September 27, 2023

How to join the goth clique in bitlife !

how to join the goth clique in bitlife

how to join the goth clique in bitlife

How to join the goth clique in bitlife: To join a goth band, you need to meet two basic requirements, as well as school. The first requirement is that you dream less, and the second is that you are less happy. Once you reset both, you can connect to Ready Click by searching for them in the Schools tab in Bitlife.

However, to satisfy the first requirement, you can simply reroll characters until you have someone with a low form and need a smaller form, because every time you try to join a goth group you will be rejected. , whatever it may be. If you can already unlock it and reduce your appearance, use god mode.
Once you get the look right, you should feel less comfortable. There are several ways to be less happy in general, mainly due to experiencing a sad or traumatic event, but mostly left to the RNG gods. However, there is a way to try your luck – just try joining different clubs/factions and get rejected. This is because every time you get rejected, you get lucky.

Try joining different factions though and you will eventually find that goth groups are less fun. If you feel less comfortable and out of fit, you can go to the “Schools” tab in BitLife and join the Ready faction.

BitLife – Brief introduction

BitLife is a new simulation app for iOS and Android. Players can create avatars, choose their parents and decide how they die (but only at the user’s request). Then it’s up to you! You can live the life you want in BitLife; Get married, have kids, or focus on job opportunities. The possibilities are endless.

It was created by developer Candywriter LLC and released in 2018. It is free to download, but those who want to speed up Bitlife can buy rare items using real money.

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One of the best parts of the game is that it is very interactive with other players. You can create your own family or join another player’s family!

Goth is one of the many bands in Bitlife. Players can join and start playing after creating their character. This group is a great way to get to know the “dark” side of BitLife. If you are a fan of gothic culture, this could be a great option for you!

How do you meet goths?

The best place to meet goths is at a local club or concert. If you live in a big city, there are probably several gothic clubs. You can also find goths online through social networks and dating sites. When interviewing someone new, be sure to ask about their interests and whether they consider themselves goth. If they do, you are going to make new friends!

How do you get a goth shirt?

You can buy goth shirts from the clothing stores in the mall. Once you buy the shirt, wear it with pride and show it off to your friends! You can also find other goth clothing online or at local goth clubs. Be sure to look for dark colors and painful patterns when shopping for clothes. And don’t forget accessories! Gothic jewelry and makeup can really help complete your look.

Take a walk in style:

It’s important for goths to have their own style. They can range from dark, falling to sickly patterns. Don’t forget to complete your look with accessories and gothic makeup. Remember to walk with confidence! Gothas are known for their confidence and mysterious attitude. So remember to channel your inner darkness when you show off your stuff.

Requirements to join Ready Party on Bitlife

If you want to join a group, you first need to know which group to join. The prepared teams are no different. Before joining Goth, you will need two major things:

At first, your avatar will look smaller. This means that your avatar doesn’t have to be a model or a celebrity. You still can’t have talent, intelligence, athleticism and high professional success.

The second requirement is that your avatar has less luck. That means your avatar can’t be very happy. Even the lucky ones won’t join the goth clan!


This blog is written to help you join the Goth Click on Bitlife. This is a very popular group and many people seem to be looking for a way to join.

I took the time to write down all the steps to join this group. So I hope this guide helps!