help.

Steps To Stop Assistant From Popping Randomly!

Disabling Google Assistant

  • Google app on the Smartphone is to be started and the ‘More’ tab at the bottom is to be tapped.
  • From all the options that pop, Settings option is to be tapped.
  • Google Assistant option is tapped
  • After scrolling down, the phone option is to be tapped.
  • Toggle for Google Assistant should be turned off by sliding.

2. Turning off Voice Access

If the first solution is applied, the user might receive random notifications from Google. That also doesn’t deactivate the voice command. The effect of this is that if the user says ‘Okay Google’ after turning off the Assistant, the user will get the notification asking to turn Assistant on. This overlap happens with users using Google Home or Mini.

To avoid this overlapping, the user will have to turn off the integration of voice match setting with Assistant by following these steps:-

  • The user needs to open settings on the phone. Open the options for applications available on phone.
  • The default app is to be pressed which can be under the ‘Advanced’ tab in some smartphones.
  • In some phones, top three dots at the corner of the screen are to be touched for reaching the default option. In other phones, the default option can be found after using the search option.
  • Assistant and voice output is to be tapped after opening default apps. In Samsung phones, the user will find this option under the Device assistance app.
  • The gear icon beside the assist app option is tapped after tapping the Assist app option.
  • Reach Google Assistance Voice Settings. Voice match is to be tapped here.
  • The toggle for voice match for accessing it is to be turned off. Phone must be restarted after this. Google Assistant will not bother the user now.

3. Disabling connection with Assistant with Home Button

Sometimes, tapping the home button more than once by mistake can launch Google assistant. If the user doesn’t want this, he can deactivate this by these steps:-

  • First, three steps of the second solution i.e. turning off the voice access’ are to be followed.
  • Go as per the increasing order; settings, apps, default apps, assistant, voice input.
  • Assist app is to be tapped after it. It will reflect on many options. Chose none when it asks for selecting an assist app.
  • After doing this, the home button will no longer launch the Assistant. It will not show random notifications to turn on the Assistant once it is disabled this way.

4. Cache for Google is to be deleted

Deleting the cached files for Google apps can help the user fix the problem of random launching of Google Assistant. The steps given below can help the user to do that.

  • The user needs to open settings of the phone. Tap the Application section or installed app section depending on the model of the Smartphone that the user is having.
  • The user will find an option meant for Google. After clicking on it, the screen would reflect all the information. The storage section is to be tapped from here.
  • Clear or delete cache is to be tapped. Do not confuse clearing the cache data with removing or deleting app data storage.
  • The later clears all the data from the app. The prone can be restarted now and it will not launch Google Assistant as per its wishes!

5. Revoking app permissions for Google App

  • Follow the first two steps of the above-mentioned solution i.e. the user is supposed to reach the Google App in installed apps under settings. The permission section is to be tapped. The toggle for the microphone is to be turned off after this.
  • Before taking too much pain, it is to be made sure that the problem is occurring while using the headphones only or generally.

6. Google Assistant Launches While Using Headphones

If Google Assistant gets launched only while using headphones, then the following steps are to be followed:-

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness. This great saying would save your day too. Clean the endpoint of the headphone or jack that is inserted in the phone port. Also, try cleaning the port by blowing air.
  • The user can change the settings for headphones. Follow five steps of solution 2 and find gear icon alongside the assist app. The toggle alongside the ‘allow the headphones with device locked’ permission is to be turned off.

7. Permanently disabling the Google app

  • If nothing works, the Google app is to be disabled.

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