September 27, 2023

How to fix monitor randomly goes black ?

monitor randomly goes black and comes back on

monitor randomly goes black and comes back on

monitor randomly goes black and comes back on: Among the most infuriating things is when you’re working on the computer & your monitor suddenly turns dark. Is your computer displaying the dreaded black screen of death or randomly flickering to a blank screen during the day? Read on to discover how to fix the Windows black screen of death and how to avoid getting one in the initial place.

All possible solutions to the black screen problem are listed here. As you begin troubleshooting, save & backup important files & log in as an administrator. On a related issue, you might be interested in this article:


When monitor is periodically going black owing to a variety of issues, including a fault with the display, the connection linking the monitor to the computer, or the video card drivers. Here VGA/HDMI/DVI connection that connects your monitor to the computer is the most straightforward to inspect. You can try a different cable or rent one from another display. Also, make certain that the current wire is completely connected on the both ends.

Some screens come with two ports, one for HDMI & one for VGA. Use a different port if replacing the cable does not really work.


Every computer produces heat. The heat should be vented in order for the system to function properly; high temperatures might cause parts to lock up & get destroyed. Computers, thankfully, are intended to shut down before all this happens.

Your visual card or processor is commonly to blame for overheating. Whenever you receive a black screen whereas the computer seems to be running OK, you must investigate the video card.

High temperatures results in a featureless black screen, which could or might not be followed by a restart. Additional explanation could be that viruses, malware,  trojans, and infections are common computer threats which can cause virtually any unexpected problem, such as sudden screen shutdowns.

Overheating is usually alleviated by opening the computer and wiping away the dust. To remove dust, are using an air duster.

Ensure that all of the fans are still working and repair any that aren’t. If the issue continues after you’ve completed these steps, you might have a defective cooler or a bad processor or video card.

How to Repair a Black Screen Using Safe Mode

The procedure is as follows:

  • Open the Start menu and navigate to Windows Settings.
  • Choose “Update & security,” then “Recovery.”
  • To the right of the “Advanced Startup” header, select “Restart Now.”
  • takes you to a blue window where you may choose one of the Startup modes.
  • Boot into Safe Mode by hitting F4 and waiting for the computer to restart.
  • Update drivers

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A malfunctioning or outdated graphics driver is among the most prevalent reasons of game stuttering. CPU &  GPU drivers are important to in-game efficiency, particularly in shooters as Valorant, where tiny stutters are not tolerated. If you’re running an older graphics driver, you’ll have greater fps troubles.

Advanced Driver Updater will detect your system and locate the necessary drivers for it. You don’t need to know what operating system your machine is running, and you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing the wrong driver or installing wrongly.

Advanced Driver Updater is available for free to anybody. This edition, on the other hand, has less features than the premium version. As a result, paying for the premium edition is the best way to get the most out of the application.

A yearly licence for the premium version for one PC normally costs $70. You may pay for it straight on Systweak’s official website using PayPal or a credit/debit card.

To find out-of-date drivers, the application compares your PC’s drivers to millions in its database. The application then generates a list of outdated drivers, which you may update within the programme.

With the press of a button, you may update the drivers individually or collectively.

Advanced Driver Updater enables you to schedule a comprehensive scan of your computer’s drivers. It might be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or anytime your computer boots up. You will not have to launch the app every time you want to check on your drivers.

Backup disc driver versions can be downloaded and restored as needed.

Steps to use Advanced Driver updater:

1. Get an Advanced Driver Updater and install it.

2. Go to Advanced Driver Updater > Scan Now > Finish. and await the results of the scan

3. Examine the scan findings to see whether the drivers are outdated.

4. Click Update driver next to printer drivers if you’re using the application’s FREE version. You can use the Update All option to update all of your outdated drivers if you’re a registered user.

monitor randomly goes black and comes back on

5. After the driver has been updated, restart the computer.

  • Examine your RAM and CPU consumption.

Examine your computer’s RAM and CPU use. If your RAM and processor are completely clogged up by stuff other than running the game, the black screen will bother you. A previously operating programme has most likely used a considerable percentage of your RAM and Processor. It’s also possible that software running in the background is using resources.

Hold down the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys on your keyboard at the same time to measure RAM consumption or utilisation. This will start the Windows Task Manager software. Under the Performance tab, you can see how much RAM and processor power is being used.

Check to see if any apps are running in the background to see if your RAM and CPU consumption is high. If so, turn them off. To examine the running processes, open the Windows Task Manager and navigate to the Processes tab. To terminate the software, select the undesired tasks and click the End Task button.

It would free up a substantial amount of RAM and processes.

  • Why is my monitor always shutting off?

A faulty display wire might cause the monitor to turn on and off. Simply inspect the connection connecting the monitor to the system to see whether it is loose. The identical problem might exist with the power connection or the cord that connects the display to the socket. If it is not properly attached to the back of the monitor, it causes power loss, causing the monitor to turn off.

Twists and pinches can damage monitoring cables, with symptoms visible at the ends. This can short-circuit the signal and cause the screen to go dark.


I hope you may find an easy solution to your display blacking out problem by reading our post, “Why does my monitor constantly turning black? – “What should I do to remedy it?” To summarise, one of the most typical difficulties is a problem with the device’s connections, although this is not always the case, and it might be something more serious. One of the cords might be faulty, but it could also be a problem with your power supply or the power button on your display. If this is the case, you must get it fixed before you can use your display again.

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