September 30, 2023

Know More About Dinosaurs In The Valley

Dinosaurs In The Valley

Dinosaurs In The Valley

Dinosaurs in the Valley is your chance to get up close and personal with some of the most realistic dinosaurs ever created. The show is hosted by Rainmaker Films and Ultimate Fun Productions, Don Lessem, consultant and researcher at Dino Jurassic Park, creator of some of the largest dinosaur events in the country. Dinosaurs of the Valley is available at Pierce College for a limited time only. For

Dinosaurs in the Valley is an exciting experience that allows you to get up close and personal with life-sized dinosaurs ranging from babies to over 40 feet tall and 70 meters long. Here are the giant, giant anitronic creatures you’ll think they’re alive! Meet your favorite dinosaurs, from Stegosaurus to Triceratops and the 40-foot Brahiosaurus.

Prehistoric travel 300 million years ago, the 40-meter T.S. shows dinosaurs at the end of their dinosaurs. Dinosaurs roar, shake their heads, necks, tails, glow and even breathe!

The Pierce College campus has been transformed into the Mesozoic era with prehistoric dinosaurs from the Triassic, Assyrian, and Cretaceous periods! Children search for fossils, climb giant dinosaur eggs, hear stories about dinosaurs and even watch dinosaur dances. Premium events are also available and attendee tickets will be sold at the event. Key activities include indoor inflatable rides, slides and an optional premium interactive photography feature that will take you deep into the land of lost giants.

For those who want to know how dinosaurs lived at night, “Dinosaurs in a pile – after TEMRANKA” will be active after sunset. As visitors wander around in the dark, they find glowing dinosaurs that reflect their GIANT size and nature, while giving them an instant impression of what happens at sunset.

Dinosaurs in the Valley offers an audience-friendly event on select dates and times. These meetings will be held in a modified auditory environment with sound and lighting that will be less stimulating and less stressful for the auditory.

This unique event will provide the perfect opportunity to see and feel what it was like for the world’s largest creatures to roam the earth!

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