how to make money on youtube without showing your face

how to make money on youtube without showing your face

How to make money on YouTube? In the middle of the digital age, this is the question that many people, entrepreneurs, and companies are asking, after all, it is a democratic channel and, of course, with great opportunities for extra income!

You can earn money being a Youtuber, promoting your products, lives, videos that go viral, and earn a good amount of money through the Monetization Program Youtube Partnership Program (YPP), and much more. To show the main opportunities and tips, in this content we bring:

  • Make Money With Your Own Youtube Channel
  • Make an income by sharing videos on Youtube
  • Using Youtube monetization to make money
  • Participate in the YPP (Youtube Partnership Program)
  • Show ads in videos on your Youtube channel
  • Using Super chat and Super Stickers
  • Achieve Youtube Premium Revenue
  • Promote products and services
  • Working with affiliates on Youtube

Making money on the internet is a great option to improve your financial situation because this idea usually requires a low initial investment. 

How to make money on YouTube?

To earn money on YouTube you need to enroll in the YouTube Affiliate Program. Through this Program, content creators have access to more features and functionality that are not offered to non-YPP (YouTube Partner Program) users.

In addition to YouTube’s monetization capabilities, by becoming a YPP participant, you also grant access to YouTube’s content creators support team and the platform’s copyright matching tool.

Right after being accepted into this program, you can optimize the way you use the social network to earn money.

5 Opportunities to Make Money on Youtube

Making money on YouTube can be simpler than you might think. That’s why we’ve separated 5 foolproof tips with basic requirements for you to start monetizing your videos.

1. Create a YouTube channel

If you’re not using the platform yet, first of all, you’ll need to know how to create a YouTube channel and earn money.

Not only to start monetizing your videos but also to interact on the platform as a whole, through comments and playlist creation, overall if you are not getting enough comments you can always buy YouTube comments

How to create a youtube channel and earn money?

To create a YouTube channel is very simple, just log in to the social network using a Google account, either on your desktop or your smartphone.

Then click on the user logo with your photo and select the option “Create a channel”. From that point on, you will check some data, enter information about your channel and complete the registration. There, you can start now.

It is clear that projects, in their initial phases, may take a long time to have a large number of views and, consequently, remuneration for the platform. But the secret is to plan good content and be regular, that is, to do quality work and not give up.

Gradually you will start to win over your audience and estimate earnings. Do you want to know, for example, how much does a Youtuber earns with 1000 subscribers? The answer is that it depends on the number of views they provide.

If everyone watches the same video you posted, then it will be 1000 views. Youtube pays between $0.25 and $4.50 per view, so these will be your initial earnings.

2. How to make money from YouTube videos

To make money from YouTube videos you need to create 100% original content relevant to your audience. In addition to meeting the platform’s rules, this will also attract more views and subscribers to the channel.

Producing original content can bring you even closer to your viewers, thus increasing your chances of earning money with the platform.

3. Start monetizing YouTube

As already mentioned, to enable monetization and start monetizing your videos on YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, you need to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program.

How to monetize Youtube?

To monetize a YouTube channel, you have to meet certain requirements. Are they:

  • have at least 4,000 hours of public content displayed in the last 12 months;
  • have a thousand subscribers on the channel, at least;
  • produce and disseminate 100% original content;
  • have a Google Adsense account;
  • Be over 18 or have a legal guardian to manage your earnings

These are the main requirements, which may have other specifications depending on the type of content that your channel will play.

4. Participate in the YouTube Partner Program

To participate in the YouTube Partner Program, you must follow all of the company’s monetization policies, in addition to the YouTube Advertising Appropriate Content Guidelines and the YouTube Community Guidelines.

In addition, you must reside in a country where the Program is available and meet the requirements outlined above.

After enrolling in this Partnership Program, just wait for the evaluation process. If the application is refused, it is possible to apply again 30 days after the rejection.

Earned value is based on Cost per Thousand Views (CPM). This means that for every thousand ad plays on your videos, you earn part of the money invested by the advertiser. how to make money on youtube without showing your face

How many views do you start earning money with on YouTube?

For every 1,000 views on the video, it is estimated that the platform pays between 0.25 and 4.50 dollars, depending on the type of content, target audience, and other specifications not disclosed by Youtube.

Therefore, it is extremely important to produce original and attractive content that strengthens your brand, engages your audience, and brings you a good number of views in your videos. how to make money on youtube without showing your face

5. Display ads on videos

One of the ways to make money on YouTube is by displaying ads on your videos. With this type of paid advertising, part of the money received from companies that can offer products or services on the platform is reverted to you.

Are there other ways to monetize Youtube?

If you have over 30,000 subscribers and participate in the YouTube Partner Program, you can, for example, request to participate in the channels ‘ Clubs.

One of the benefits of this program is that you can receive monthly payments from your audience in exchange for member-only benefits. how to make money on youtube without showing your face

What’s more, if your profile is linked to a brand, another way to earn money on YouTube is through the sale of products in an online store.

With the virtual store, you can promote your products and even boost your brand on the platform.

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