September 21, 2023

How to Combine Multiple Photos to One PDF?

combine multiple photos into one pdf mac

combine multiple photos into one pdf mac

Combine multiple photos into one pdf mac: Well, no doubt that both JPEG and PDF files are taken into account for different reasons. At some point, you may need to convert multiple JPEG to PDF (using tool like SodaPDF) document format for certain convenience. That’s why we shortlisted couple of ways that reveals how to convert multiple JPEG images into a single PDF for free.


The most auspicious reason behind combining multiple JPEG pictures to PDF document file is sharing bulk images at once without any quality distraction. Even the images security is another reason that makes sense for combining multiple JPEGs into an editable PDF file. You can verify it by using JPEG to PDF converter from theonlineconverter which lets you convert multiple photos to PDF and then you can use its PDF password protector for adding password to pdf document that includes the pictures.

How to Merge Multiple JPEGs Into One PDF on Windows?

The given steps assists you to combine multiple images into an individual PDF on windows:

  • At first, you need to add all the images into the same folder and simply order them in the way according to which you need to appear in the converted PDF. For this, you need to simply rename the files in the alphanumerical  order
  • Now, you start with highlighting your images by clicking and dragging or just hold-down the Ctrl key and choose images one by one
  • Then, make a right click on any highlighted image file and choose Print
  • Under the Printer, you need to select Microsoft Print to PDF
  • Very next, you require to quickly adjust the quality and choose from the layout options that is on the right side. Simply choose the options if you need to sharpen the image. And, if your pictures are appear cut off in the preview, simply uncheck the Fit picture to frame box
  • Choose Print, then simply add a name for the PDF and make a selection where you wish to save it. Choose Save to combine photos to PDF

Finally, you have a PDF file that contains all your image that you can print or attach to an email

How to Combine Photos to PDF on a Mac?

Preview is the built-in program on Mac that quickly allow you to export multiple images into as single PDF.

  • Initially, you need to open your images in the Preview app. Simply hold down the CMD key as you make your selection to choose bunch of photos, then just right click and choose Open with > Preview
  • Now, just click n drag the photos in the sidebar to swiftly rearrange their order. Once you’re satisfied, simply choose the File > Print
  • In the given PDF drop-down menu, simply choose Save as PDF
  • Then, just add a name for PDF file and choose the location to save it, and select Save

When you there open the PDF, you can be able to add more photos by making a drag n drop into the document. If you need to delete an image, make a right click on it and choose Move to Trash (MacOS, Windows, Linux):

This is best online source which allow you to make image files conversion at a great extent of level. You could try its best JPG to PDF converter right now and let it efficiently combine (merge) multiple photos to PDF document format without any quality distortion. 

No matter whether you’re going to process single or batch files conversion, this image to PDF converter is 100% free. Although it is an open-source medium, still loaded with optimal results. 

How to Combine Multiple Images into a single PDF using theonlineconverter?

  • Add the multiple JPG photos into a toolbox
  • Choose the option Merge all images into a single PDF
  • Press Convert button
  • And download the created PDF file by clicking on the Download Zip button

SmallPDF Multiple Photos to PDF Online:

This is another easy to process multiple image to PDF converter online. It loaded with fast mode through which you could swiftly add on JPG images and simply transform them into a independent PDF document file. The upside is that this photos to PDF converter provided you with options for adjusting the format of the converted files using different settings. Plus, this online source entirely ensures the file protection as it uses SSL encryption. Remember that all the processed (uploaded and downloaded) files are erased from the native company server. Besides that, this online web-based application can be accessible from Mac, Windows, and Linux Operating Systems. 

How to Convert Multiple Photos to PDF online using SmallPDF?

  • Upload the photos that you decided to convert with this JPG to PDF converter
  • Here you can be able to adjust the orientation, margins, letter size
  • Now, make a hit on the create PDF option and all you need to wait for the conversion process to complete the transformation
  • Once your PDF file is created, it available to download with just single click

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