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Tinder Clone application

The COVID-19 has brought so many demands to meet someone. Though there are many other websites and apps, there is an app that stands out and that is Tinder. With thousands of apps in the race, Tinder wins it because of its excellent features. 

While apps like Tinder are used to connect users across the world, it is better if you could give the users an app for a specific community or demographic. Because some users wouldn’t be interested in searching for people from the larger pool. 

The Tinder Clone has become the most profitable niche on the web with the business leaders having their revenues increased with each passing day. 

The revenue factor for the dating app is mostly increased by the subscriptions in the app. 

How does the app work?

Profile: The information about the person is imported from their social media accounts, including the user’s age, gender, school/colleges, interests, and much more. They play a very important role.

Geo-location: This allows the user to find people based on their locality. The app suggests people nearby their locations to the user. 

Swipe to match: A list of people having common interests, nearby geographical locations, and number of mutual friends are showcased to the user. Based on this, the user can swipe right or left noting that they like or dislike the profile, respectively.

Match: Users can chat with each other only when they both are interested. It is a prerequisite to start a chat.

Super-like:The users can super like, which sends a notification to the specific person. This feature has let users find their match three times more likely than the normal ones. 

The monetization process:

If you are wondering about how you can make money by just matching profiles, then here’s the answer for you.

  1. Tinder Advanced: 

Users who have subscribed to Tinder Plus, have features such as unlimited swipes, more than one Super like for a day, rewind feature to undo the last swipe along with one Boost for a month. 

  1. Tinder Premium:

This is an extension of Tinder Plus with one more feature called Likes You feature, that lets users know how many people have liked their profile. 

Also, people could be viewed in a grid format, letting users to like, dismiss, or even to view their profile without having to swipe.  

  1. Boost:

The Boost lets the user’s profile to top for 30 minutes. Letting people see their profile. The views of the profile will be increased by 10X and the matches are increased up to 3X. 


# Development from scratch: The development of the app or server from the scratch is not a cakewalk as it takes more time and effort. Not to forget the money. To develop an app like Tinder by oneself, you must need a team of Project managers, UI/UX designers, Back-end and Front-end developers, and QA engineers. 

Before jumping into the development, the things that you need to concentrate on are planning, market research, and the development team. Make sure that you convey clear information about the features you would like to add, to the developers.

# Tinder Clone script: The script is an alternative solution that is customizable and readily integrable. The scripts are readily available which are developed by a team of experts. You don’t have to have coding experience for this. The only thing you do is to decide which features you wanted to add in your application just to make sure that your app stands out. You could also alter the themes, designs etc. Once the features are integrated, your app is ready to launch.

Features from Tinder clone script:

You may wonder if the efficiency of the Tinder Clone developed from scripts would be good. The answer is they are way better. 

The success of an app is mostly based on its features. The key features that made the Tinder app this famous are, 

  • Swipe to match: Users can like or dislike profiles by just swiping them.
  • Photo Uploads: Users can connect with others by viewing their photos. 
  • In-app purchases: Users can purchase likes, super likes by opting either for monthly or yearly packages. tendermeets

Here are some other features of that the Tinder Clone app would contain:

Gender matches: The feature lets the user toggle between their gender interests and finds matches using the filter.

Rewind feature: Using this feature, the user can either dismiss/like a profile from a particular session. 

Age-based matches: Users can search for matches based on their age interests with this feature. 

Distance-based matches: Users can limit their search of the match within their convenient locality using the feature.  tendermeets

Discovery setting: The feature lets people take a break from the app without having them to deactivate their accounts. Instead, the visibility would not be there, until it is turned on. 

Now you’ve seen the features that the script offers. Apart from this, all the basic features would also be present in the Tinder Clone app just like in the Tinder app. 


There are benefits in every app and to make it successful, you have to make it user-friendly and unique. Plan smartly, execute it with clarity with the help of developers to make your app interesting and simple. So make a decision, launch your wagon for instant success. The world needs an entrepreneur like you! tendermeets

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