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Guest Posting Trends in 2021- What is New After Google Core Update?

Guest Posting Trends

Guest Posting Trends

Guest Posting Trends: Guest Posting Services is an ideal way to get backlinks and grow your business. Guest Posting or also known as Guest Blogging is a strategy through which we write posts on other blogs. Posts are written for blogs or websites which relate to them and are under their niche. When Guest Posting Services in SEO is utilized properly, we can achieve backlinks to our website. As more people will read the blog and will interact, your website will start to get more traffic. However, there are plenty of things to keep in mind, especially after the Google Core Update.

Google announced its Core update through Twitter. Generally, Google releases updates every few months but this time it took a bit long for the organization as the last one before this one was in May. This December 2020 rollout has impacted many people. Google also advised that to look out for certain questions and see if their site relates to them. Generally, lower-ranking after an algorithm update does not mean your business is doing worse, instead, it means that the algorithm has something different and hence, you need to analyse things carefully.

The algorithm updates have evolved drastically over time. Previously the rankings were pushed way down if spammy links were found. If the content you have written is of the least value, then also the algorithm will push the ranking down. However, with the passage of time, Algorithms started becoming a bit more complex. In today’s time, it is least about the rules. Mostly, the algorithm focuses on the User Experience and analyses whether the content you provided is relevant to the user base or not.

There are certain things that, if focussed, can yield better results. For example, after a Core update, look out for the sites that were least affected. i.e., the sites that did not have to alter their working strategy to be on top. One key thing you would find is that you can build a product. Instead of writing tons of pages, you can build a reliable product. If you are selling a product or a service, make sure you are not compromising on the quality. Make sure that the product or the service is up to the mark.

SEO Tools also prove to be fruitful in generating quality traffic before or after a December Core update. Note that you do not need to hire developers to build a particular tool, or nor do you need to spend a hefty amount of money. Instead, visit certain third-party websites over the internet and find the one suiting your goals the most. Building something from scratch is not always necessary.

Tips for Guest Posts:

Look out for opportunities

That is not all. There are certain other things as well that you have to keep your eye on. If you are a beginner and you are looking for guest posting opportunities, you can google the niche + blogs. For example, if your industry is travel, then you can type travel + blogs and look out in the list. However, you need to ensure that the site is authenticated and has good domain authority. As you will write there and backlinks will point to your site, make sure the website you are writing for is well rated.

The advanced version of this type of search can also be used to search out for opportunities. Let us take an example and demonstrate. If your industry is travel, then you can search in the following manner to look out for the sites.

Travel + “write for us”

Travel + “Guest Post”

Travel + “accepting guest post”

Once you have finalized the place and have started writing, the time has arrived to increase the interaction with the viewers. Ask the viewers to share their opinions in the comment section. Interact with them in a positive manner. This will increase your authority and will help you to generate quality backlinks.

Evergreen Content 

Writing content about a specific time period might not suit you the best. Instead, you should try to write about a topic or an area that will be relevant even after a decade. Yes, it is indeed tough to maintain that thing, especially in the era of technology, and that is why we suggest you ‘maximize’ it.

Building Relationship

Building relationships is vital for any business. Even when you are Guest posting, it is vital to have good communication with the website owner. Generally, there is one backlink in the written blog that points out to the author bio. Hence, the overall link value gets diminished from top to bottom. This is one reason why certain critics don’t rate it highly. But if the website is genuine and the organization is well-versed, then you must write the blog without thinking of the backlinks. Certain times, in search of links, people deliver less valuable content, which is wrong, ethically as well as morally.

Social Media Marketing 

Social Media is the key to success in this digital era. Almost everyone is on Social Media and it is a great way to market your business. One can use Social Media for both, searching up for opportunities as well as Marketing the blog. If you are new, you can head up to these social media services and look out for opportunities there. If you are already writing, you can make use of different strategies and market your product or service along with your blog accordingly

Backlinks of competitors

You can look up after your competitors as well to find out where they are getting backlinks. If a certain site accepts guest blog from your competitor, they might also do the same for you. Moreover, there are certain third-party tools like “Ahrefs” that will help you to extract backlink profiles. This way, you can look out for the websites.

Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization is extremely vital if you want to grow your website. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind. As per the latest data available, it has been found that the longer the guest post, the more links will be acquired. Moreover, the data has shown that How-to articles are widely recognized and have yielded fruitful results.

You should make emphasis on a maximum of two keywords per blog. Moreover, try to include numbers in the heading of your article. For example, 5 reasons to use Guest Blogging. This has been proven effective in many scenarios. Along with numbers, you can try to include () or {} in the title. Make sure your article is in proper format and the tone is appropriate. Usage of bullets, bold and italic fonts will make your article stand out.

Writing the author bio

The author bio is where you write about yourself. You add a mini-description of yourself. This place is widely famous as it lets you include links back to your site. Experts suggest that two links at max would be sufficient. Make sure you write the author bio appropriately as it is the only place where you’ll be getting back-links from. You can also include your social media profile links in order to increase followers over there.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid Making?

Not knowing the audience

You should be well-aware of the audience you are targeting. You should also know the taste of the audience and what they want. This is vital especially if you are posting on someone else’s site. The audience there will be different and so will be their preferences. Hence, make sure you are well aware of your audience.

Compromising the quality

Beware of thinking this! One might think that as we are not posting on our own site, we can slightly be more relaxing on the quality. This type of thinking does not give fruitful results. Make sure you do not compromise the quality at any cost.

Not having patience

You need to be patient if you are trying out a new strategy. Rome was not built in a day. If you keep working hard and in the right direction as well, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.


Do not over-promote your business. When someone over promotes their brand in the blog, viewers tend to not like that kind of product. Just keep a reference for your product and write a line or two.

This was all about Guest Post Marketplaceand the trends after Google Core Update. It might impact your website but make sure you follow the tips and tricks mentioned here to get that boost over others. We hope that the article has served its purpose and will help you to see the insights of Guest Post Services. 

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