September 25, 2023

6 KEY STAGES OF Developing The game: FROM CONCEPT TO Winner

Game development stages

Game development stages

Game development stages: You see a digital vision; you decide, and you make it, and that’s where the success starts. Having an interest in developing the game is something that rejuvenates the love for games. Today, people familiar with the gaming industry understand the value of developing entertaining products that offer a sense of enjoyment and joy. However, like every other mobile app development that goes under the process of planning and getting stratified, games also require an out-of-the-box approach while going into the development process. Therefore, this blog will talk about the six stages of game development that offer value to your gamers and your business.  

Key stages of Game Development 

Game development is not simple as we think, as it requires innovation, uniqueness, and out-of-the-world ideas to design, choose features, plot, and then the development begins. Saying so, the game developers are responsible for ensuring that the game they develop would offer an immense experience to the user, which means game developers implement your concept of game development in coding to turn out this idea into a highly interactive and addictive game. This is how both essential elements, i.e., your vision and game developer’s skills, work together.  

Make prototype

 Game prototypes offer assistance in planning your game development strategy, which includes all the aspects of mobile game development like designing, platform selection, characters, and so forth. In addition, the prototype brings clarity and solutions for the potential issue that may arise during the game development process. Moreover, prototype development helps game developers to include elements in the developmental strategies which captivate the user’s attention.

When you make a prototype, it gives you a clear vision of your game app in a physical. This way, you get facilitated to add, purge and find more alternatives and understand the worth of cost investment, time, and efforts on game app development. Game prototyping plays the primary role in the game development process to get a clear picture of the product you will make.

Game Development   

You get a clear vision of your product development from start to finish. So dive into the development process right away! Create appealing game graphics and designs and seamless UI that stick your user with the game apps and help you increase your audience. Involve expert 2D/3D artists to create assets, visual effects, game characters, environment, etc. Engage sound engineers to develop an audio design like music, sound over, sound effects for your game as sound affects the human mind.

Then, start with the central part of coding the game apps. First, create a playable product background that offers sleek interaction with the user. Next, implement the concept or digital vision that you saw for your game development. Finally, ensure that you communicate correctly with your game development team to prevent errors, rebuild the code, and other mishaps. Game development stages

Test the Game App 

After the production of an app, take your app into the testing process. It is the process where your developers’ skills shout aloud in coding an app. Run different tests on your game app as each feature and functionality of the game app needs to be adequately tested to ensure quality. Carry out the functional tests, regression testing, Alpha, and beta testing over your game. There are plenty of tools available in the market to test data integrity quickly, algorithm-specific testing, path testing, incremental testing, coverage and flows testing, and so further.

Testing games is a repetitive process to find bugs in every new build. Moreover, tests documents should often be used to modify the specifications, further configuration testing, and new game testing test cases. The testing process requires identifying testable, non-testable, and targets and functional and non-functional requirements.

Types of Game Testing

Taking it into further depth, game testing has multiple types, among which some kinds are mentioned below with examples.

Functional Testing

The testing process looks into the different aspects of the game app, like mechanic issues, stability issues, and game asset integrity.

Or instance: User interactions, UI, transactions testing, screen resolutions, responsive design testing, audio quality testing. It also includes app color selection, menu structure, errors and bugs, system navigation like sorting, sequences, game app loading time, timeout and display, animation, instructions, dialogue messages, and many other minor details (depending on the game type and size).

Performance Testing 

This type of testing is performed to measure and optimize the overall game speed. For instance, it includes testing response time on client and servers, peak load performance, network coverage, speed, reliability, scalability, observing time taken to download an app, memory, etc. Game development stages

Security Testing

It is an essential testing type that determines to testers that how secure an app is and how it works from external threats. For example, data protection from external threats, uncontrolled system access restrictions, changing a URL, weak encryption algorithms, and so on.


You tested your game app. It’s working perfectly in every aspect, but wait…

What do you think that the game you developed will win the heart of your target audience? What if they find new bugs or errors in your game? Will your game be able to solidify its position on the internet? And just like this, an unknown fear grabs you before deploying your game app…

Pre-launch aims to boost your newly developed game app’s presence in the market to attract and make people curious about your app. This stage encompasses pre-deployment marketing and awareness and makes the target audience anticipate the launch. This strategy helps you promote your app, gain social media visibility, spread curiosity among gamers, collect data, and give you a great insight into an interested audience. Therefore, send early-access Beta copies to top online gaming influencers to enable live streaming. 


Good job! For promoting your game app through pre-launch. Your success is on the horizon. In this stage, release your app into the market. Then, release your app on game stores and enjoy the ratings being multiplied rapidly. However, your team can make minor modifications to your app concerning the improvement of texture quality, animation, and upgrading models.  Game development stages

Is that’s it? No… you have something in store… guess what?

Game app maintenance.


Congratulations! You have successfully done the main task; your next step is to keep the performance record of your app in your audience’s hand. Make your app be the reason for a joyful game experience. Not only the game app but every other software type, regardless of size, require maintenance and support services time-to-time. This practice offers to upgrade the software, helps implement new and innovative features, fix post-launch bugs, and brings solutions to later problems.

In a fierce digital market, developing an app isn’t a big deal, but maintaining it along with the constant satisfaction among your customer base is something that’s incredible. It makes you a win-win situation for enduring success.

Mobile Game Market Value 

Worldwide mobile app development is in great focus currently and is generating high revenues per year. As per the report, mobile gaming has more demand than video or PC gaming. The mobile games industry grew by $98 billion in 2020 and aims to expect that it will make $272 billion by 2030. However, PC and console games contributed to the game industry around 57% of the $173 billion combined. 

Yes! That’s it with the development procedure. It’s all about Spending once spent right. If you’ve already got your idea to develop an excellent game app, search for the best custom software development company to get your game app development done exceptionally with out-of-the-box strategies and innovative approaches that help you gain a competitive edge.  Game development stages

Last Words

With the rise in the gaming industry and gamers’ interest in wide-ranging games, it’s no wonder that many games are on the horizon comprised of various platforms and innovations. Thanks to modern technology that has offered us unlimited advantages in the form of games, social media apps, and other superb benefits for business in the shape of different mobile app types like e-commerce, utility, travel apps, and so forth.

 Focus on developing exceptional and quality game app regardless of size and platform. It should be engaging enough to offer a thrilling experience, engage more audience, and provide an out-of-the-world experience to your end-users.

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