How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage 2020 – Google Drive Hacks

how to get unlimited google drive storage

how to get unlimited google drive storage

how to get unlimited google drive storage: Like other free cloud services, Google Drive offers limited free space of 5GB to each of Google User.

5GB storage is enough if you have to back up all your eBooks, photos, and document and even some videos too. Not only this, Google Drive is an online office for all your work that your office can do. So want to excel in your online cloud storage? You have to follow these simple but little tricky steps.

How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage

Want to save your favourite movies on Google drive, and watch them on the Go. Or you want to take the backup of your data on Google drive for easy to sync with your PC and use it.

In this trick, you can get Free Google Drive storage as much as your hard drive partition is.

Maybe 50GB. Google is not providing this all stuff to you.

how to get unlimited google drive storage

Google drive along with its free cloud storage offers sync files and folders with your Local computer and also share some files and folders with your friends and even work collaboratively and simultaneously on Single shared folder and some storage will be shared to both of you.

You can use this basic thing to extend your storage. All you need to create multiple Gmail account, of you need to have authorized Gmail account from your friends

Once you’ve created Account, open from each account

how to get unlimited google drive storage

Create one folder and give it a name.

Once you created the folder, share it with your own Gmail account/Google drive account. This will include all permission including reading/write/share.

Once you accept this from your own account, now you can save data in your drive up to 5GB and in the shared folder up to 5GB.

Similarly, you can add another account’s shared folder with yours, as much account’s Folder you’ll share, you’ll get 5GB storage per account integrated into one account.

All you need to have a partition of large size; you can put data in each of these folders and sync with your bigger and bigger cloud storage.

Limitation of this extension

You cannot download more than 2GB of the file at a time. Your data must be less than 2GB so that you can download them anytime

Creating multiple accounts may be prohibited as per Google’s policy. (Please make sure you read and take a safe side)

In case you’re having multiple accounts, managing them may be hard enough.

Though you have some trouble you can short them up easily as much as you can.

Hoping you going to enjoy this new feature and idea, and have a larger cloud backup on your Account.

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