December 8, 2023


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How to launch an on-demand delivery app?

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cvs near me

cvs near me: The introduction of the Internet and the growth of local services through mobile devices has resulted in a development that can be considered quite oxymoronic. On one side, the world is becoming smaller. It might not be surprising to know that someone has ordered a special item to be shipped all the way from Alaska in the United States to Bologna in Italy. On the other side, your local grocer has developed their own app and has started to deliver groceries to homes. This transformation has rightly been described by some industry experts as ‘glocal’ – a portmanteau of both ‘global’ and ‘local’.

Be it global or local, there is a constant need for logistic support. In simple words, we need delivery services. When it comes to long-distance shipments, the process has been adequately taken care of by a lot of global shipments and logistics service providers. However, this is quite unorganised when it comes to local players and even in the last mile aspect of global shipments.

The Space for On-Demand Delivery Apps

The phenomenon of on-demand applications has not spared any segment. We have seen the transportation ecosystem transform itself because of the introduction of apps like Uber and GoJek. The same has happened to food delivery because of services like GrubHub and Deliveroo. In essence, both these segments have opened the floodgates of transportation and logistics. In retrospect, at the core of both these segments like the simple concept called delivery. Uber delivers people from one place to another. Food delivery start-ups deliver food from the restaurant to the homes of users.

Considering the need for logistical services both at the global and local level, and to address the challenges in last mile connectivity, creating a delivery services start-up would be a great business idea.

The Surface Challenges

Global giants in logistics might have enough reasons to neglect last mile connectivity. It only implies that there are problems like suboptimal routes, low density support network, and external distances that need to be covered for the final delivery stop. In addition to that, there could be issues like intense traffic which might not permit the entry of heavy shipments, and even if it does, might not guarantee on-time delivery.

In all of this, it cannot be denied that the $16 billion market of the logistics industry does look appealing and lucrative. The growth of local requirements in delivery, and the need for augmenting global shipping services with last mile delivery solutions makes it quite ripe for an on demand delivery app.

However, to ensure success amid all the elements of uncertainty, you will need to have a few essential features in your on-demand delivery app.

Essential Features for an On-Demand Delivery App

Making Payment Options Versatile

E-Wallets have transformed the perception of money. There are certain services that provide their proprietary wallets in a closed ecosystem (like Uber Credits). There are brands that provide users with wallets that can be used on other platforms as well (like Amazon Pay).

Bringing in these wallets will not only ensure easier payment but also will help in easier processing of refunds. Standard financial institutions and the delay associated with the processing can be completely eliminated by using wallets. Wallets help keep the ‘real’ money in the business’s control, but give users the power to use the wallet money at their will.

In all of this, keeping your wallet secure is important. Added features enhancing security like a two-step authentication, authorization of every transaction, and mutual authorization of high-value transactions can earn laurels and marketing appeal for your wallet. cvs near me

Using Intelligent Algorithms for Driver-Matching

One of the greatest challenges – not just in delivery but in all on-demand service segments – is matching the driver for every request. It has to be understood that users do not have a lot of patience, and instant services are quite important to retain customers.

There is a need to immediately match drivers for every request. Parallel to this, there should not be any compromise on the driver’s quality of service. A proper screening of the driver-candidates as adopted by companies like GoJek would be a great solution to ensure quality.

The integration of GPS in everyday mobile devices has given the on-demand industry a much-needed fillip. For the GPS to give its fullest benefits, your app should have a navigation option that will assist the driver in reaching their intended destination. cvs near me

Real-Time Monitoring

Another great manifestation of GPS, which is bound to bring delight to the users, is the facility to monitor the progress of their package delivery in real-time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that real-time updates has been one of the greatest reasons contributing to the success of on-demand apps like Uber and GoJek. cvs near me

It gives users a sense of security and satisfaction. From the business-end, it also helps keep a tab of the delivery executives’ activities.

Give Users Choice

A hatchback or a sedan doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes to cars. In spite of that, cab apps like Uber give users a melange of options to choose from. When it comes to logistics, the variety of vehicles is a necessity. cvs near me

Based on the size and the attribute of the shipment, users can choose between different options. They can choose any vehicle ranging from motorcycles to trucks. Having these options ensures that users do not look for any other service-provider or brand. They will be hooked on using your services, right from delivering food to moving homes.

Give Room for Expansion

One of the greatest deterrents to the growth of any business is rigidity. Your app has to be flexible to accommodate changes and additional features. You might also consider introducing special packages like house-moving assistance. To expand your fleet, especially when it comes to small-scale local services, you can consider employing freelancers – capitalising on the growth and relevance of the gig economy. cvs near me


In the world of cloud kitchens and home-bakers, and global shipments, delivery is no longer an activity that can be taken for granted. People are not prepared to wait! Therefore, a delivery app can surely be a great business idea. cvs near me

Delivery apps aren’t about reinventing the wheel! There are established players like Dunzo and GoJek who offer these services. It might not make business-sense to create an app from scratch, You can, however, capitalise on clones of GoJek. These GoJek clone scripts are extremely customisable – you can add features, both on aesthetic and utility-fronts. They are bound to save you a lot of time and money, and it comes in useful at a juncture when swiftness of hitting the market defines the probability of your success.

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