September 21, 2023

How to Develop an Uber-like on-demand app for trucking?

ward trucking app development

ward trucking app development

Uber is not just an ordinary on-demand app; it connects drivers with potential clients. It is currently revolutionizing the entire ride-sharing industry. 

According to a report from Research and Market, the on-demand market segment will grow astonishingly by $7259.2 billion from 2023-2027.

With Uber’s success, it’s evident that on-demand apps are the future of logistics. As a result of its success, business owners are investing in on-demand logistics apps. 

So, if you have an idea for an app like Uber and want to develop it, the first step is to find the top On-Demand app development companies that pay attention to detail and delivers robust apps. 

This blog will explain the steps of creating an on-demand trucking app like Uber.

4 Basic Steps to Create an on-demand trucking app like Uber

  1. Analyzing Your Requirements

It is the foremost and most crucial step in creating an app for trucking. Carefully reviewing your requirements and small details is essential, as knowing every detail is vital for getting the best results. 

In this step, you need to:

  • Document all the user requirements
  • Decide the cost, location, resources, technology stack
  • Also, decide the type of app  
  1. Whether you want to develop an app for your own logistics business 
  2. Or you want to build an app to offer a marketplace where carriers can accept orders from shippers.
  1. Find a Reliable Company

Working on a complex and large project like Uber is a challenging task. Hiring a professional development team that offers complete mobile app development services is the best way to get it done. 

There are multiple ways to find app developers who understand your project scope and requirements and fall under your budget. You can look on local job websites, portals, and freelance platforms. 

Outsourcing a reliable on-demand app development could be the best choice. It will save you countless hours of recruitment and onboarding processes when hiring an in-house team and provide you with services from verified professionals under a legal agreement.

  1. Validating Your App Idea

Once you have decided on all the requirements and the logistic app development company, it’s time to validate your mobile app ideas. 

Idea validation is essential, as it requires in-depth market research to know whether your idea sustains the market. The company you pick will help you validate your app idea.  

Starting the app development without validating your idea can result in higher risks, wasting your time, money, and effort.  

  1. Build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

An MVP is a concise version of your logistic app for trucks. Creating a Minimum Viable Product or MVP will help you gauge audience response and decide the best action. 

There are various things included in MVP development:

  • Deciding vital features
  • Choosing a technology stack
  • Coding
  • Testing for errors and checking the quality
  • Launching a successful MVP

Must-Have Features to Include in Your Uber App for Trucks:-

Following are the must-have features to be included in an Uber-like app for trucks.

For Shippers and Carriers

  • Sign Up and Log In

In addition to using their email addresses, users should be able to log in directly through Google or social media.

  • Checklist of Vehicles

This feature displays a list of available and nearby vehicles and relevant information.

  • Alerts and Notifications

This feature is essential since it serves as a reminder to shippers regarding the day and time of package delivery. Additionally, it informs the shippers when the shipment is delivered.

  • Integration of Payment Gateways

Shippers and carriers can make and receive payments following successful deliveries by including a payment gateway.

  • Reviews and Ratings

With this feature, the shippers can share feedback about the shipping experience. Ratings also assist you in determining the efficiency of all carriers and the level of shipper satisfaction.

  • Request management

If circumstances change or an order with difficult-to-reach geolocation is accepted, carriers should choose to cancel or change it. Carriers can also request the users to modify the location. 

  • Route-tracking

Your app must have location-based features to optimize the router information and provide updates about shipment through navigation. 

For Admin

  • Dashboard

The admin panel requires a dashboard to check all the orders (completed and pending). Also, they can see the data about the shippers, carriers, and vehicles.

  • Management of Bills

Admin will need a bill management feature to manage all the bills and approve the invoices.

  • Tracking drivers

Through this feature, the admin can track the location of drivers, how long drivers take to deliver the orders, and many others.

  • Notifications

With this feature, the admin can send important messages to the shippers and drivers regarding any change in route or orders. 

  • Complaints and Queries

This feature allows the admin to check and respond to users’ complaints and queries smoothly. 

Some basic features like Uber to have in Your Logistic App

  • Registration is based on the phone number.

A phone number is essential for marketing and communication. You can provide offers and discounts through messages and push notifications. 

  • Basic Support

To connect with your users, you must have a primary support feature, whether it’s on messages, WhatsApp, FB messenger, or anything that works best for your business.

  • Push Notifications

By using push notifications, you can provide users with information about their shipments, delivery status, etc. 

  • Basic Settings

You should offer this feature for users to change their phone numbers, emails, locations, passwords, etc.

Final Thoughts

An on-demand app like Uber can help you transform your business significantly. You can manage your shippers and carriers effortlessly with a logistic app. 

For developing a taxi-booking app like Uber, you need to consider a lot of parameters. In this blog post, we have tried our best to provide you with all the small details about on-demand taxi booking apps

With the steps and features mentioned above, you can ensure that your project is developed correctly. An experienced mobile app development company can also help you create an app like Uber for trucks faster and with fewer resources.

The company you choose will also help you to validate your ideas and decide the features to be included in your logistic app. 


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