How to Become a Social Media Influencer in 2021

how to become an influencer

how to become an influencer

How to become an influencer: Becoming a social media influencer is a dream job for many people nowadays. You can work from anywhere and do what you love while making money. Many social media influencers are hobbyists. 

That means anyone can also become a social media influencer. It can become your reality regardless of your skills, profession, age, or location. Wondering how? Learn the tricks of the trade so you can gain digital popularity. 

Learn the Right Tools

Becoming a social media influencer is as good as becoming a content creator. You have to create so many pieces of high-quality content to keep your audience eager. 

The problem is content creation is time-consuming and it’s not an easy task to produce quality. Yet, with the right tools, you can create unbelievable pieces in minutes. 

Every social media influencer needs include smartphones, cameras, laptops and stable internet. A smartphone keeps you updated in real-time and helps in capturing some videos and images. 

Social media content creation and repurposing tools can also help you in many ways. A free tool like Canva comes with templates and layouts that you can use for content design. allows you to create and enhance gifs with effects, paddings and captions. 

Choose a Niche

Influencership has evolved over the years to accommodate the niche or micro-influencer. These are content creators that have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. They have a high degree of engagement with their fans because of focusing on niche topics.

Choosing a niche involves picking a subject that you’re passionate about. It could be a hobby, a craft topic or a subject you’re an expert in. If you love dancing, share primarily dance-related content.

Figure out what you want to influence by listing down the topics that excite you. It could be skincare, health, sports, weight loss or spirituality. Then narrow down on the topic and choose the subtopic that you feel you can talk a lot about. 

Pick Your Platform

As a social media influencer, you won’t appeal to every social media user. You have your target audience or niche and this audience doesn’t use every platform. 

Maximize your efforts on the platforms that your target audience prefers. If you’re a dancer, it’s might be easier to become a TikTok star than a Youtube personality. 

TikTok has grown as a creative platform and it’s the place to be if you’re an entertainer. A fashion blogger could find that their content suits becoming an Instagram star. Instagram favors visual content. 

Think about your target audience when choosing your social media platform. A niche targeting millennials will do best on the channels designed for fun. These can include Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and even Youtube. If you’re targeting top professionals, consider using Twitter or LinkedIn. 

Have an Entry and Growth Strategy

Growing social media profiles takes time and sometimes lots of investment. It doesn’t mean followers will flood your page once you create content or post constantly. 

With content creators producing tons of content daily, people might miss your posts. It would be best if you crafted a unique marketing strategy to stand out. A great way of speeding up social media growth is to combine organic and paid methods. 

Create enough content and boost some posts to increase their reach. Most people follow popular accounts. If you’re new, you need to create a sense of credibility to attract followers. Buying TikTok followers can make the impression of an established brand and build trust. 

Share Unique & Relevant Content

If you’re boosting posts, you need to be sure they have a chance of producing target results. Most people usually scan through social media until something piques their interest. If your posts are not relevant and attention-grabbing, no one will pay attention.

Relevant content compels your followers to interact and engage with you. It’s not only inspiring but it also meets their interests. So, make sure you understand what you follower likes.

Use social media analytics to check which posts in your niche attract the most attention. Follow social media trends to see the topics generating the most interest in your niche. Look at the most liked or shared posts to see how your competitors are doing. 

Use humor and catchy intros or images to bring attention to your posts. Then fill your content with insights that your audience expects. The goal is to make people read or view your content to the end. 

Engage Your Growing Audience

To build a close relationship with your audience, you need to engage them. Reply to questions, comments and share some of their posts. Most social media users want to feel like they know you in person. 

Hold competitions to improve awareness and gain the attention of more people. Another way to boost engagement is to simply ask people to share your posts. Attach a reward like coupon codes or gift cards to this request to elevate results. This helps turn your followers into your promoters, and it can speed up growth. 

Learn from Other Social Media Influencers

The beauty of being a social media influencer is that they’re many people in it with you. You always have people to learn from or collaborate with.

Reach out to other social media influencers to seek mentorship or collaborations. Offer them something in return to make the collab more valuable and build a relationship.

Look at their content creation approach and how they engage with their fans. Partner with micro-influencers in complementary niches to exploit their audience. Partnering with other influencers is one of the easiest ways to speed up your growth since you can leverage other audiences larger fan base.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is the only way to make your followers recognize your brand. It boosts audience engagement and helps showcase your content to new users. Here are tips to be consistent:

  • Choose a tone of voice that your audience understands
  • Share only what your audience will find helpful
  • Stick to posting schedules to make your brand predictable

If you constantly post relevant content, your audience starts to look forward to it.

Becoming a Social Media Influencer Is More Attainable Than You Think

Being a social media influencer is about attracting people and keeping them engaged. Without constant growth of followers, new users may not trust your brand. Engagement helps to boost awareness and keep people interested in your brand.

These tips can help you achieve those two goals. For more tips on marketing and social media, check out our blog.

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