Taxi-Hailing App: Strategies & Industrial Trends

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riders share

riders share :In today’s technologically-driven world, conventional yellow taxis come under the ‘most-vulnerable’ zone as taxi apps are taking over the transportation sector effortlessly. The sheer convenience of availing taxis at doorsteps, matched with crucial benefits like fare estimator, GPS navigation, makes mobile apps like Uber & Lyft the undisputed kings of the segment. In case you’re wondering if a particular sector is doing well, analyze the number of players entering the segment.

Needless to say, the ride-hailing app market has been an ever-competitive, witnessing new & established players prove their mettle with jaw-dropping strategies and vital trends that enhance convenience. With the reconstruction in full-swing after the COVID-19 lockdown situation, it is time for entrepreneurs to roll up their sleeves and set foot into action. Are you an entrepreneur planning to initiate your Taxi-hailing app development? If so, this blog discusses unique insights to stay ahead of the race and captivate the audience.

Work Extensively on USPs

There’s one fundamental rule to success – making your business and platform unique. Gaining customers’ attention is no easy feat, and if there’s one road with fewer hurdles down the way, it is inevitably Unique Selling Propositions (USPs). It is pointless to compel customers to switch from existing apps to your app without bringing something unique to the table.

Unique elements can be technological advancements, potential benefits to the entire ecosystem, environmental aspects like going green, and many more. Cutting-edge features that can create a visual appeal have a higher probability of success as user experience goes through the ceiling.

Market Research can open the right doors

Market research invariably involves two critical elements – competitor analysis & customer expectations. By analyzing your competitors, you can identify areas they lack and hence steer your business towards improvement zones. Besides, your task as an entrepreneur is simplified to a tremendous extent – staying one step ahead of your rivals.

For any customer-centric business, customers have the final say in the outcome. Hence, identifying customer expectations via surveys, feedback, etc., can come in handy. This way, you can explicitly focus on those areas where your customers require instant improvement.

Collaborate with the right team

An entrepreneur has to have visions. However, the key part in app development, you need a team to transform your ideas and give shape to it in the form of a reliable product. In developing a taxi app, you need assistance from a seasoned team of,

  • Business analysts
  • Graphic designers
  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • QA Engineers
  • Marketing strategists

You can either approach freelance developers or an expert app development company. While the former is preferable for small-scale projects, the latter provides numerous benefits like reliability, flexibility, etc.

Incorporate the perfect blend of features

Features interact with your target audience directly, engaging them towards using your taxi services. Hence it is vital to integrate the perfect blend of unique and essential features in your Uber clone app. Let’s discuss these stand-apart elements in your on-demand taxi application.

Essential Features of User app:

  • Easy onboarding
  • Location-based cab search
  • Instant booking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Real-time tracking
  • In-app alerts
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Ride history
  • Fare calculator

Essential Features of Driver app:

  • Driver registration
  • Availability toggle
  • Accept/reject user requests
  • In-app navigation
  • Earnings profile
  • Push notifications

Essential Features of Admin panel:

  • Heat map
  • Verify drivers
  • Bird’s eye view
  • CRM dashboard
  • Manage transactions
  • Manage offers

Advanced Features:

  • In-app wallet: Eliminate the need to transact via cash or entering card details every time with an in-app wallet.
  • Multi-lingual support: Garner to the global audience by enabling them to access the platform in the language of their choice.
  • Geofencing: Let the admin create virtual boundaries, keeping an eye on the entire fleet activity, and ensuring safety concurrently. riders share
  • Real-time analytics: The admin can make informed decisions by analyzing the business performance based on numerous metrics in detailed reports.
  • In-app chat/call: Enable streamlined communication between passengers and drivers with an in-app chat/call, eliminating the need to rely on the support team.
  • VoIP-based call masking: Ensure privacy between customer and driver details by masking their contact details during calls. riders share

Addressing the COVID-19 issue

Instilling the ‘trust’ factor among the audience can yield lucrative benefits to businesspersons as people prefer private taxi rides to congested public transport. Some of the COVID-19 safety add-ons include,  riders share

  • Restricting the passenger count
  • Face mask recognition software
  • Safety checklist for drivers
  • Safety ratings & reviews
  • Ride cancellation


The taxi market is regaining its feet, and it is only a matter of time when taxis will become inevitable once again. As an entrepreneur, all you need is an ultra-modern taxi app by your side that outplays your competitors and satisfies your customers comprehensively. Making the proper use of these strategies will help you avoid numerous hurdles during development, gaining an irreplaceable position among the audience. Reach out to an app development company, and initiate your app development today! riders share

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