September 25, 2023

Tips To Make Your Event Hashtag Popular

event hashtags

event hashtags

Event hashtags: It all started when around 2007, Twitter introduced the first use case of hashtags, and there was no looking back since then. Hashtags are so largely accepted on social media that almost all platforms allow users to use them.

Hashtags have become the most promising weapon of social media. Businesses, marketers, and event organizers have been using them to create many marketing campaigns that have helped them gain benefits like no other.

As an event organizer, incorporating measures to make your event hashtag popular can set your event on a global stage, improve brand awareness, and create the ultimate buzz around your event.

Don’t you wanna know how to manage all the abovementioned? Here are some tips for you!

1.    Choose The Right Hashtag

When it comes to choosing a hashtag for your event, a generic one won’t do. Pick a hashtag that’s unique and branded. That is to avoid any copyright issues and other glitches.

Another thing you must ensure is that your target audience finds your hashtag memorable and relatable, as these two factors enhance the social proof of your hashtag. The goal is to keep it short and crisp so that your target audience doesn’t make any mistakes while using the hashtag.

If they make repeated mistakes, you will lose out on a lot of precious hashtag posts. An easy-to-understand hashtag will ensure a large-scale usage of the hashtag. It will also promote your event and create a buzz around it altogether.

2.    Create A Buzz Around Your Hashtag

There are many ways to create a buzz around your event’s hashtag, but the most impactful one has to be its constant use by influencers and content creators. Collaborate with influencers who have an audience similar to your target audience to maximize the results.

When these influencers create social media posts using your branded hashtag, it will catch their audience’s eyes and generate curiosity among them to know more about it. You can also ask your event speakers, existing attendees, and sponsors to use them.

It will create social proof possibilities, and more people will start using the hashtag, creating the ultimate buzz around your event hashtag.

3.    Use The Hashtag Consistently

When someone said, “Consistency is the key,” they knew exactly what they were talking about. Nothing is gained without consistency, and if you want to generate popularity around your event hashtag, you must use it consistently.

Create captivating visual posts around them, encourage your audience to use them, and use them each time you post something related to your event. Not just that, ask your event speakers, sponsors, and attendees to use them, continuously.

Make sure the hashtag is visible on event signage, posters, presentations, websites, social channels, event-related emails, even your email signature, event-related emails, even your email signature. Not to forget, include your event hashtag in every event-centric social media post.

4.    Organize A Hashtag Contest

Organizing a hashtag contest is the ultimate strategy if you want to create a buzz around your event’s hashtag. It is the ideal way to attract, engage and convert your target audience.

Organize a hashtag contest on social media and encourage your followers to participate. You can offer attractive prizes and goodies and, in exchange, ask the participants to create posts using your event hashtag. Hashtag contests are the ideal way to enhance the social proof around your event hashtag.

When the participants of your event hashtag contest post using your event hashtag, their friends and followers come across these posts and get encouraged to use the hashtag. It increases your event hashtag’s social presence, visibility and gives it an ultimate buzz. popular hashtags event hashtags

5.    Use A Hashtag Social Wall

A social media wall is a live feed aggregated with social media posts from different social media platforms. The best part? Its content updates in real-time, so each time someone posts using your event hashtag, it automatically updates the social wall. event hashtags

You can curate the social wall with content created around your event hashtag. The social media wall is your one-stop solution if you want to create a social media presence for your event hashtag and want more people to talk about it.

Embed this social media wall on your event website, or display it on the digital signages at your premises so that all your online and offline visitors see it and get aware of your event hashtag. event hashtags

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

We have now reached the end of this blog, and we hope you have a better understanding of event hashtags. Moreover, how you can promote them and make them impactful to enhance social proof.

So, what’s all this wait for? It’s time to choose the meaningful hashtag for your event and integrate it into your social and content marketing campaigns to promote your event.

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