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Jquery Plug-Ins : Integrating Instagram Feed into Your Website

integrate instagram feed into website

integrate instagram feed into website

Integrate instagram feed into website: With Instagram being the world’s most popular photo-sharing social media network and WordPress the leading CMS platform, it is natural that users will stand to benefit a lot from the integration of the two. According to Kinsta, WordPress leads the CMS market with a share of 60.8%. Luckily, businesses trying to raise brand awareness and build customer loyalty do not have to experiment with complex coding techniques. The integration can take place easily and conveniently with ready-to-use plugins that allow website owners to pull photos into the websites from their Instagram accounts to give the website visitors the benefit of access to the Instagram account right from the website.

The Need for Integrating Instagram Feed into Your Website

The plugins are nothing but simple sets of JavaScript codes that extend the functionalities of your WordPress website without you needing to write and implement complex coding. The jQuery plugins for Instagram feed integration make the lives of users easy since most WordPress websites are inherently compatible with JavaScript. With more than a billion monthly active users posting over 90 million photos and videos every single day, businesses can stand to benefit a lot by integrating their Instagram account feed into their website. In the initial stage, when the user traction is low, it can be a good idea to get 20 Instagram likes at a time for a small investment to create a buzz. Some of the top jQuery plugins for integrating the Instagram feed into your WordPress website: integrate instagram feed into website


InstaLink is a highly responsive jQuery plugin offering users a very convenient and easy option for embedding their Instagram feed into their WordPress websites. The plugin encompasses all the elements of the Instagram account like photos, videos, captions using responsive technology that makes it easy for even mobile users to see the content on their smaller screens. Some of the popular features of InstaLink include the facility of inclusion of a widget and image gallery on the WordPress website, four choices of sizes of the photos displayed on your website, an unlimited scrolling option for seeing all the featured content, and four color schemes for every user. Considered as an asset by website developers, InstaLink also makes available options for image caching, and configuration using the code generator. You can also customize the feed using both HTML and CSS. A fully-equipped support center makes life even easier for users.


A very light and super-quick jQuery plugin for WordPress developers and users, InstaShow offers its users more than 60 customizable parameters to tweak the feed to exactly what they need as well as multiple filters to choose Instagram content for display in the website feed. Users can customize their feeds according to username, hashtags, location, or even photo URLs. Using the two filters available, users have the opportunity of organizing the Instagram feed better. Users can identify the photos they want to edit and apply the filters to them. Regarded universally as among the most versatile and flexible jQuery Instagram plugins for WordPress websites, InstaShow is compatible with the latest versions of Visual Composer and offers more than 10 color schemes for a perfect match with your website theme.


Powerful, yet simple to use and minimalistic in approach and design, Spectragram is considered to be an ideal jQuery plug-in for those looking to integrate their Instagram account with their WordPress websites. With the help of the plugin, you can not only display but also tag photos from specific lists. It is also possible to define HTML tags for the results to show up in the lists. The plugin also permits users to define the size of photos for displaying on the website. The sleek and functional WordPress plugin enables website developers and designers display a list of photos on the website along with several options for customizing the feed.

JQuery Instagram Browser

An awesome jQuery plug-in, it enables users to create high-impact marketing campaigns with handsome ROI using mobile phones that can display the Instagram feed embedded in your website. The plugin provides a comprehensive search facility for both Android and iPhone mobiles devices by which you can search using usernames or hashtags to pull in photos from your Instagram account. By using the “Live Preview” feature, you can find out how your WordPress website will look to users with the Instagram feed embedded. If you are familiar with CSS, you can also change the appearance of the UI as it is extremely customizable and you can match it to your website’s theme. The jQuery Instagram browser features an intuitive interface that makes it very simple to use, observes an Iigers Instagram marketing consultant.

Instagram Feed by Door Smash Balloon

With Instagram Feed, users can pull content from not only their own Instagram accounts but also from other accounts that are non-private for displaying on your website or other websites, depending on your need. The plugin also allows you to source multiple content pieces from multiple Instagram accounts for creating the feed on your WordPress website. Users will love its responsiveness and the fact that it performs well on all mobile devices regardless of whether the operating system is iOS, Android, or Windows. Experienced website developers can use CSS or JavaScript codes to add more complex customizations to the feed. By using Instagram Feed to integrate Instagram and your WordPress website, you can increase your brand visibility to a great degree, which is the stepping stone to conversions and brand loyalty. integrate instagram feed into website


In addition to the jQuery plugins for WordPress websites for integrating Instagram feed, there are countless other plugins available for use by both experienced and novice users. Many of them have the advantage of being free and open-source which makes them easy for developers to continuously refine them and add new features. While you must never make your choice of the plugin based on the price, it is wise to decide based on high ratings and user feedback. The advantage of buying a premium plugin is that you get many more features and more importantly, extensive support and customer assistance. integrate instagram feed into website

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